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I have spring cleaning fever and it’s hit my beauty stash hard!  Yesterday I shared a look at my nail polish purge efforts.  I am continuing my beauty purge reveal today with the rest of my products, including skincare, hair care, bath & body products, and cosmetics.


All of the items in the photo above are either to donate, toss, give away to family and friends, or store until needed (specifically the empty organizers).  I’m very excited with how much I was able to weed out of my beauty stash!  I give in-depth before and descriptive after tours of my bathroom cabinets and drawers as well as my vanity in my coordinating video below in which I share details about my process and how I whittled down my total toiletries and cosmetics stash by at least a third.  I thought I would share just a few before and after photos here highlighting some of my favorite results and briefly discussing my process in case you’re not in the mood to watch one of my (typically) long videos.

Toiletries Purge


I used elements from the KonMari Method to sort through all of my bathroom beauty products, mainly the big tip of piling everything onto the floor for that shock value effect.  This also allowed me to make better decisions on what I needed/wanted to keep since I could see everything in one place for comparison.  I did the most purging of my hair care products and tools, since I’ve accumulated them over the years experimenting with ways to deal with and style my baby fine hair.  I was able to part with so many of these in particular, because of my experiences with trying them, which have informed on what types of products and tools work best for my hair.

One of my favorite bathroom transformations is the corner set of drawers I keep on the ample ledge surrounging my tub.  I used to go pretty crazy buying LUSH bath products and had an overly intricate storage method of keeping them in indiviual plastic containers in this piece.  That phase passed and even though I haven’t used this storage method in a couple of years now, I still had the empty containers stored in these drawers, forcing me to store things unnecessarily on top of the unit.  What a waste of space!  I finally cleared out the containers, cleaned off the top of the drawer unit, and was able to tuck everything easily inside with room to spare!  Now I keep my LUSH products which I mostly receive as gifts from my DH in a box in the top drawer.  It looks and feels cleaner and less cluttered in my bathroom with just a few small tweaks.

Cosmetics Purge


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The amount of hair care products I had couldn’t hold a candle to the number of lip products in my stash.  What can I say, I love my lippies!  Just like with my nail polish collection, however, a couple of years ago I started to notice that I had way more lip products than I needed or even really wanted.  Very gradually I pared this down from two fully packed 5-Drawer Acrylic Cases (from Muji) to one and a half as of last weekend, but I knew that more had to go.  I am ecstatic that I was able to get it all down to just one 5-drawer organizer.  Believe me, I know this is still a crazy amount of lip products, but it feels right to me in this moment, and that’s what matters most.

I was also pleased after my purging efforts to be able to fit all of my other makeup items into just one side of my Hampton Vanity Tower Set (from PBTeen) instead of filling up more than half of the other side, as well.  Makeup and all beauty products in general are a very personal thing and are kind of like tools for a favorite hobby in my experience.  I acknowledge I had (and still have tendencies towards) a bad habit of accumulating too much, but it can be hard to resist when it’s so much fun to experiment and play with new things.  Now that I’ve gone through that phase (which for me was mostly in my late twenties) and know better what my style and preferences are, I feel more naturally inclined to have less and am pickier about what I purchase.  I can see this trend continuing with time and experience and have a strong feeling that my beauty stash will certainly not get so out of hand again and will likely continue to shrink to reflect my tried and true favorites over the years.  That’s the hope, at least!

I hope this synopsis and little peak at my beauty purge efforts gave you a sense of my process and what’s working for me right now.  If you’re in the mood for one of my detailed videos and would like to see more about how I pared down my products grab a beverage and a snack and get comfy to watch my coordinating video:

I understand that even post purge it seems like I have a lot of beauty products, and I concur that I do, but please keep in mind that I am exploring my needs and desires when it comes to outfitting my personal style on my own terms.  It is easy to compare oneself to others, boasting that having x amount of any given thing is better than what someone else has, but it’s really neither fair nor accurate to judge someone in this way when you can never live in their skin and know what suits them.  We can only truly know what works for ourselves, and finding this out requires trial and error.  I choose to share my purging process with you in the hopes that it might inspire you in some way.

As I mention in the video, I am purging my home this year one space per month (give or take).  Next month I plan to attack my home office, specifically targeting my books, paper (hoping to make a big dent in this category), and my craft closet.  I’d love to know if you’ve got the spring cleaning bug (purge version or otherwise) like I do and what your plan of attack is if you care to share.
Happy spring cleaning!


