Back To Basics

A few weeks ago I shared about the posting dilemma I’ve experienced lately.  I received so much wonderful feedback from that post.  I appreciate all of the support and encouragement many of you continue to show me.  I’ve taken some time to sort out a new plan with your input in mind and I wanted to share about my thoughts going forward in this season of my life as a new mama.

back to basics summer 2016

I’ve decided to pull back from posting more personal content on my YouTube channel for the time being.  I know this is disappointing to many of you, none more so than myself.  I love vlogging and sharing tidbits of my daily life with you on camera, but the bottom line is that I just don’t feel comfortable sharing that kind of content on YouTube right now.  The climate of personal sharing on social media is getting more challenging to navigate in my experience and especially now that I have a little one to consider.  My family is my top priority, as always.  I want to clarify that I will continue to share personal details and anecdotes but not actual follow-me-around type experiences.

I still very much want to share by creating online content, so I plan to keep up with videos and blog posts for the time being.  I hope to put up more blog posts.  It is much easier for me to manage the type of environment we can establish on my blog so it feels like a “safer” place to share for now.  I’m considering turning comments off on future YouTube videos and direct those who would like to interact by commenting here instead, since I always post my videos on this site as well.  I really don’t like having to take away the comments on YouTube, but I don’t have time to moderate those at the moment and I’d like to encourage a more positive environment surrounding my content if possible.  I’ll make a note of this change if and when I decide on it in the description of my videos on YouTube.

So, henceforth (for the foreseeable future at least) I plan to continue to post lifestyle content including favorites, planner reviews, hauls, cook nooks, and home organization, much like my original content started out as six (!) years ago.  I’m thinking of this as a going “back to basics” approach.  This was the number one suggestion that many of you shared in my last update and it makes perfect sense to me.  I will continue to offer glimpses of my daily life on Snapchat (prettyneatlivng) since that feels like an appropriate way to share some personal experiences at the moment.  I hope to be able to blog more about things like that in the future as well.  One day I’d love to return to filming vlogs if it feels right again.  We’ll see what unfolds.

I feel compelled to share these thoughts and feelings since so many of you have been so kind and supportive and for so many years.  I see the comments about my sharing these details as “attention seeking,” but honestly I just want to be clear about my content and posting plans with you.  I’ve always felt that way.  It’s who I am as a person.  I feel you deserve to know how I’m feeling about posting and what my plans are for it when you take time out of your day to visit me here or on YouTube.  I’ve “met” so many wonderful people through my online sharing and people who choose to share personal anecdotes and experiences with me.  I wouldn’t feel right making big changes without keeping you in the loop.

That being said, I’m going to lay this discussion to rest now that I’ve hatched a new plan with your help.  I hope that enough has been said that you have a clear understanding of where I stand and how I hope to continue sharing.  This is another path of my online journey and I am as excited as ever to share that with you.  You can be certain I’ll keep you posted with any future changes to my content and/or posting style.

Thank you for choosing to spend your time with me.  Here’s to the next chapter!



141 thoughts on “Back To Basics”

  1. Thank you for keeping us all in the loop with your posting plans. I am very excited about seeing some old school organization/home organization videos. When I first discovered your channel last year, those videos inspired me to overhaul my house and get things organized.

  2. Looking forward to your posts and “back to basics” style. For now that will be more than welcome and will be well enjoyed! HUGS!

  3. I have followed you on youtube for several years now and you are my no 1 youtuber for sure! I love your old type of videos as well as your baby related content (I have a baby girl same age as CC). As a new mama I can relate to being cautious about what I share about my family and baby online. You should never feel like you have to share private things about your life to make us happy! Your new plan seems like a good one!

    Many hugs from Ann-Sofie in Sweden!

  4. Good for you Jen! I understand the struggles with finding comfort levels in our lives and sometimes it is a hit or miss thing. I personally am trying to “simplify” my life AGAIN lol but I’ll get there someday. By the way that baby of yours has to be one of the MOST beautiful I have laid eyes on. What a little doll!! Take good care Jen and hugs to you all.

  5. I love your organization videos most of all – you are a natural and your videos are most helpful to those that need help in the organization and declutter department. I am grateful to you for the work you have done and you have influenced the way I organize my home. Thank you.

