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I’ve received so many questions about Bunnsy, my 6 month old daughter’s lovie, that I decided it warranted its own post.  Today I will share everything about Bunnsy, including a step by step tutorial for how I pieced him together, when and why I introduced him to CC, and how we use him to help with self soothing.

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bunnsy lovie love

I spent quite a bit of time doing online research on my iPhone during long nursing sessions in the first few months of CC’s life.  I read up on all kinds of parenting methods, tricks, tips, and techniques as a way to educate myself with a variety of approaches.  While ultimately I believe the best approach to parenting is completely individual and should be based on instinct and observation, I appreciate learning what other parents do.

When CC turned three months old I started researching lovies.  A lovie is a “transitional object” and something widely believed to encourage independence in babies who are especially attached to mama.  It was clear right from the start that CC was a mama’s girl and continues to be even now at 7 months old.  I had a hunch early on that a lovie might help her cope better when we couldn’t be physically touching, such as in the stroller, car seat, and crib, all of which were places that CC wasn’t terribly fond of spending more than a few minutes in without physical reassurance from mama.

nunny how to finished product 2016

Meet Bunnsy.  Yes, there are two of them.  We use them interchangeably on a daily basis so they get equal love.  I actually have the supplies ready to make another set of two now that I see just how much love (i.e. wear and tear) the first two have endured only a few months in.  After admittedly spending way too much time combing the web for the “perfect” lovie for us, Bunnsy was born.  Bunnsy is actually two separate lovies that I sewed together into one.  I couldn’t find a ready made version of exactly what I was looking for.  I luckily happened across this blog post in my searches and knew right away this kind of lovie would be perfect for CC.

bunnsy how to supplies

Bunnsy is a combination of a Jellycat Soother Blankie and an Aden by Aden & Anais Security Blanket.  I liked the idea of having a small animal attached to a blankie, but all of the ready made ones I found were just heads sewn onto blankets.  I like that Bunnsy is a whole animal.  It makes him more “real.”  Plus, the satin-trimmed muslin blankie is the perfect size and weight relative to the stuffed bunny.  Put together, Bunnsy is perfectly baby-sized and offers a variety of fabric textures for cuddling, holding, and gumming on (hello, teething helper!).

I introduced Bunnsy when CC was three and a half months old.  For the first month or so Bunnsy went everywhere with us, including in the carseat and stroller as well as tucked into the baby carrier for on the go as well as in the bouncer and on the play mat at home.  Every time I nursed CC, Bunnsy was tucked right up between us.  I slept with the off duty Bunnsy at night to give it my scent.  The on-duty Bunnsy was always placed in a far corner of the crib out of reach of CC who was still not mobile enough to reach it.  I  wanted to wait to let CC sleep with Bunnsy until I was certain she was capable of removing things from her face just to be on the safe side even though I chose Bunnsy’s design specifically with breathability and safety in mind.

It is commonly recommended to refrain from putting anything in the crib with your baby until one or even two years of age for safety reasons.  I tend to be a rule follower, especially when it comes to taking care of my baby, but I was confident my daughter would not only be safe but actually sleep better with a lovie.  I am only sharing our experience.  I strongly recommend discussing plans to let your child sleep with a lovie or any other object in their crib with their doctor before doing so.  

bunnsy lovie story 2016

CC took to Bunnsy right away.  She’s always loved fabric textures and I thought she would enjoy the different fabrics that Bunnsy is made up of: a furry rabbit stuffed toy and a satin-trimmed muslin blankie.  I remember the first time I handed Bunnsy to her.  She immediately grabbed hold of the little bunny and started feeling his ears, limbs and then down along the blankie portion.  She’s been a fan ever since.  It was clear from the get go that all of the time and thought I put into the lovie question was worth it.  She immediately showed much more tolerance of being separated from me especially in the carseat and stroller when Bunnsy was along for the ride.

In the beginning I actively involved Bunnsy in our daily experiences so CC could learn he was a trusted companion.  Naming him was step one.  Bringing him everywhere was step two.  Sleeping with him so he would smell like me was step three.  Paying special attention to Bunnsy before putting CC down was step four.  I also made big gestures out of having Bunnsy kiss CC and then kissing Bunnsy myself during her lullaby before every nap and bedtime.  That’s still part of her bedtime routine to this day.  All of these actions helped to bring Bunnsy into the circle of trust very quickly.

bunnsy lovie sleep

Once CC had proven she could confidently remove things from her face by herself, I started letting her sleep with Bunnsy within reach.  I did this slowly, moving him from his corner to the side of the crib where she could reach him if/when she wiggled about.  It took her a few days to realize he was within reach.  Once she started snuggling with him in her arms, I saw a dramatic improvement in the quality of her daytime sleep especially.

