Blog Update | February 2017

Hello friends!  I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog these past few weeks and I’m about to take a week (or two) break from all content, so I thought I should check in.  I like to keep you in the loop!  I’m popping in a few pictures from the past few weeks so you can catch a glimpse of what life with the Rosses is looking like lately.  Fun times!

blog update february 2017

I tend to go in and out of phases where I’m either really into my blog or really into my videos.  It’s usually one or the other and occasionally neither, but that doesn’t happen often.  Lately I’ve been all about posting videos.  In fact, there’s a few up that I didn’t have a chance to talk about here.  I’ll include the links in case you are interested:  I actually vlogged on my birthday, I posted a one year update on CC, and I shared a cooking vlog where I tried out HelloFresh (this was my first ever sponsored video, too).  I wanted to put up coordinating blog posts, but time got away from me.  I’ve actually been posting 3 videos a week for the past little while, two on my main channel and one on a channel I created just for planner related content called Pretty Neat Planner (more on this in a future post).

It is challenging for me to make time for both the blog and that much video work during this season of my life, but I would like to be more active here than I have been.  Up to this point I’ve liked to keep my content here and on YouTube connected, but lately I’ve been wanting to change things up a bit.  I’m brainstorming ways to make my blog stand apart more from my videos and include different kinds of content.  Perhaps even some more personal life snippets and ramblings.  I’d still like to link my videos here, even if it’s just in short dedicated posts, so that this blog remains a place where you can find all of my content, but I think it’s time for a refresh where I include a weekly post that does not necessarily coordinate with a video.

I’m going to be taking a short break from posting both here and on YouTube while our family is away on vacation and then I’ll need a bit of time to catch up when we return.  We’re going to Disney World and I’m excited about sharing more about my experience with bringing our one year old there when we return.  In the meantime, I’d love your feedback about what you’d like to see here.  Your input means a lot to me and always makes a difference in what and how I share.  Thank you for sticking around and for your support.  I appreciate you so much!


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  1. I’d love to read personal ramblings and snippets that are different to your videos! have a fab time in disney! it really is the most magical place on earth!

  2. I love your week-in-review blog posts, and I miss the more personal posts! Product review blog posts are an informative resource, but I personally like to read blogposts that contain more life experiences accompanied with pictures. Thanks again for sharing all that you do, and wishing you many more years of happy blogging! BTW, I really miss your vlogs but I respect your decision to not vlog for the time being. Xoxo, Erin

  3. Have so much fun at Disney with CC!! I’m sure it will be your most magical visit yet!

    Do what feels best for you on blog/videos but I would enjoy reading if you used the blog as a stand alone place to talk about whatever you felt like typing about that day.

  4. CC is such a little beauty and is obviously loved very dearly – it shines out of her. So very happy for you and your family Jen xx

  5. Hi Jen,

    I would love to see some more mommy-content on the blog. I know that you’ve been uncomfortable sharing parts of that area of your life recently, so of course within your comfort zone. I just love hearing about you and CC (and Don and Winny too) as I’m also in this season of life (our girls are a month and a half apart). Not to mention that my husband hails from a suburb outside of Chicago too! Maybe instead of vlogs you can talk about your adventures with Charlotte here? Just a thought.

    Be well!

  6. Hi Jen,

    Have a wonderful vacation with the family! I personally came to your you tube channel for your vlogs, Disney trips (and then followed over to your blog when you re-branded), and organizational videos but I completely understand why you’ve cut down on that style. I’d love to see an update on the other journals you might still be using besides the Erin condren – midori or if your still using the van der speck. I just love your personality and your opinion on things and enjoy watching you live your life out loud. Keep up the great work!

  7. Hi Jen! Can you do a packing for kids video for Disneyworld? Or a video on hotel organization with kids? Wishing you safe travels!

  8. Have always loved your hauls whether it be grocery or beauty related and of course anything Winnie!!!! I love seeing your vlogs you are so down to earth and relatable…charlotte is just precious! Enjoy your vacation!

  9. Hi Jen,
    I wasn’t sure how to ask a private question, so I’m leaving it here. My Shih Tzu needs to have surgery on his eye. I keep him in show coat, like you keep Winnie. I am a bit nervous about mats and the Elizabethan collar or cone of shame with his long coat. I remember Winnie having eye surgery some time ago and wondered if you had any tips regarding this.