  6. I love the idea of having the comments off on YouTube, it make it less stressful thinking if anybody it’s gonna say anything mean or hurtful. I personally don’t look at the comments to much I try not to for that same reason, people can just say anything without thinking that it may actually hurt someone. I love your videos, can’t wait for you to start vlogging again🙏🏼

  7. I respect your straightforward nature with your viewers. I’ve been following you for over four years and I have really enjoyed seeing your videos evolve. You should do what feels most comfortable to you! The best videos are the ones you are passionate about. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  8. You do what is best for your family 🙂 Yes…. I miss our visits (thats what i call it) . But the world can be so mean sometimes and one can only take so much. Cheers to positive and peaceful world. ((HUGS))

  9. Thank you for continuing to share on YouTube. I have enjoyed watching your family grow the last few years. While I will miss the family content, I am thankful you still want to keep your followers in your life. We only want the very best for you and your adorable family. Wishing you all the very best!

  10. Yay! I was afraid you would disappear form the internet altogether, so I’m very happy to hear of your Back to Basics approach. You have to do what is right for your family!

  11. I’m looking forward to back to basics, I enjoy watching your old vlogs and reviews. What we all need to remember is that ‘ if nothing changes, everything will stay the same’ and ultimately you need to be happy and content in your new phase and not be worrying.

  12. I’m looking forward to your future posts, I really enjoy all of the lifestyle content. I’ve made a few of your recipes so I look forward to more.

  13. Thank you Jen for being always honest with us and sharing with us your concerns. Family is always first. 😊

  14. Sounds like a perfect plan. I see so many you tubers struggling with the negativity and mean spirited comments right now. I’m not sure when this direction started but it appears to be getting worse. I applaud your decision and look forward to you snaps and blogs. hugs to you, Don and CC.

  15. Hi Jen,
    I was wondering if you could try to do a DITL timeline blog post. I am wondering how you structure your day now that you have a baby. Are you still using your planner and how has that changed? I have never been good with time management, unfortunately that leaves me feeling like I am either sitting around trying to figure out what to do next or racing around in a panic.
    Thanks as always for sharing.

    1. This has been something I’ve been thinking about doing for awhile so maybe! I do use my planner still although I’m much more flexible with it now. It really just helps me brainstorm my week and big picture goals and to-dos.

      1. Hi Jen, I’ve always enjoy your channel starting when Winnie was a baby. I enjoy viewing updates photos of Winnie and baby CC, very lovely how they’ve grown. Thank you for sharing and always support your ideas/plans in regards to social media.

  16. I am so happy for you that you have found a solution that you feel comfortable with! I have been following your youtube channel for the past few years and I really appreciate you being open and honest about your decisions regarding posting!
    I would love it if you would continue with the seasonal decor videos (those have always been my most favorites) but I absolutely understand if you do not feel comfortable with that anymore as well… just wanted to let you know I love how you decorate for the Holidays and always get such great inspiration 🙂
    All the best to you!

    1. I’d happy to share those but I kind of do the same things every year and I’ve posted about every season already so I feel like it would be boring. But then again, this year might be different with a little one around!

        1. I too am happy that you have mapped out a plan you feel comfortable with. In the day we live in, you have to be careful. I have 3 children myself, 35, 34, and 29 and that is exactly what I would tell them. Thank you for your heart toward your family and also to us. That being said, I never tire of your videos and especially enjoy your holiday decorating. Thanks again for sharing.

      1. Oh yes! I second that!😊 Even if they’re the same, I would still want to see them. I absolutely love those! I love your holiday prep series too. My very very fave.💓

  17. I know a lot of bloggers who have shut off commenting completely due to negativity, and also to make space in their own lives. I love the community that online presence can bring, but I don’t enjoy the negativity that seems to lurk at every corner. I’m glad you are going to continue to post! I think that it is a wonderful outlet, especially as a new mama.

  18. Thanks for going back to the basics, Jen! I always enjoyed your videos and blogs on those topics. I realize that you need to figure your future out, but honestly, since I do not have any children, the baby content did not interest me anyway. I am, however, excited and looking forward to the new “old” basics. Thanks for everything you do.

