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Greetings from beautiful Utah!  I’m soaking up every glorious minute in this beautiful place with my family this month.  I’ve spent some time reflecting on my content and what and how I share online lately.  It’s been awhile since I posted consistently here and I miss it!  I wanted to take the time today to chat about that and discuss my current plan moving forward with regards to my blog content and what you can expect to see here for the foreseeable future.

As many of you probably already know, I am pregnant with our second child.  The first trimester was challenging for me, as it is for so many, as I dealt with a combination of exhaustion and feeling ill.  Throw in caring for a busy toddler all day and you’ve got one worn out mama!  Needless to say, something had to give between my lack of energy and limited time to work and I’m afraid this blog took the biggest hit.

Even before that, however, I struggled for awhile with what to post here.  Historically, I’ve written a companion post for almost all of my YouTube videos.  I like the idea of having this blog be a place where you can find all of my content, including my videos.  I always felt like I needed to write up a detailed post for each video to be able to include it as a valid blog post.  That started to feel cumbersome, however, as my daughter napped less and my available time to work on content was reduced.

My videos have always been my favorite content to make and I tend to prioritize them over this blog.  When I have the time, I film and edit.  It’s still one of my absolute favorite things to do in my spare time and the ability to connect with others in this way brings me so much joy.  I also absolutely love sharing on this blog, but it was definitely pushed down on the list as I struggled with not only what to post but how to manage my time without much energy during the last few months.

After this recent blog hiatus and some serious consideration, I have decided to make blogging a priority once again.  I want to share all of my content here, but it no longer makes sense to me to write out a complete post to go along with every single video I make.  I’ve decided to try out sharing the videos that don’t necessitate detailed written posts with a simple short description.  For example, in the last week I shared two videos on my YouTube channel, including a Target Vlog & Haul and a Q&A.  I plan to put up catch-up posts with those videos embedded, but I don’t feel like they warrant detailed written content to go along with them.

Sometimes I might want to write out an entire post in coordination with a video, like with my pregnancy announcement and first trimester recap from last week.  I occasionally might put up a post that doesn’t have a coordinating video.  Basically, I like the idea of having all of my content here, but without stressing too much over writing a lot to go along with videos that I don’t feel need any further explanation.

I think this is a way for me to remain consistently active here without it feeling like too much or too little.  My content and how I share constantly evolves as I learn and grow as a person.  As always, I strive to be as open, transparent, and honest with you as possible.  You can always count on me to keep you clued into my thoughts, feelings, and plans about posting!

I hope this makes sense to you.  I’d love your feedback, if you care to share.
Wishing you all a very happy, sunshiny day ☀️


27 thoughts on “Blog Update | Summer 2017”

  1. Do what feels right! As viewers/readers I think it’s pretty easy for us to adjust to your content. I think we all get excited no matter what type of content is produced as we enjoy following your life, your thoughts, your recommendations etc. And I agree, I don’t think you need to have a written post with every video. You can always recap monthly or seasonly with multiple video links in one post.

    1. HAHAHA! That is so true! I at least also got excited over the video about cutting Winnies hair – I have never had a dog or known a dog close to me. It absolutely was completely unuseful for me – BUT I LOVED IT 😛

  2. i love everything you post ! especially hauls and it always helps to have the blog to go back and search for products you have mentioned. just last month i came to find the bathtub you recommend for CC and it was much easier to find on here then on youtube. I’m more of a watcher then i am a reader but it was nice to a place where all your recommendations and favorites are kept. you have very good taste and always explain the products perfectly. . . thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you Jen for sharing with us however feels comfortable to you. In your recent video update filmed outside in Utah, you mentioned you want to find a balance of how to share without showing your family. I immediately thought of the past several years you’ve been vlogging before you had CC, which people, including me, loved! Daily vlogs that included grocery hauls, baking, cooking, laundry, party prep, your daily routine, decor, updates, etc. You shared SO WELL without ever showing CC since she wasn’t around yet! I know it seems like time didn’t exist without her, but there is so much that your audience used to enjoy immensely about your life without the presence of your daughter. We are inspired by your routines, taste, and outlook on life. I think there is definitely a way to share that without showing your family on camera, as long as you don’t mind sharing aspects of their involvement. I understand of course can’t cut them out completely since they are your world! Again, however you want to create is up to you, but we feel your struggle and want to be able to help you through this transition to finding a beautiful balance for your creativity and your family. Warm thoughts, Molly Dodd

  4. As long as you keep creating content, I’m happy! I love watching your videos but I agree that it is not always necessary to have a coordinating blog post. I will continue to read and watch no matter what!
    PS – do you still get a Popsugar sub box? I really miss those videos… will you consider bringing them back or at least blog about them? 🙂

    1. Yes I do still receive popsugar boxes. I couldn’t bring myself to cancel the subscription – I have gotten such gems and been introduced to products & brands I love thru it over the years! I share unboxing a on my instagram stories when I remember to.

  5. Jen, I’ve always been happy to keep up with you in whatever way makes you comfortable. You’re doing a great job keeping up with it all! Loyal viewer here, whatever you do in the future. 🙂 xx

  6. This is great Jen, glad to see your gonna be using the blog again, and your videos are always so thourough that you really don’t need any description, I always live whatever you put here, or on YouTube, I’m so incredibly happy for you and your family! Can’t wait to see pics of the little man! I have to boys myself now 7 and almost 5 and they are very busy! You are gonna have so much fun with them, and they love you like crazy( not saying that little girls don’t) it’s just so different with boys, as you will soon see. I wish you all the best with your pregnancy and delivery!

