Blogmas 2019 | Day 8

I know I made this big song and dance about “going easy on myself” and “not panicking if I don’t blog every single day” at the beginning of this month-long journey, but I’m just over a week in and I’m fighting myself over these very statements.  I wanted to prioritize editing my latest vlog and by the time I was done with that, it was way too late to stay up working on my December Daily album.

I spent the whole day today feeling anxious about it and trying to figure out how I could swing catching up tonight. And then something magical happened.  I sat down to work on my Day 9 spread and I felt myself calm down within a few minutes.  I let myself get lost in focusing on the project and all my other cares literally slipped away.  I’ve been a very anxious panda (<– don’t ask, lol) lately so any moments of calm are particularly meaningful gifts to me right now.

I know this spread doesn’t look like much in terms of crafting effort, but I spent about an hour on it between making decisions about the story and images to include, the layout (I know that whatever layout I choose affects my layout for the next spread so there’s some advance considerations for that), and picking embellishments.  Trust me when I say this was an hour well spent.  I haven’t been sleeping particularly well lately, but the kind of calm that working on this project provides me with helps immensely. I am so grateful for all of the gifts that honoring this  endeavor provides me with!

Today, I picked a fairly simple story, but one with a big impact: my children at play while learning about the Christmas story.  I don’t like to talk often about religion publicly, because I find that it can draw out some very bad behavior in comments. I’ve gone through different phases with seeking and trying out organized religion over the years.  Where I’ve landed in the past decade or so is that while I do not currently prescribe to a particular organized religious practice, I consider myself a very spiritual person.  I highly value my connection with God.  And I respect everyone’s right to believe whatever they wish and do not tolerate narrow mindedness when it comes to spirituality (fair warning that that those kinds of comments are not acceptable on any of my platforms).

Despite not being an active Christian in the traditional sense of the word, I respect and admire many of the Christian teachings and the Christmas story is my personal favorite.  I’m not sure you can actually read what I wrote on the tag that holds my story for this spread in the photo above, so I’ll type it out here:

I believe this story matters regardless of any particular personal beliefs. It is about hope at its core and shining a light on dark times. We could all always use more light and hope in this world.

It’s not very deep, but that accurately sums up my feelings about the Christmas story.  It is an important part of our celebration of the season and continues to be something I enjoy sharing with my children.

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On a lighter note, I decided to include a stock image of the toy labeled with the price and where it is currently sold, because I find those kinds of little details particular interesting when looking back at older memories.  It may seem silly, but I’m the kind of person who will get a kick out of that when I’m looking back at this in fifty years.  If you’re interested in this toy (my 1 and 3 year olds both adore it!), you can find it here.

Now, I am off to bed with a little more peace in my heart. Wishing you all the same, my dear friends. Take good care ❤️

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17 thoughts on “Blogmas 2019 | Day 8”

    1. I’m probably not the best person to ask because I just stay up until I’m too exhausted to keep my eyes open any longer 😬

  1. I have been dealing with bad sleep and anxiety lately and something about reading this blog post made me breathe a bit easier. It was so calming in a way. Thank you for posting and don’t be to hard on yourself if you miss a day or two. This time of year is so busy!

  2. We have the same Little People set and my girls love it! Although the other day I did notice that Peppa Pig had joined the group? Maybe there was a pig in the Stable but pretty sure not a talking British one! 😂

  3. I deal with anxiety as well…it can truly be crippling at times. I feel like we are a lot alike, and I sympathize with what you have shared regarding your anxiety on YouTube. I also don’t follow any particular religion, but do consider myself spiritual and I consider my relationship with God sacred. I applaud you for not allowing any negativity surrounding religion…it’s so personal, and I’m a firm believer that anyone can believe what they want, it’s their prerogative. I hope the peace and joy this season brings helps to bring you some peace with your anxiety, and that you have a happy holiday season!

  4. Adding the stock photo- genius!! I thought you just wanted a clear picture when I first looked. Seeing that decades from now will be so fun! 🙂

  5. I love what you wrote on the tag! I’m not particularly religious at all, but I just love this season, and the stories of hope that inspire celebrations at this time of year. Thank you for sharing!

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