  19. Sounds like an awesome plan! I look forward to your “back to basics” videos!!! Hugs to you and your family!!😊

  20. As long as you drop out of the planet is fine with me LOL
    Just kidding, FAMILY COMES FIRST and I completely understand your decision.
    I love your channel, I have learned to “love” (if you know what I mean) you and your family and little puppy.
    I have learned so much from your blogs as well, specially when it comes on reviews on planners!

    So I am not going anywhere and I’ll be so trill to read more 😀


    Snapchat family – Chiquise70

  21. Jen, First sending big hugs your way!! I had sent you a post earlier but I don’t think it went through. You have a beautiful family!!! Such love you can see it in everyone’s eyes. It’s a shame that there are people in this world that, instead of working on their own stuff, they focus their negativity on others. Sad. So keep doing what you do. Be the sweet, beautiful smiling, fantastic mama, wife, fur baby mama, daughter, aunt, friend that you are!! We will always have your back. And support you and watch out for you!! Can’t wait to continue on this journey with you. Hugs to you my dear. Have a great day!!! Love ya, Robyn from Atlanta.

  22. I wanted to let you know you have inspired me as a young woman, and I have learned so much from you. I completely understand the need to protect your family, and they are your greatest blessing. I’m thankful that you have spent the time to let us know what is going on, and what changes will be made and why. Thank you for all you have shared, and all that you will continue to share. Since finding your channel/blog I have considered you as a friend and am so glad to see that social anxiety cannot define us. Much love from Texas.

  23. Jen, I am so happy to hear that you will continue to film what we followers love most about you and your channel. I just love your hauls and cook nooks. Sending all my best to you and your family.Hoping for some Holiday gift giving videos!!.

  24. I am glad that you have reached a good decision for you and your family.
    I look forward to your videos and I am sure that all the support you get will be good.

    Take care
    Best wishes

  25. Good for you. You have to make the decisions you feel are the best for your family. Your real “fans” will understand and support you no matter what.

  26. I have enjoyed watching your you tube posts for years- organization, planning, entertaining, travel etc. Pleased to see you will go back to your roots. You have posted so many times about your concerns about negative comments and how you will adjust. Maybe for the future, you might have those discussions in private w/ your family and just move on and not readdress the issue over again on your posts.

  27. Whatever you do we stand with you ! Thank you for all you have done to help me with different things such as organization and gift ideas for my family .Love the family picture!

  28. Glad to hear you’ve found a direction. I know a lot of us look forward to your back to basics approach and Jen there are so many young women who haven’t had a lot of training in the basics of running a home, cooking, etc. You will be meeting a need in an enjoyable way.

  29. Thank you for sharing all your future posting plans! I’m so excited for all of the upcoming content, as I always look forward to your posts! I think it’s the perfect plan for you to keep doing what you love to do! Big hugs to you and your family! 😊

  30. Sounds just perfect. You were the 1st YouTuber I subscribed to, looking forward to future posts xx from the UK xx

  31. ❤️ Love what you share. And love that you don’t let the mean influence you and you will always stay true to who you are. You don’t owe anyone anything!

  32. Yay!! I’m so excited by that plan. I just love watching your videos. Your personality is so like mine and I’ve gained a lot of helpful tips and ideas watching you. I’ve seen some of the negative comments coming on your videos. They make no sense to me at all. Why would anyone watch you if they didn’t like you?? I for one am delighted by this new plan, although we will miss seeing your beautiful daughter as much. Xx

  33. I am happy that you have found a plan that works for you. I will enjoy all that you post. Btw, that picture of your family is adorable! Blessings to you and your sweet family. ~Jackie

  34. Jen, I think this is a great plan! I wouldn’t worry about turning off comments. Your friends will love your content, and the haters don’t need to voice every mean thought that comes to mind. I’ll miss the vlogs, but totally understand.

  35. The picture of your little family is gorgeous ….and although I am a newer subscriber (just before you told us you were pregnant,)…I think you should always stay true to yourself and do what you want to do and do it how you want to do it.
    I enjoy you and your family,you make me smile and CC has stolen my heart….

