Blogmas 2019 | Day 4

We baked our first batch of holiday cookies yesterday.  The gingerbread recipe that I discovered last year from Six Vegan Sisters is our absolute favorite!  You wouldn’t believe how incredibly soft and moist these cookies are.  They’re not the crispy variety of gingerbread, at least the way we bake them, and I prefer them that way.  CC remembered these cookies from last year and has been asking to bake them this week so that’s just what we did!

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My Mom was visiting us and snapped this pic of the kids. Just look at those eyelashes!  Ardell has nothing on CC & Donny!  All kidding aside, what I love about this photo is how it captures their joyful focus on the baking process.  They worked together standing on their kitchen tower, taking turns to stir and cut out shapes side by side.  This made my mommy heart sing!

I’ve used the four pocket page protector layout four days in a row.  Usually, I like to switch up my layouts day to day, but I’ve just happened to have the right amount of photos for this style page protector so far this week.  I wanted to switch it up a bit after so many days of the same, so I used my fuse tool to attach a 4×6 flip-up pocket.  I printed out four 3″x4″ photos for the base page protectors and used the flip-up pocket to hold the recipe and a card with my story of the day.  I don’t love how my writing turned out, but I decided to not get too picky with it and just left it at is. Here is what I wrote:

Baking our first cookies of the season.  I so cherish doing this with the kids.  And nothing captures their attention more than making sweet treats!  CC placing each candy with precision and Donny stuffing each candy into his mouth as fast as possible.  These are the special times, indeed ❤️

I took a screenshot of the recipe from the Six Vegan Sisters website and cut it up in Photoshop to format it into a 4″x6″ card.  It’s been a couple of years since I included a recipe in my December Daily album. I think it’s fun to add bits like recipes, tickets, and programs in addition to photos and embellishments.  Ephemera can hold memories, too.

I had a lot of trouble getting my fuse tool to cooperate and ended up going through two sets of page protectors before I got it to stick.  By that point the tool had gotten so hot that it burned right through my craft mat (see the big black gash in the photo).  Oops!  That’s why I have a mat dedicated just to using with this tool.  This definitely has happened to me before.  I like the effect of having the “seamless” flip up (as opposed to using tape or some other visual binding) so I am willing to risk putting some burn marks in that mat.

I had grand plans of completing Days 4 and 5 in my December Daily album today, but between the fuse tool snafu and general tiredness, I decided to pack it in after completing Day 4.  Being a day or two behind does not concern me, but I do not like to get any further away from current than that or I know it will be March before I even think of picking the project back up again.

Do you bake any seasonal treats in your family? I’d love to know what your tried and true favorites are if you care to share. Food is love, after all!
Take good care ❤️

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21 thoughts on “Blogmas 2019 | Day 4”

  1. It looks great! They are so cute working together. I have completed Days 1,2, &4 and Day 3 is in progress…but I have no idea what I want for today’s story. Hoping inspiration strikes tomorrow when I’m not so sleepy!

    1. When I’m stuck on ideas I look for little details around my house that make magic for me – the way the garland looks all lit up when the house is quiet at night, a cup of cocoa with marshmallows on frosty days. Not every day has to have a big or family centric story to be meaningful 💕

  2. We make these traditional Italian “Struffoli” which are these little marble size balls of fried sweet dough covered with honey. They’re my favorite! I always make batches of the dough and then family comes over to make them. It’s fun for multiple generations because the kids can help roll the dough into little balls while the adults fry them. It’s a lot of work but they’re delicious and making them has become a real event in our house!

  3. I’m driving 3.5 hours to my moms house, tomorrow. My 3 sisters will be meeting me. We will spend the day baking Christmas cookies.
    Loving your blog. I read it every morning while my husband takes our son to school!

  4. Will soon be baking these gingerbread (one of our faves too!), my most requested chocolate chip, and hopefully sand tarts for my mom- true labor of love, so thin you can read through them.

  5. And let’s not miss that CC is wearing a Cinderella dress to bake in! I love how you make Disney a part of so many of their days. My family does this too. Childhood should be magical!

  6. This is my first time doing December Daily at 8 months pregnant with my first! I want to remember this special time for years to come. What printer/ink/paper do you use to print the pictures at home? Loving your new blog posts this holiday season!

    1. Such a special time! Wishing you a happy & healthy remainder of your pregnancy and a safe and speedy delivery ❤️ I mostly use my Epson PM-400 which prints 5×7 and smaller. For any larger scale photos I use my old Canon pixma which I’ve had for the better part of a decade and still works great. I like Epson Premium photo paper.

  7. These two grandchildren must bring so much joy to your Mum.
    I went all ‘Nigella’ this year with my Christmas baking. Chocolate fruitcake and chocolate Christmas crunch. I copied a scene out of the Nigella’s cookbook, putting little robins, deer, mini Christmas trees and icing sugar on the plate. I called it Narnian food!

  8. I need to bake several dozen cookies for our church Christmas party for next Saturday. I think I’m going to use this recipe for one of the varieties. I also prefer a soft gingerbread to the hard crispy ones.

  9. This is so fun and cute, I particularly love your description of CC decorating and Donny eating candy lol. Traditions make the holidays so special! I always bake my great-grandmother’s handed down recipe of sugar cookies or “cutouts” as we call them. It’s a sugar cookie recipe cut out with different cookie cutters and then decorated with colored sprinkles. I remember being so excited to bake them with my mom every year. The process, smell, and taste bring back so many happy memories.

  10. I have not been able to “bond” with my fuze tool 🤬 the little perforations just don’t hold. I was disappointed as I had great plans for this little tool!

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