CC would wake up after 30 minutes of napping like clockwork before this point.  My going in to soothe her never worked as she would be so excited to see me there was no going back to sleep.  After Bunnsy was allowed to be reached, I noticed on our video monitor that while she would still wake up after the thirty minute mark, more often than not a few snuggles with him (which involves rubbing him on her face, stroking his ears, and/or chewing on his limbs or the satin trimmed blankie) would help her fall back asleep.  Success!

Bunnsy now lives primarily in CC’s crib.  She no longer needs him to feel confident in the stroller and carseat, although we do bring him along when traveling.  I make Bunnsy a part of every bedtime by kissing him and having him kiss her during our lullaby.  She looks for and grabs Bunnsy as soon as she’s laid down to rest.  It’s so sweet to watch her “greet” Bunnsy with a cuddle and a little nibble (especially now that CC is teething, Bunnsy’s ears are delectable!).  She’s slept with him for almost three months now with no issue.  When I notice CC waking up a bit between sleep cycles on the video monitor most of the time a little bit of Bunnsy snuggling is all it takes for her to self-soothe back to sleep.  Let me tell you, Bunnsy is worth his weight (and about a billion pounds more) in gold for this very reason!


Bunnsy couldn’t be simpler to make.  You certainly don’t need any real sewing skills to put him together.  All you need is the Jellycat lovie, the Aden & Anais security blanket, seam rippers, a needle, and thread.

bunnsy how to instructions

I washed both the lovie and the blanket on gentle and then air dried before sewing them together.  I used the seam ripper to remove the minky blanket that came stitched onto the Jellycat lovie.  I folded the Aden & Anais blanket into quarters so it would be on the smaller side once attached to the bunny.  I then sewed this first to the bunny’s tummy for added security and then onto both paws so the bunny is “holding” the blankie.  And voila, bonjour Bunnsy!  Easy peasy!

bunnsy how to size comparison

As you can see the completed lovie is substantially smaller than the original Jellycat lovie with the minky blanket attached.  Plus, the muslin material is much more breathable, giving this mama peace of mind.  CC loves the different textures between the fuzzy bunny, super soft muslin, and silky smooth satin.  He’s also easy to clean.  Since CC gums on Bunnsy quite a bit I wash him and his double about once a week on a gentle cycle and then air dry.  It’s a win, win, win, win!

And there you have it, our lovie story.  Bunnsy has become a source of comfort for CC and I love that he is now primarily associated with sleeping.  It’s worked out well for us.  I’m sharing our experience in the hopes that it may inspire someone like me also combing the internet for a solution like I did four months ago.  It’s important to factor in your baby’s temperament and needs before settling on the right lovie for you.  From experience I can attest that if your baby is the lovie type, you’ll know and will see great results after introducing one.  I’d love to hear your lovie story if you have one to share!


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38 thoughts on “Bunnsy | A Lovie Story”

  1. Adorable idea Jen and your baby gets cuter every time I see her , and her amazing eye lashes in the picture wow how pretty is she ! A living doll for sure enjoy her Jen ❤️

  2. great. i ordered the jellycat lovey and the blankets. i hope it works for us too. thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this idea. I found your blog when I was about five months pregnant and I’ve been following your blog and youtube channel religiously since then. Especially the mommy favorites! When I first heard about Bunnsy it reminded me that I need to start thinking about what to do for my sweet boy when he makes his appearance in September. I love this idea and love that it has a whole stuffed animal attached to the blanket, rather than just the head. Thank you so much for sharing, I have learned so much from you and I just love following your blog! 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing Jen. My daughter Jocelyn is born around the same time as CC. It’s fun getting to see them grow and develop isn’t it? I’ve introduced a few lovie options but my girl is very strong willed and does her own thing. She does like those sassy ring links you mentioned a few videos ago, they are helpful during the roly-poly diaper changes. 😊

  5. Okay so my now almost 11 year old still has her “pink bear” he has gone to very first day of school, every big event in her life. She still sleeps with him, we lost him once but found him after much searching in an Arizona mall. Trust me when I say that these things stay with them always.