  36. I am so happy we will see be seeing you, I loved the older videos from you!! YAY! LOVE YOU JEN! KEEP BEING AMAZING!

  37. This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time! I love the back to basics approach. Those are the videos I absolutely love! It seems like you really miss sharing. I think this is a good compromise! You’re amazing, thanks for doing this!

  38. I will miss your Utah vlogs the most! Ahhh Utah…such beautiful sights seen through your positive perspective. But, Jen, I am so happy you have found a solution that puts family first. Your daughter is such a doll! Also- LOVE your organization videos and looking forward to seeing them again!! 🙂

  39. So happy with this plan! You are my very favorite youtuber. Great idea to shut down the comments. It only takes one or two nasty people to turn a beautiful thing ugly. And I enjoy your holiday decorations and they could never get boring. Thought of you the other day when I made your spinach squares recipe. Froze them for our beach vacation. They are a new family favorite.

  40. Sounds good to me! I can’t wait for maybe more cleaning, organizing and (yes,oh my), packing videos!!… as I can’t get enough of them. Those help me more than you know! Totally get it about the family and limited sharing in that category, as you have to be wise about what is really necessary to share on public forums. Back to basics, I’m all for it, Yeah!!

  41. Jen honestly you don’t need to answer to anybody but I totally get what you mean. Of course your family is number one and anybody thinking otherwise would be stupid and actually rather selfish. Your a youtuber from your own free will don’t ever feel like you have to answer to anybody other than those closest to you and yourself. I’ve got to say I really do miss the weekly vlogs. But again totally understand now your a full time mama. I really really hope that you continue with the vlogmas series. I imagine this year will be challenging having CC for her first xmas and birthday but I’m sure we would all love to see you do thanks giving and xmas prep even plans for CC birthday but again it’s obviously totally down to what your comfortable with. Your vlogmas series always makes me super excited for the season.

  42. Thanks for the update! Sounds like a great plan. Motherhood will be keeping you very busy. This sounds like a less stressful environment for everyone! Look forward to your new posts and videos.

  43. As a new mama myself to a 15 week old little boy, I have suddenly become so cautious about what I share on social media! I love your videos and will continue to watch them. You have a beautiful family and are doing everything right in my opinion! I think you’re amazing!

  44. First of all, that family pic is adorable. What a smile on that precious girl! Second, I’ve said it before. Of course I will miss the more personal videos, as it feels like I know you and you’re a good friend. However, I know that onine cam be a horrible place and I totally understand your momma reasoning and don’t blame you at all. I will be here in whatever capacity you want to share. I have been here since day one when you were sitting at your dining room table. I wish you precious moments with your beautiful family and most of safety and security from this crazy world we live in! God bless.

  45. Hi there Jen! First of all, I just wanted to say: “Congrats!” on the birth of your daughter, CeCe! She looks absolutely gorgeous for a six-month old! 😉 I just read your “baby update” of CeCe, and I can honestly say that when I was her age, I was going through the same changes as her–that’s when my mum found out that I was a leftie (#leftiesunite!)and was also more experiencing teething –I began teething at around the five-month mark…My mum, like yourself, kept a journal of-sorts to document my babyhood. Second of all, I’m super-excited that you’ll be returning “back to the basics” with your content. TBH, I actually unsubscribed from your channel and social media platforms, not only due to the negativity, but also your content that you were posting wasn’t I enjoyed watching; I don’t mean to offend you but your content at the time, wasn’t helpful or interesting to me; I’m hopeful that your new content to me now, so I’ve resubscribed back to your channel. Thirdly, your love and enthuthiasm of YouTube and blogging, has totally inspired me to start both my own blog and my own YouTube channel, so thanks for the inspiration! Fourthly, I was just wonderinng since you’ve been on YouTube for six years now, and blogging for nearly four years, would it be possible for you to do a blog post talking about your experience thus far, and also give some tips and tricks for people, like myself, some guidance on where to start with YouTube, how to begin with their content, etc…I, for one, would definitely appreciate this…Thank you so much for everything!! Take care! 💜 Kate

  46. So happy that you are going back to basics and that you found a happy medium. I totally understand about protecting your family. I have loved your holiday videos. Will you be doing “stocking stuffers guides” again? I would love to see what CC will get this year. :).

