Blogmas 2019 | Day 9

There is so much magic in the air this time of year.  The holidays bring lots of excitement, joy, and special times spent together with loved ones.  But there is also quite a bit of magic to be found in the regular moments of life that happen any time of year.  It is those small “blink of an eye” moments that give so much meaning to my life.  They “fill my cup,” as they say.

Some days I snap a quick photo that I immediately know will be the story for the day in my December Daily project.  Usually, it’s when one of those “blink of an eye” moments occurs.  As much as I try to pay attention to them year round, I am admittedly more ready with my phone (which I use as the sole camera for my project) during the month of December to capture these.

This spread includes two snapshots of what transpired over the course of maybe 45 seconds.  The kids and I were playing upstairs. Donny climbed up in the big chair to cuddle with the stuffies (I know I am biased, but man, he is cute, right?).  I whipped out my phone to capture his cuteness.  Then, in the blink of an eye, CC climbed up right next to him for a cuddle. Her contented little face is everything!  This snuggle only lasted for a few seconds.  Toddlers don’t stay in one place for long!  But the moment absolutely melted my heart.  And I am so very happy to have it preserved for all eternity in this photograph.

Were there any tender, magic-filled, “blink of an eye” moments you experienced so far this week?  I’d love to hear about them if you care to share.
Take good care, friends.  Wishing you all many magic filled moments this holiday season ❤️

* This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *