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I’ve been searching for a solution to my cable management issue in our bathroom for as long as we’ve lived in our house.  I keep three electronic devices plugged in at all times on my side of the bathroom counter, including a Clarisonic Face Brush, an Oral B Electronic Toothbrush, and my Waterpik.  The way the outlet near my sink is set up made it so I couldn’t plug all three in at once without using outlet taps.  Although it functioned in keeping my most used bathroom devices charged at all times, this setup was unsightly with the cords exposed on the small corner by my sink.  I also could never plug in one of my heating tools on my side.  This didn’t normally bother me, because I very rarely use a blow dryer or curling irons.  However, it proved to be an issue whenever I did, because I would have to move over to the outlets by my husband Don’s sink which would sometimes interfere with access to his area when we were both getting ready at the same time.  Additionally, since I use all three devices with water, they tended to drip all over the counter when charging even though I towel dry each one after use.  I would constantly have to wipe down the counter to keep it clean and dry.

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I thought I could somehow put a basket or box together with a power strip underneath or inside to make my own cable management solution, but nothing I tried worked out just right.  I was at the Container Store a few months ago picking out cable management tools for my home office when I picked up a CableBox by BlueLounge (see this post for more on that if you missed it) and noticed The CableBox Mini at the same time.  It wasn’t until after I had my office CableBox set up that I realized the CableBox Mini might very well be the perfect solution to the cord control issues in my bathroom.

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The CableBox Mini ($34.99 from The Container Store) fits perfectly between my sink and the outlet closest to my area.  I love that it came equipped with the right size power strip, so I didn’t have to worry about finding one, which was one of my biggest problems when trying to invent my own solution.  My three devices sit nicely on top of the box and all of their unsightly cords are tucked neatly away inside of it.  I used my favorite Velcro cable ties ($3.99 for a package of six from The Container Store) to keep the cords bundled for easy access and general neatness.

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The CableBox Mini is made from fire retardant plastic, which stays cools even with all of my electronics plugged in.  The top lifts off for easy access to the 4-socket surge protector that it comes with.  This also allows some air to pass through the CableBox.  I use an old white washcloth folded in half on top of the CableBox to keep it clean and free from the water that tends to drip from my bathroom devices.  I change this towel out once a week just like I do with all of our towels.

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I’ve used the CableBox Mini for over two months now and am extremely happy with it.  I’m considering painting it a bronze/brown color so it blends in better with the bathroom countertop.  I even have some old brown washcloths I could swap for the white ones I’m using currently on top of the CableBox.  For now I am content to finally have a functioning cable management tool that keeps my bathroom counter clear of cord clutter.  I even have outlets available in my sink area now to plug in styling tools whenever I want without getting in Don’s way.  Everyone wins and my bathroom counter is neater!

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11 thoughts on “Bathroom Organization: Cable Management”

  1. Looks great, Jen! A very neat, clean and tidy solution–thanks for the idea. I’m going to wander around my house now and see where I could use these handy lil’ boxes!

  2. Love, love, love, Lovvvvvvvvvvve this idea! I have the same EXACT problem! I am going to be a flat-out copycat!! Thanks for the great idea Jen!!

  3. Hi Jen ,
    Clever Idea and i love watching your videos on travel packing and also bought a lot of intersting stuff after seeing your posts and videos.

    I love this brilliant idea to keep cables safe and clear the wire clutters from the toilet sink. I wanted to request you to make a video on your Waterpikmy.

    I would also love to see your china storage video cos i am looking for some storage solution for my china table wares. I would appreciate if you could show us how you store them in your mud room. and the type of storage you like for the silverware.

    You are my inspiration for home management.

  4. Love it. If you can, a review of the waterpik along w a general dental hygiene video would be very helpful and interesting! 🙂

    1. I have seen people ask this and I don’t intend for this to be rude at all but as far as a dental hygiene routine goes, the best person to ask would be your dentist. Everyone has different dental needs and your dentist would love to sit down and go through what is best for you and your mouth. 🙂

  5. Neat! I agree with the previous poster that a dental hygiene video would be awesome! I’ve only recently discovered the Waterpik, but I don’t know much about it. It seems awesome. 🙂

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