    1. Oh I know it! I still have Puppy, my own childhood lovie, although he’s been *retired* for a loooooong time 😉

  6. My first child latched onto the feel and weight of a+a muslin blankets right away. We had about ten of them in different patterns and I was sure he’d pick just one to be his favorite. Wrong! He uses all ten at once now (4.5 years old). Not nine…not eight…all ten in a big wad.

    Now, my second child (nearly 6mo) seems to have picked one of those taggie lovies that was gifted to her. We named it “Ellie” (its an elephant, naturally) and it also has helped with self soothing immensely.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I still sleep with my own lovie, which is now a just a giant wad of string. I’m 31. 🙂

  7. I love this idea, my mom made all FIVE of my children crochet blankets with satin trim on them! My 20 year old still uses hers and brings it with her every where! I’m a big “lovey” fan! bunnsy is so cute! ❤️

  8. Jen, I love your blog, videos, and snapchat! I have to say… it’s alarming to see CC’s head shape. In just about every photo and video, she’s still on her back… she looks like she will need a helmet…

    1. No need to worry about CC – doctor says her head is perfectly fine. Most of the photos and snaps I share of her are on her back because that’s when I can typically photograph her hands free.

    2. …CC’s head shape is absolutely normal…no need for your ‘alarm’…no need in fact for your comment at all…

  9. What a clever idea! Love the name and the size, I still remember my younger sisters lovie, a huge polarbear called “Piglet”..

  10. What an adorable Idea! The name is superb! CC is just a fancy face! Look at her lashes! She will never need mascara!Love it!

  11. Oh Jen CC is so adorable and you are a wonderful caring mother .May she enjoy her Bunnys for many more months or how forever long 🙂

  12. What a great idea. Bunnsie is so cute and it is great that CC loves him. I still have the panda bear I was given as a baby.

  13. love this idea! We’ve had NO luck with lovies for either of our two children(I think the head only with a blanket is why), I think I will make one of these for baby #3 (due in October!!) Thanks for the idea and tutorial!!

  14. Bunnsie is so cute! All 6 of my children have had some sort of lovie, but none were that adorable or practical. (Some were too big or not very attractive– like the old pillow case from Grandma that #3 loved so much!) I completely agree that a lovie helps little ones self-sooth. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times the presence of the lovie made a potentially stressful situation (like long road trips) calm and pleasant. They also definitely aided in helping mine sleep better alone. Bravo again!

  15. Finally after 7 years my son and daughter- in -law are pregnant!. They are so thrilled and excited, they had all but given up on a baby.So many baby things to buy. I think grandma here will make the first purchase on Bunsly, he is so cute!!. Thanks Jen for the post.

  16. I don’t even have a baby and I thought this was such an educational post! I laughed every time there was a Bunnsy-double joke. Thank you for sharing, definitely bookmarking it. Would make a great gift too!

  17. Just catching up on some of your blog and absolutely loved reading this. Such a great mommy, Jen! It’s wonderful to see how much time and thought goes into the decisions you make for your daughter. Is she aware that you have more than one?

    1. I think so. I’ve never made it a big secret. I think it’s easier not to lie whenever possible. If she still loves Bunnsy when she’s older I can hopefully explain to her that it’s such an important job that Bunnsy needs backup and time to rest “off-duty” 😉

  18. Jen do you think a “lovie” would help 15 month old babies? I have twins and they are so attached to mama and have been co-sleeping (even thought that was not part of the big “plan”). I want to get them into their crib but they don’t last long at night in the crib and sleep really good when we co-sleep with them. If this is something that could help them then I feel like I should try it. What do you think?

    Happy but exhausted mama! 🙂

    1. I don’t have any experience with babies other than my own 7 month old so I’m afraid I’m not the best person to ask about this one. I say it’s worth a shot, but I do know that older babies are more discriminatory in what they attach to, so you might have to offer up several options before one sticks. Good luck, Mama! Hope you get some rest soon.

      1. Thanks for replying! Forgot to mention to you that I have been watching your videos for years now. Love any and all material you publish! I could listen to you day and night. 🙂 (that sounded creepy but I swear I’m not creepy….lol)

        CC is so adorable! So happy for you and Don! My fertility journey was very emotional as well, but thank God we were blessed in the end.

  19. Hi there! Would you perhaps be able to provide more step by step instructions on how you sewed it all together? I’m a beginner sewer and am having a hard time figuring out how to attach so it is secure and doesn’t show the stitches!

    1. I anchored the knot to the bunny’s chest right underneath where the arms & blankie would rest and sewed through all three elements multiple times before knotting underneath in the same spot. Hope this helps!

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