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I picked up a few items from Drew Barrymore’s cosmetic line called Flower Beauty from Walmart this past June.  Not knowing much about the brand or even hearing about it in the YouTube beauty community all that much, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I later found out that one of the reasons I might not know much about the brand is that their company philosophy is to put profits back into the products and maintain an affordable price range instead of spending a lot on advertising.  All of their products are made in the USA and never tested on animals (you can read more about their philosophy here).

OJ|TBBB 6:20:2013_1I decided to try out a few of the products, including a creme eye shadow, nail lacquer, and creme blush.  I really like the packaging, which features high quality plastic white and rose gold accents.  The prices are pretty competitive to other similar drugstore brands such as NYC and Milani.  I was doubly impressed, however, with the quality of the items I picked out, especially considering the price point.

OJ|TBBB 6:20:2013_2The Flower Color Play Creme Eyeshadow in Lilac You A Lot is a beautiful, creamy product with great color payoff.  I’ve worn this pretty metallic light purple as both a stand-alone eye shadow and as a base for similarly colored powder shadows.  It’s provides a nice shimmery pop of color without being too out there in terms of brightness.  My only issue with the product is that the small moisture saving inner lid that comes with it is not large enough to cover all of the product, rendering it useless.  I actually just tossed that inner lid and find that the outer cap screwed on tightly works just fine in keeping the eyeshadow from drying out.  For just under $8 this is a great creme eye shadow find in my opinion!

OJ|TBBB 6:20:2013_3The Flower Win Some/ Rouge Some Creme blush also costs just under $8 and is another great drugstore find.  I picked up the shade Primrose & Proper, which is the perfect perky pink.  The consistency of this creme blush is spot on.  I use my fingers to dab a small amount on the apple of each cheek and then use my stippling brush (a Sigma F50 Duo Fibre brush) to blend it out to a nice subtle glow.  I find that the blush stays true to color all day long.  Because there is no shimmer, the blush gives a very natural look without making my pores stand out (which some creme blushes can do in my experience).  A little of this product goes a long way, so this little pot should last a long time!

PP_10-03-2013_1I was most skeptical about the Flower Nail’d It Nail Lacquer, yet I ended up being the most surprised by just how awesome it turned out to be!  What a value for just under $5, too!  I picked out this gorgeous rose gold shade in Fanatical Botanical.  Here is what I wrote about it on my polish tumblr blog, Positively Polished:

I picked up this polish earlier this summer at Walmart from Drew Barrymore’s beauty line called Flower.  It’s a beautiful rose gold metallic.  I was very impressed with the formula, which was super easy to polish.  Two coats resulted in an even and opaque finish.  I was even more impressed with the lasting power of this polish.  I wore it for a good 5-6 days with only minimal tip wear, which is about as good as it gets with my nails.  An additional plus is that the polish cost less than $5.  Sweet!

All in all, I am very impressed with the products I snagged from the Flower Beauty line, available exclusively at Walmart and on (Please note – I have found that the Flower Beauty line is not available at all Walmarts.  You can check online to see if your local Walmart carries the products).  I would definitely consider trying out some of the lip products and more nail lacquer colors the next time I see the line in the store.  I’d love to know what you think of the Flower Beauty line if you’ve had the opportunity to try out any of the products.  Leave me a comment if you care to share!

*I am not affiliated with Walmart or Flower Beauty.  The link I provided to the Sigma F50 brush is an affiliate link from which I earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  All other links are unaffiliated.  All opinions are my own.*


12 thoughts on “Buzzworthy: Flower Beauty”

  1. I recently have gotten into this line too. The lip glosses are amazing. My favorite is hibiscus. It’s like a mauvey pink. Their eye shadow quads are great too. Thanks for sharing your find.

  2. I totally agree with you, I was very impressed with these products as well. A few months ago I bought a couple of nail polishes, Thistle OR That which is a foamy green/blue and Budding Romance, a nice, red color. Both are pretty great quality, I would even say as good as Essie and OPI. I also bought her Peach Blossom blush which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, it’s a really nice color, and again, great quality. The one thing I was not happy with were the two mascaras I bought, they were useless, didn’t like the way they looked and had to throw them away.

  3. Hey Jen I can not wait to go to Walmart and pick some things up. I know over the last year you have gotten a lot of makeup. I was wondering if instead of doing a makeup collection on organized like Jen you could do a fun video on The Busy Bee Buzz. I love seeing all the things you love and I usually try them out.

    1. Perhaps! I haven’t changed my vanity organization lately but I’m thinking about it, so there would possibly be a video on OLJ sometime in the future & you would see my makeup stash there.

  4. Thank you so much for including these products from the Flower line. I’ve been curious about them. Since I’m a teacher on a very tight budget I look forward to trying one or two.

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