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29 thoughts on “Beauty Purge | Toiletries & Cosmetics”

  1. Wow … Way to go!!!
    It’s hard to purge the stuff that we spent money on because we thought we would use it. Congrats to you for being brave and showing all that we accumulate. I too can accumulate too many products, just like that. It’s freeing to just let it go …. Do I need this?? I’m loving your purge method … Spread it out and really look at it, Go Jen

    1. I had to search high and low for that years ago. I believe it from was Amazon but I can’t find that info. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful! I’ve had it for a long time now…

    1. I gave that away a couple of years ago. I never used it and it was just taking up space. I do have a bowl for soaking my feet that I keep in another closet.

  2. I have loved reading all of your posts since finding your website a year ago! Your posts have spurred me on to de clutter further. I had been going through the list room by room from another organising website, but have sort of stopped.
    I will now resume as I have a lot of clutter (or as my DH would say I hoard). I am therefor going to dot his one space per room at a time rather than the whole room which is daunting.

    Looking forward to more inspirational posts to keep me motivated


  3. I just ordered the MUJI acrylic cases. Where did you find sturdy organizers to hold bottles the size of moisturizers, deodorants, medicine bottles, etc. ? Thanks Jen…inspired to improve my organization system!

  4. I have such a hard time letting go of things that I spend good money on, but your purge is really inspiring me to be a little more cut throat about things I keep and things to purge. It will be perfect for when I move. I bought the book that has inspired you, and I can’t wait to read it.

  5. At the end of your video you mentioned tackling paper and going digital. I love my Neat scanner. It is awesome to sort receipts for taxes or donations. Also, great for anything you do not need a physical copy. Highly recommend!

  6. It looks like your tub might have jets. When we redid a bathroom my husband wanted the new tub to have jets so we settled on a Jacuzzi Whirlpool. I’m never sure if what products are okay to use with the jets running. Do you use your Lush stuff with the jets running?

  7. The Beauty Purge and Toiletries & Cosmetics must really be something that takes time but also you have to control every limit dates for some of the products…
    Thank you for hsaring, I really love allyour posts and videos.
    Wish you a wonderful new week!
    P.S going to check your video!

  8. I love seeing your purge process, Jen! Way to go!
    Marie Kondo’s book was also my inspiration for three big purges (I’ve only done clothes, beauty products, and paperwork). The process is long but very interesting. I loved seeing how you prepped yours and the outcome, which is so much more airy and also seems to make more sense in terms of organization!
    I’ve done mini purges since then and find it so much easier to spot what doesn’t fit in my home. It’s truly a wonderful experience to go through since it makes shopping and purging so much easier after that.

  9. I just watched the video and oh my! That was intense! I would have been so overwhelmed … super, duper effort!! LOVE the purges!

  10. I tried to have a clear out of my beauty stuff the other day and I failed BIG TIME. Got rid of some nail varnishes that had separated and gone yucky, that was it. The shame!
    You did so well. How do you get past any hoarder instincts? Or is it just me that has those?

    1. I think it’s just a matter of deciding for yourself that you want to have less. If you’re doing it just because you think other’s value it, then it’s not going to stick. It has to be something you genuinely want for yourself.

  11. Hi Jen,
    Have you ever done a blog post/video on organizing systems that did not work for you or weren’t sustainable? I liked that you mentioned in this post that the lush product organization by your tub did not end up
    working out. So often we come up with these organizing methods that don’t end up lasting long term. Since you have organized much of your home I’m sure there are other areas that needed tweaking. Sorry If you’ve already done this, I’m a new reader/viewer and playing catch up. I also have a female tzu; they are the best.

    1. Whenever something stops working for me, I re-do it and make one of my usual descriptive (read: long-winded 😉 ) videos explaining why I changed what I did. Things change with time and so must your organizational systems.

  12. Thanks so much Jen for this video! Your videos are very inspiring and I enjoyed purging some of my beauty products alongside with you – though I didn’t do QUITE as well, but I might go through again. I find it a little overwhelming, so I just did one drawer today and will look at the next drawer tomorrow, and the cupboards the next day etc.

    Thank you so much for doing these videos and sharing the process with us! I do hope there will be some more videos on the home organization and purging as they are really helping me! Thanks Jen!! 🙂

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