  47. I think you are wise to hold back on the follow me around types of videos. As much as we’ll miss them, we just don’t live in a world that is a safe as wish it were. You do a wonderful job caring for and protecting your family. Looking forward to whatever you share in the capacity that you feel comfortable with. <3
    Love from BC Canada!

  48. I’m glad you’ve found a plan that works for you and your family! I always look forward to new videos and posts from you, and I’m excited for this ‘back to basics’ chapter in your journey. Thanks for sharing!

  49. I’m so glad and happy for you. I hope your “new” direction works for you! Being honest, I REALLY do hope in the future that you bring your vlogs back! I have been subscribed to you since 2012 and have fallen in love with all of your content (your vlogs being a huge part of it.) I will continue to follow you on your journey and cant wait to see what’s to come!

  50. Hi Jen!

    I’m so happy for you and for your decision! This is what is best and die hard fans will ride the boat with you, I’m one of them! I understand TOTALY, you coming to this decision. Your comfort and joy come first, period. This is my thing, I love the old and the new videos of you! I’m always looking at your old videos, I enjoy them so much and they’re so many to choose from. It’s like Martha Stewart, I can look at her videos, books, etc. over and over again. And a lot of times I learn something new. I’m excited to see your, “Back to basic” coming soon! And just like one of the comments above, by Grace, she mentioned how much she loved your holiday vlogs, I’m a SUPER fan of that too! They have NEVER been boring! Thanks for the update and I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself and your needs! And that photo is to LIVE for! Charlotte is just a little doll! Was happy to see Miss. Winnie on your Nordstrom Haul! 🙂

  51. I’m so glad you are sticking around I have really missed your videos, can’t wait to see what you have in store for your new chapter. Stay strong and hold your head up high.

  52. I’m just relieved that you’ll continue posting! I was afraid that those “mean folks” were going to spoil it for the rest of us. I’m also delighted that – although you won’t be featuring Vlogs with CC as much, we’ll still have the opportunity to watch her grow up. Seriously, she’s our baby too! I’m proud of you sweetie!

  53. Hi, Jen. I’m glad to hear from you and what you have decided. Everyone should understand that family comes first and you should protect them as much as you want. I’ve been following you for many years and I love your content, even the baby ones, I’ve learned so much from you, since I don’t have a baby myself. Well, I wish you luck in this new journey, and that you feel comfortable and sharing with us whatever pleases you. Thanks for deciding to continue with us. X.o.

  54. Glad that you will be continuing to post in a way that feels right for you. Will continue to enjoy your posts.

  55. I feel like I lost a friend….but I respect your decision. I’m a die hard jenn fan so take me as I am! I love you because you are a true inspiration to me. I am who I am because of you. You helped me organize my way through depression. So you have decided to redirect yourself, I’m so grateful to have had you in my life even if it was through a social platform. It’s not saying goodbye it’s saying hello to a new beginning…

  56. Hi Jen,
    I understand your decision and want you to know that you have my support!! 🤗
    I started following you 2 years ago after I got a new puppy, and I was searching for “how to bathe a puppy” and stumbled across you on YouTube. You were like a wonderful friend to have! After the craziness of the day, I so enjoyed following along on your daily adventures. Your kindness radiated in every video. I just wanted to say thank you for brightening so many of my days! God Bless you and your perfect family.

  57. Loved your daily vlogs but seen a long time ago that you was torn about about it. Know all to well of the hateful trolls that made you second guess sharing. And with a baby now I cant blame you for being protective of your family. Family comes first. I see these vlogging families and think it cant be mentally healthy to have a camera on them all the time. Personally what I loved most was your organizing videos. You inspired me to work on that. I find myself watching organizing and cleaning stuff the most always like to learn better ways and new ideas.

  58. Good call! So excited to see your regular content on planners, cooking and organization! Can’t wait to see it!

  59. Hi Jen!

    Your family picture is beautiful. I am so excited and feel that this change is perfect.