    1. My vet had to shave the right side of her face before the surgery, but her hair grows so fast it wasn’t long before it was all back in place. The hair around the incision has not grown back in. Honestly, I didn’t keep Winnie in a cone after the first day because she just detested it so much and I felt bad enough for her as it was. I watched her like a hawk 24/7 and made sure she didn’t scratch. She listens well and it doesn’t take long for her to learn something once I say it a few times in my stern mommy voice. So matting wasn’t really an issue for us. What’s most important, of course, is a healthy & happy pup. I hope the surgery goes well and that your pup is on the road to recovery soon.

  10. When will you be in Disney? We will be there march 1-8. I hope CC loves her first trip! Watching your Disney videos is how I started watching you years ago! I hope you will document this trip, as that’s one of my favorite times in your vlogs!

  11. I love hearing whatever you want to share but I especially like organizational content and beauty products. I just picked up some Drunk Elephant on your recommendation and I really like it. Thanks Jen have a fabulous vacation!

  12. Wishing you the best of time on your holiday in DisneyWorld! I look forward to hearing all about the magical time Charlotte had! Stay Safe! xox : )

  13. I would love to hear more personal life ramblings on your blog! I enjoy hearing about your daily routines, favorite items whether it be beauty products, cleaning products, decor/furniture, clothes, baby items, etc. I also enjoy watching YouTube day in the life type vlogs. Cleaning routine vlogs are encouraging and useful. Home/room tours are fun. I just adore your blog and channel!

  14. Ahh Pretty Neat Planner, what a good idea! Just subscribed 😉

    The thing with blogs is that they evolve as the author matures. I’d say follow your instinct and see how it goes. I do like the blog+vlog combos, but I can see how they are different platforms and you may want to use them differently.

    Hope you have a wonderful time at Disney World, so excited for you as I know how much you love it. It’s actually my favourite kind of ‘daily vlogs’ from you (travelling vlogs), so I hope you get the vlogging bug again soon 😉

    BTW, the BBC released a super interesting documentary about Walt Disney, the second episode was all about the park, totally recommend them (I’ve noticed they’re available on YT) if you haven’t seen them yet, I learnt so much.

    All the best and, as always, thank you for the good energy, Jen 🙂

  15. Thanks for keeping us up to date! Love the pictures you shared, especially the one of you and her. And, is that some Don hair she’s sporting in one?

    Have a great trip!

    1. I snapped that photo of her morning hair the other day – it’s the first time she really woke up with one of Don’s famous morning ‘do’s! 😉

  16. You mentioned that you’re cooking more now as Don is quite busy with work. In your Hello Fresh video, you mentioned that you tend to cook simple fare. I’d love to see your meals/meal planning! Of course, I love your vlogs, too!

    1. I’m a bit embarrassed to share what I normally make. I tend to cycle through the same 4 or 5 things every week and they’re so very simple. I’ll think about it, for sure, though.

  17. I really enjoyed your cooking video this week and I would love to see more of your journey with learning how to cook. I think that is something that wives need to figure out and I know that I would love to see what recipes you and your family really enjoy. I’m always looking for some fresh ideas with meal planning! Enjoy your Disney trip! We are going again in November and I can’t wait!!

  18. I hope you have an amazing time in WDW. If the message hasn’t gotten through yet (!) I think the majority of your followers are desperate for a Disney blog on your return. In fact more blogs in general please. Personally, I think this is where your creative strength lies. And by the number of YouTube views it’s definitely the most popular. Hope CC enjoys meeting the big cheese!!

  19. Would love to see some type of a Vlog of you in Disney World. I found you many years ago because of your ability to vlog. You truly have an art in capturing life by vlogging:)

  20. For me, it is your honesty and interest that keep me reading and viewing. I’ve been a fan from the start and have learned a lot from your post, grown alongside geared towards anxiety and such, and I’ve often thought of you as a friend. So for me, the content that I would like to see most would be any that come from the heart. Whatever you currently are wanting to share is what will be the most interesting to watch and read about. Thanks as always for sharing a glimpse into your life!

  21. So maybe I’m too easy to please, but whatever you post I’ll be reading…ha ha. I enjoy the videos, no matter if they are very planned out or more like a day in the life, but I so like your blog, where you write and just share yourself.
    I’m excited for you and your Disney trip. I live close to WDW, and we were pass holders from when our girls were under a year old until they were 12, and competitive sports schedules got in the way. Kevin and I just recently became pass holders again, the twin girls are 23 and our son is 19 and away in school. Empty nesting at Disney is like being newlyweds again…we love it. We also love seeing all the families and remembering when we did that too. I hope Charlotte enjoys the parks and the sweet rides she can do and that she isn’t afraid of the characters. Our kids were nervous when very young but soon enough they were running into the arms of all of them!!
    Looking forward to your ever evolving blog and videos, its just like life, it’s meant to change as all things do. 🙂

  22. Miss Jen you can post anything you want to . thats the beauty of the internet. Im sure great things will come to mind. I enjoy watching your youtube videos mainly because they are family oriented and inclined. Thanks for sharing have fun youre so lucky to get to travel so frequently to great places .Blessings.