  7. I think it’s a great idea. I enjoy anything you post on your blog! I love reading so for me it’s a bonus. Thank you for always sharing.

  8. I love your ideas! I enjoy watching every video you post and read every blog post! I really hope you do CC’s 18 month update and some favorites of hers like you did for her first year. I want to hear how she’s been doing with walking!

  9. Jen, as one Mama to another Mama, do what your own heart tells you is right. I enjoy when you blog or vlog, but I also understand that you are a mother and in a wonderful and never to be forgotten phase of your life. Enjoy every single moment of CC and your new baby. Huge hugs xxx

  10. As far as I am concerned you are the best tuber out there. You are real, sincere and honest. You are interesting and you have taught me so many things about “things”, style and organization. You have class and integrity. I am glad that you still want to share in any way. I miss your daily vlogging but totally understand. I personally want to say thanks for bringing me so much enjoyment over the years. Wishing you a happy pregnancy my friend.

  11. Jennifer,
    Thank you for the update and honesty! I began my subscription because I love your organizational inspiration and have come to enjoy the extra parts of your blog and vlogs. Your sensible tips and happiness bring me happiness too! I feel you will make a thoughtful decision of what’s appropriate for you and your family. I love your baby ideas, travel ideas, home decor and healthy eating. I’m glad you love Heber/Park City! We go there often also! I couldn’t believe it when I realized you walked Winnie through the town I recognized with all the Swiss buildings! Enjoy the fresh are and cooler temperatures!

  12. Jen
    I love your vlogging.I know you have heard before you have a calming effect. You really have a natural talent to bring in viewers. I enjoyed your recent target haul, and just daily stuff around the house. I don’t tend to go to the blog, but I always watch the videos. Oh and disney/dvc….go as often as your heart desires;) we took 8 month old twins. And they loved it. They are 3 now and have been every year. They talk about mickey, castles, hotels, waffles, pools, etc. They remember and they love it. Have a great day Jen.

  13. I agree with what was said above – its nice to have the videos posted here as a place holder to refer back to for ideas, shopping, or to re-watch. But I don’t think you need to feel obligated to write out a long description. The videos are great to watch!! As a busy mama myself – I find myself wanting those baby days back and regretting feeling too busy with work and other volunteer obligations that I wished I had said no to. Enjoy every minute and do not feel guilty for just having time for yourself and your family. I’m loving any content you have time for!!

  14. You should absolutely do what feels right and I think it’s a great idea to minimize any stress and just post what comes naturally. I really enjoy your content – especially your organizing, travel and daily routine ideas. I also look forward to product your recommendations (beauty, baby or gift ideas). I do miss your daily holiday vlogs because that is such a busy time of year and I find your content motivates me to make the most of the season. But I completely understand that life changes when you’re a mama. I’m so happy for you and wish you all the best as your family grows.

  15. Hi Jen, thank you so much for your videos and posts. I started watching your planning videos and got hooked on your channel. I enjoy the same planner brand and was just putting stickers and writing in it today. It is nice to share ideas with others and I learn a lot. As a fellow Mom, I understand about energy 🙂 Your content is refreshing and down to earth.

  16. To be honest I follow you YouTube channel as the main thing and then read the blog when/if I have time. I have always liked the blogposts even if I had already watched the video, because you always told something extra or different, or just in a different way than in the video.
    My personal opinion about your content (from 100 years of following) is that your content is always best when you are happy making it.
    Enjoy Utah <3

  17. Thanks for sharing and do what is best for you and your family. I enjoy your content no matter the format. And want to thank you for introducing me to the planner world. I recently had the opportunity to attend a Wild in Dallas event and got to meet several of the people that you have mentioned in your videos like Sam from Erin Condren and Kristin from Krissyanne Designs. Take care and have a blessed week ahead.

  18. Thank you so much for continuing to share your life and thoughts with us. Every time I’m feeling down and need a boost (like today) or some inspiration and motivation I come to your page and catch up with you. I really appreciate your content and respect your need to do what’s right for you. Congrats on the baby too!

  19. Although I don’t think I have ever sent you a message I have been a follower of you since o began my search for a Shit-Tzu I think over three years ago. I think I have watched many many of your videos and loved them all. You are doing great. Congratulations on the new baby, I remember when you were pregnant with CC. To think, I started out watching the Blog Winnie The Tzu and now I feel like I know you and your family. Such a great person, Mother, Wife, Journal keeper, scrapbooks, runner, I could keep on and on but now you have gone and designed a room to not only be the closet but also the Laundry Room. You amaze me. You are one great person.

  20. Oops,’I didn’t proofread and already seen a word misspelled. Oh well, just wanted to say I did however get me a Shih-Tzu, her name is Ms Priss. A year later I got my second Shih-Tzu. Her name is Molly. With the two of them, my children and five Grandchildren I have everything to look forward to. Even my husband retirement which I honestly don’t see it happening but if
    he does I’ll be very happy for him. Good Luck

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