    When I first started following you, it was back with organizedjen. You’ve helped me a lot with organization in my life. I’ve wanted to get pregnant for years and my little boy is 5 months younger than CC. So I feel like I’m also growing with you. I feel like your change in content is exactly what I need as well. I even went back to your very first video when you felt like you needed a project because I feel that way right now. Flustered!
    I am beyond excited for this change and will support you. I can’t wait. Many blessings to you and your little one and the rest of your family. 🙂

  60. Wonderful news! I’m looking forward to the back to basics. Are you planning on doing anything special when it comes to Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas? I loved watching your videos that feature decorating, menus, planning, etc.

  61. That sounds great Jen! You always inspire me, with your fashion and beauty, and how you decorate your beautiful home! Also cooking ideas! It will be the perfect balance with snapchat!

  62. Thanks for the update and please know that I support your decision! Love this photo of your sweet little family!

  63. Being a mom myself, I completely understand the need to protect your family. It’s completely understandable. I honestly applaud you for finding the right avenue for you right now, and still being able to post other information with us. Thank you so much for what you do!

  64. Hi Jen! I’m glad that you have reached a decision. I will miss the daily vlogs and all the daily goings on in your lovely, lovely family. But at the same time, as I enjoyed and looked forward to watching a new video, I also remember feeling anxious/worried for you. There are so many unhappy/angry/odd people in the world, and one just never knows. So, I’m very happy in that sense, that you have decided to pull back a bit.

    I first found you while searching for Disney packing tips. I love luggage, purses, wallets, cosmetic bags, pouches, totes, travel accessories, cute travel size stuff, etc! So, as long as you throw a few organizational, packing type things in. Or purse, wallet, carryon luggage finds, I’ll be thrilled! Oh, and maybe some recipes, every one I’ve tried has been a winner!

    Thank you for taking the time to share your life and loves, it has been so enjoyable. 🙂

  65. The type of videos you are talking about going back to are the very reason you have your following and though I will miss seeing more of your little miss cutie patootie, I respect that you want to safeguard your little family.

    🙂 Happy Summer! Katy

  66. I’ve been following your videos and blog for years now. I do love the organization videos and your baby videos are right on time sine DH and I are TTC. Maybe you could do a video or blog post on your cleaning schedule now that you have a baby, without actually showing CC off of course. It’s like your old content but is still relevant to a maturing lifestyle/stage in life.

    I would also personally love a baby gear update, mostly because the Nuna Pipa and the UppaBaby Vista are in my top picks haha. My biggest question is how long to babies usually last in infant car seats before going to convertibles? I’m actually thinking of just getting an infant rated convertible seat from the beginning but as of now we’ll be having a baby no earlier than April so I don’t have to worry about winter like you did.

    1. It’s based on height and weight but from what I’ve heard babies usually outgrow the seats before they’re too heavy for them. I will say the carrier is great especially in the newborn months for toting around especially if you have a travel system stroller.

  67. Perfect plan, I am looking forward to the basics. I love the organizational tips and will continue to watch videos and read your blogs. You are the first you tuber I subscribed to and I’m a mom too and totally understand.

  68. You do what ever makes you happy. I have been following you for years from a Disney Travel vlog and I have adopted many of your organisational tips.
    Keep up the good work and I’ll look forward to seeing you soon.

  69. I have enjoyed your youtube videos and posts because of your positivity. Plenty of negative things, but I don’t seek then out on youtube. Glad that you have found a way to keep away from that. Please keep up with the content you feel comfortable sharing. It is always a pleasure to watch your youtube posts.

  70. I think this is a fantastic plan. So glad you’ll be sticking around and excited to see what’s in store. The cook-nooks are my favorite!

  71. I just wants to say that I’m glad you are not leaving us altogether and at the same time doing what is best for you and your beautiful family. You must know that you have a loyal group of people that love your content and you. I hope this message finds you well. God bless you. 💙

  72. Jen, I think your plan sounds wonderful. You should always put your family first and do what is best for CC. It sounds like you have given this a great deal of thought. I have always thought you have wonderful ideas and tons of creativity to share and I am thrilled you will continue to do so in a way that works best for you!

  73. Family is first and I commend you on your decision. I look forward to anything you post. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your channels the last few years. This seems to be a crazy time with social media. Can’t wait for the next chapter! Blessings to you and your family.