  23. I love the idea of more personal posts and ramblings, I feel blogs are the best place for that! Hope you all have a fabulous time in Disney, I am living vicariously through everyone else’s Disney trips right now so can’t wait to here more when you get back!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  24. You are so sweet, Jen! You so thoughtfully try to keep your readers up to speed with where you are at in life. Personally, I appreciate anything and everything you post!

    I was so glad to see you worked with Hello Fresh. Every time you brought up meal planning on your plan with me videos – I could feel your pain! It’s like me and cleaning ha ha! Sounds like an excellent solution to help you out a couple times a week. The only bummer is, I would’ve loved to have gotten that meatloaf recipe 😉

  25. I really miss your tea videos and day-in-the-life style videos but the new content with updates on CC are so cute i love what your doing now ☺- Have a great time at WDW!

  26. Hi Jen. I initially came to your blog for the organization right around the time you were re-branding. I love your favorites, empties, & more personal vlogs. Even though my kids are older, I love watching you with CC. She is a doll. Have a wonderful fun trip! God bless you and your beautiful family.

  27. Jen, I want a Shih Tzu just like Winnie! Can you give me any clues where to find such a precious one? I’ve looked all around Dallas and elsewhere. Thanks, Linda

  28. Enjoy your break! You’ll be missed, but I’m super happy for you. I agree with others that whatever happens to be on your heart at any given moment makes for the best content. I have always loved your variety over the years. Random is okay. It keeps things fresh. As always, thanks for the time you put into sharing. It’s always a joy no matter how and what you choose to share.

  29. Hi Jen, I follow you more on your YT channel. I find that the blog is repetitive, so there for head to your videos more. I like you idea of changing things up a little and maybe sharing more personal different content. I look forward to whatever changes you make. Can’t wait to here how Disney was, Hope you all had a “Magical” time 🙂 xoxo

  30. I found your YouTube videos shortly after my daughter (who was born one day before Charlotte) was born and I was chained to the couch nursing all day. I love your blog and videos and would love to see more personal blog posts, especially baby and toddler
    related content, since we’re in such a similar phase of life with these one year olds! I hope you have an amazing time at Disney World!

  31. I love all your videos but your daily series are my absolute favorite! Vlogtober, Vlogust, Vlogmas, and all the vacation/trip vlogs!

  32. Definitely miss you on Snapchat!! My faves from you are your workouts/health fitness content, products you like for Charlotte as a mom, all of your hauls, and just everyday routines!

  33. I have followed you for quite awhile and have drawn tremendous inspiration and motivation from you and your various adventures and projects. You actually inspired me to also run 2 half marathons in 2013 – my 30th year. I would truly love to hear more about the things that excite you, future projects, books you are currently reading, daily routines, new discoveries, and self-care tips. Though, I absolutely understand and respect your need for privacy, my favorite blog posts (and youtube videos), were week in review, accompanying you on your trips to whole foods, target, grocery hauls, and time spent in your craft room. You are so very special, Jen and please know that you have support, virtual “friends”, and people who admire you from near and far! 🙂

  34. Please share how you planned your trip to Disney World. Scheduling meals, attractions, fast passes, etc.
    You are wonderful at organization and Disney planning can be overwhelming. Thank you!

  35. I really enjoy your life sharing type of post. Product info is very helpful but I enjoy you really sharing your life and joy in your life. Party/gathering planning and prep, organizing, cleaning etc, routines are something I would like to see more of. I have benefited so much from your willingness to share. Thank you Jennifer! I hope you all had a magical time at Disney!

  36. I am missing the Ross Clan! I hope your family have a wonderful vacation. I am here in Central Florida a transplant from St.Louis. I first caught your vlog upon visiting your brother. My family is still in Missouri and your visit brought a smile to my life, I have been addicted to your lovely family since. I completely understand your limiting your content, Family FIRST! But please Jen….I am totaling missing your lovely smile and delightful content.

  37. Just popping in to say hi and I hope you guys had so much fun at Disney! I’m watching my nightly myhousewifelife videos while I clean up the kitchen after dinner. I watch your videos every day while I eat lunch and my boys are napping as well. I’m not one to comment very often but I’ve been watching you for years and you have been a direct influence and inspiration on many aspects of our home life, thank you for being you, Jen! I hold a special place in my heart for you and your family and I just thought I’d leave a little comment. 🙂 Sending love from California. xoxoxo

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