Blogmas 2019 | Day 7

I planned a special “Mommy’s Day Out” for myself today.  I try to arrange for these once every few months.  I recognize I need a full day recharge from time to time.  Honoring myself with a special outing is the push I need to convince myself to take the time, because honestly I’m not sure I would take a full day away from the kids otherwise.  I truly do not like being apart from them for more than a couple of hours.  It hurts my heart (quite literally!).  But I know that a little space every once in awhile is not only ok, but actually beneficial to help me stay balanced and be the best parent I can be to my sweet babes.

I’m not saying I never practice self-care.  I actually have made a point in the past year of making sure I put aside little pockets of time each and every day for this.  For me that includes things like 20 minutes of daily yoga at home, a 30 minute run outside, and journaling about my day before bedtime.  Some of my self-care favorites I do more on a weekly basis such as going to my favorite dance cardio class (yay for WERQ!) and soaking in the tub a couple of times a week.  I recently started venturing outside my house for yoga in a studio after many years of at home practice only.

I decided to take myself downtown today to revisit one of my pre-kid holiday traditions: the Christkindlmarket.  This German-inspired holiday market was something I never used to miss, but it hasn’t felt right to me to bring the kids just yet.  They’re still so little and I am not sure this would be something they’d enjoy at this stage.  I hope to bring them in a few years when they’re more interested in all of the fun food offerings and seeing the handmade knickknacks that are sold at the market.  It was really fun to bring myself in a “blast to the past” capacity (although I do recommend going early on a weekday as opposed to midday on a weekend if you’re interested in attending…man, was it ever crowded!).

Afterwards, I had a late lunch at Althea, an awesome plant-based restaurant located on the top floor of Saks Fifth Avenue.  I had an amazingly delicious meal and then headed a few block up Michigan Avenue to the Four Seasons hotel for a full pampering session including a pedicure and a massage.  This was my Christmas gift to myself.  It’s been a long time since I treated myself to the spa.  I came home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

It was such a fun day and an admittedly very splurgy one at that, which is why I don’t do something like this on a regular basis.  I don’t think I need to spend a lot of money to treat myself to a fun and relaxing day, but when it feels right, I splurge, no guilt allowed!

I documented this special outing in my December Daily album with a full page selfie.  I’m honestly super self-conscious of putting such a large photo of my face in my album, but I’m making a concentrated effort to “embrace my face” and include photos of myself in my memory keeping projects more.  I layered some simple embellishments and wrote out the story of my day on a 4″x6″ tag that I punched holes in to pop right into the rings of my album.  I will wait to add the ribbon until after I see how tomorrow’s spread pans out, because I do not yet know what I will do with the back of the tag.

This was a relatively simple spread but I am quite happy with how it turned out.  I think it has a nice balance to it.  Again, I am noticing that my crafting is a reflection of my current state of mind.  I am intrigued by this observation!

I’d love to hear about some of your self-care rituals if you care to share.  I hope you recognize and honor the importance of taking care of yourself.  You cannot pour from an empty cup, as they say.  Take good care of yourselves, friends ❤️

* This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


30 thoughts on “Blogmas 2019 | Day 7”

  1. I love how the page turned out! The day sounds lovely. With a 7 week old (my first) I haven’t yet figured out what my self care is- but I think getting a moment to read this blog, or to make a quick scrapbook page really helps. My current dream is to go out and get my nails done!

    1. I remember that newborn stage well! Self-care for me at that time was trying to get sleep when I could 😉 As the babies get older and sleep more then so do you and then other self-care things can be more of a daily reality. And you deserve that manicure! Maybe you can ask somebody to help watch the baby for an hour so you can go out and decompress?

    1. If this is true, I am saddened that you do not know anyone who honors themselves on a regular basis with the self-care they need to have balance. If this comment is meant to be snarky, I am saddened when I witness unnecessary judgement. Our lives are too short and precious to not live them in a way that brings us wholeness with kindness to ourselves and to others. Whatever you meant by your comment, I wish you peace ✌️

  2. Good for you, Jenn. I’m a fan of us Mamas taking time out for ourselves. That’s if it’s a possibility. I know not everybody has that luxury. Hope you have a good week!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. And there are many ways to take care of ourselves that do not require full day outings or money spent. A little time and space carved out here and there can do wonders for the soul 💕

  3. Hi Jen, how do you punch those specifically close holes for the DD a5 folder? I’ve tried moving my punch holes together in my long puncher but no success!

  4. Jen, thanks so much for sharing with us all, your lovely thoughts and memories of the month. It’s making for delightful reading each day. Kind regards, Helen

  5. Love your special outing! It sounds like such a fun day and one that would really leave you recharged. I have yet to put a selfie in my December Daily but I intend to… I agree that it’s important to “embrace your face” at any stage. And while I know your album is not for your kids, should they choose to look at it in the future, I think it sets a great example that it’s ok to focus on yourself and you shouldn’t be ashamed of your appearance or who you are.

  6. Self care for me involves a foot massage, color and cut, and brow waxing – all of which were enjoyed this past weekend! Just wonderful and relaxing – it’s really ok and oh so important to remind yourself how very much you matter. xoxo

  7. Love this post and the message of how important self-care is no matter how big or small, particularly when you are a mom. Merry Christmas!

  8. Hi Jen, great to read about your day! It is really important to give yourself space. Speaking of that… have you chosen your word for OLW 2020?

  9. Since I deal with anxiety (and I’m not a mom), I do a great deal of self-care. Monthly massages, yoga, therapy, walk my dog, naps when I need to after work, reading self-help books, prayer. I put in a lot of work! 🙂

  10. I saw this comment and wanted to reply too. 🙂 It took me FORever to come up with OLW for 2020! I finally looked at a list, and the word “moment” jumped out at me. 🙂

  11. We all need to recharge.Self care is something we all need and shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for it. You can’t take care of others without first taking care of yourself ❤️

  12. I enjoyed your Chris Kindle vlogs from Christmases past. All that cold weather looked great to me sweating in the antipodes!🌞
    Did you buy any cute things?

  13. Watching this vlog reminded me so much of Christopher Allen! You are rubbing off on each other! Love this whole day. So important. The best is that you take the time to plan it and get coverage for your kids. I always wonder where your kids are during your runs in the morning too!? That’s a big piece of getting your self care in and I love that you have so many people in your life to watch them.

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