Blogmas 2019 | Day 3

The last couple of days have been all about getting the tree up at our house.  I did a lot of decorating throughout the month of November. I put out something each day that CC and Donny had fun discovering, but I decided to wait on the tree until after Thanksgiving.  I used to be very strict about not putting out any Christmas decorations at all until the weekend after Thanksgiving when I’d fly around the house like crazy putting up all the things (and there was a lot! I’ve actually really pared it down in recent years).

I’ve definitely relaxed on this a whole lot since having kids, because a) I simply do not have the time it takes to put everything out all at once (I’m not complaining about this at all, it’s just a fact of having little ones) and b) my kids get so excited about Christmas and start asking when we can start decorating the day after Halloween.  I don’t mind this at all. I love starting the celebration in November. I did want to save a few of the more quintessential Christmas decor items for December for specialness, though, so I waited on the tree and the stockings.

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The tree is done!  On Monday we put it together and I strung the lights.  The kids had no interest in helping with this, because they’re smart and somehow know that stringing lights on a tree is just the worst ever (thank goodness for gloves to protect my hands from all the prickles). Tuesday was all about ornaments. I purchased shatterproof ornaments from Target. I’m actually super impressed with these. They look amazing on the tree!  This is the first year the kids participated in trimming the tree.  I was impressed they didn’t fight over the ornaments.  CC was sweet to help Donny who had a little trouble managing the hooks.

The pre-Mommy me would have felt very uncomfortable not doing the whole tree all at once, but Mommy me now has an appreciation for letting things take some time and not needing everything to be finished all at once.  It’s also really nice to have this ongoing relaxed “let’s gear up for Christmas” vibe.  They say that motherhood changes you.  Trust me when I say that my attitude towards holiday decorating since having kids is proof of that!

In terms of the spreads themselves, I feel like they’re not super creative, but I am happy with them in this very basic format for the time being.  For Day 2, I printed out a 6X8 snap I took of what the kids were doing while I strung the lights, cut it down to 3X4’s and removed the top left corner photo (seen to the side in the photo above) where I popped in a self timer photo I took of myself.  One thing I have to remind myself of whenever I am documenting is to not forget to include photos of myself in my projects.

I will reiterate until I am blue in the face that I do not make these albums for my kids.  They are a way for me to honor and process my stories and life experiences.  If the kids choose to look at them and enjoy them in some way at some point, great, but I will not be crushed if they choose otherwise because that is not why I make them.  They are for me and from my perspective. Our stories are worth telling even if no one will ever see them.  Please don’t let anyone make you feel bad for honoring your story in whatever way you choose.

I’ve gotten some questions about the numbered envelopes hanging across my office backsplash in my recent video.  This is a memory keeping advent calendar I purchased from the Ali Edwards December Daily shop.  I decided I would open it whenever I felt like I needed crafting inspiration (it is meant to coordinate with this year’s December Daily main kit) and post a snap in my Blogmas posts whenever I do for those who are curious.

Day 1 includes five holiday transparency die cuts.  I find I don’t use these types of embellishments very often in my projects, but I could see how these would be cute tucked into the 2″ squares on the twelve pocket page protectors.  Day 1 of the advent calendar has got my creative wheels spinning, which is exactly what I hoped it would do!

I’ve already picked out my photos for Day 4, but want to go to sleep now, so I’ll work on that spread tomorrow.  I’m feeling really excited about this project and motivated to keep on top of it.  I am happy with my progress so far.  How are you feeling about your December Daily project if you’re participating as well this year?  If not, is there some other way you are memorializing this holiday season?  I’m always interested to know how people choose to document their stories.
Good night, friends! Take good care 😴

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19 thoughts on “Blogmas 2019 | Day 3”

  1. Your thoughts on telling our story in spite of the fact that no one else may “hear” it is a lovely one. While I don’t scrap book, I do keep a journal about my children and am always mindful to not only be present in the moment with them, but to also be an observer of them as well. Thanks for making time for your blog, I’m really enjoying it!

  2. I enjoy your blog very much. It’s fun to see Christmas from the point of view of a mom with two small children. They bring the holiday alive for me. Thank you for sharing your holidays with us,

  3. I love how you chose to take out the section of the big photo to include a smaller one! I am still stuck on formatting my digital pages and it’s getting on my way. Oh well! Perhaps I won’t have every day and that will be just fine I think.

  4. My December daily has turned more into a December every 3 days. Lol It’s definitely not something I do daily. I work 10 hour shifts at a vet clinic, my brain is shot by the end of the day! But I’m still having fun and am finding myself actively seeking out magic movements every day despite not working on the project daily. I don’t have any fancy stickers or tags but red and green paper has done the job just fine so far!

    1. That’s awesome! For me the main point of this project is not the crafting itself but what you said about actively seeking out magic moments every day. To me, that’s what it’s all about! ✨

  5. Nice! You definitely captured the day’s tree trimming. Thank you for your comments on making these layouts for yourself. I am a scrapbooker and look at my albums and wonder what if no one wants them someday. No! They are for me. They give me joy and that is enough.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to share. Your taking the time has helped me start looking for a special moment each day of this Christmas season to appreciate to its fullest. Yes, I want to help my children see & feel the moments. But thank you for verbalizing so well that taking this time for ME is not only ok, but good & important as well. Too often I let myself get lost in the crazy. Your posts have already blessed me so much. Thank you again!

  7. I choose to just live in the moment. I think we concentrate too much these days on Instagram stories and memory keeping. It’s at the expense of really being present in the moment. I don’t have December dailies or an Instagram feed documenting every memory, but I can assure you that these memories are locked in my brain. The upside of not documenting everything, is that I’m off my phone. I look into the eyes of my children. We laugh. We share. The world doesn’t get to see it, but does the outside world matter in these situations? I think not.

  8. I like that you’re doing this project for yourself! I do Project Life, much for myself because I love doing it, but I also consider it (and the journals I keep) as a “love letter” to my 2 small granddaughters. I like the idea of them looking through it someday, and seeing the love I have for them and their parents.

  9. These are such a great way to keep those memories. As a mama to many I have seen how quickly the years go by and if you don’t record it you will forget. You are doing great.

  10. Although I’m not doing the December Daily project,
    I’m documenting by taking pictures and by writing in my “one line a day” journal.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. The coordinating advent calender is a clever idea.
    While my boys are grown up and don’t decorate the tree with me anymore, my husband loves all the festive touches. He works from home so is fully immersed in the Christmas atmosphere. Big or small, there’s always someone you can affect with the Christmas tree magic.

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