  74. Sounds like a good plan. Back to Basics is a great idea. I love your blog and topics. I look forward to your next post. I thoroughly enjoyed your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Blog. That’s one of my favorite places to shop too. Stay cool

  75. Social media has become a scarey place. I think your plan is a sound one and I enjoy all your Snapchats. I look forward to seeing snippets of your family!

  76. I really enjoy your content and I want to thank you for taking the time to share with us. Your very inspiring to me and I wish you all the best for you and you beautiful growing family. Michelle 🙂 (Australia)

  77. Jen
    I went back to your first posting of videos and watched from the beginning forward. You have great ideas and tips and I look forward to more of them, although I have never watched one of your posts I didn’t throughly enjoy.
    Great picture of the all. You are a beautiful family.

  78. I’m glad to hear you aren’t giving up posting completely! You have to do what is right for you. Are you still going to post the Utah nursery tour?

  79. Miss your daily vlogs but I completely understand your concerns. Take your time and do whatever makes you happy. I admit I too think of you as a friend and I feel like I miss ya, I know that sounds nuts but you have to take care of yourself and your family no matter what. So you share whatever and whenever you want and your friends will understand.

  80. Great idea! I love watching how you organize and host your parties and how you decorate for the holidays. It has helped me out so much when I started hosting get togethers. Love your vlogs. I can’t see how anyone can call you “attention seeking”. You provided so many great ideas. Introduced me to products I never heard about, the Fortune Cookie lines were a great hit with my friends and I love my Erin Condren planner. Thank you!

  81. I saw 50 happy comments to this post and ALMOST didn’t comment, but… Can you ever really have too many positive supporters in your life???😆 I appreciate your content over the years, and I’m looking forward to what you share in the future. Both your YouTube channel and blog are always inspiring.

  82. Love the idea of going back to basics for now Jen… organization, projects cook nooks (Don too?! Please?!) and HAULING are some of my most favorite videos.

    Of course I also LOVE and miss your old-school vlogs… and would love to see more from Utah this summer, especially CC’s nursery there. Maybe Snaps?

    I think removing comments from You Tube is also a great idea, fully support that and, as always, whatever you decide to do!!


  83. Jen,I have really enjoyed your organisation videos and am catching up on your older posts. Have also really enjoyed your Vlogs, but I understand why you don’t want to share those anymore. I am shocked at the negative comments you have received on your YT channel and on IG. I don’t understand why people post nasty comments which serve no purpose other than insult you and to cause hurt. I will miss your Vlogs, but you have made the right decision to put your family’s safety and privacy first. I look forward to viewing whatever content you choose to share. Wishing you wellness,happiness, and fun!!

  84. Dear Jen. You are such a lovely person. Wishing you and your delightful family all the best. I personally would love it if you turned the comments off on YouTube. The nasty comments ruin the experience of enjoying your content.
    Looking forward to all of the future content you release!

  85. Hi Jen,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and always keeping us in the loop and updated. Your back to basics approach sounds wonderful and it is what drew a lot of us to your channel and content (and the vlogs were a nice refresher too to get a glance at your day-to-day life). Just want to put in my support of you requesting privacy for your family from all the social media backlash that sometimes goes on. I do follow you on Snapchat so I get to still see Winnie and cute baby CC 😍

    I am looking forward to seeing your upcoming videos and hope you incorporate back open box videos as they were always so much fun to watch and hear your thoughts and recommendations on the products (I am a total “YouTube made me buy it” person lol!).

    Much love to you and your happy little family ❤️

  86. Love it Jen. I’m so glad you are taking card of your family first but that we still get to see you. I cannot wait for organisation videos – I love them! Take care xox

  87. I miss your original content actually. I used to clean the kitchen and watch you cleaning or organizing your kitchen and suddenly it felt like I was doing chores with a friend and the work seemed lighter. I’m glad you are going this route. I’ve said before you inspired me to start my own blog. I always read your content even if I don’t always comment (busy mom myself). Congrats on all you achieved on your youtube. I’m sure your blog will continue to grow with the time and dedication you put into everything.

  88. It sounds like a perfect plan to me! Thank you for always being Jen! Your honesty & integrity is so refreshing! Your family pic here is just beautiful! love you guys!! Mary

  89. I am so happy you decided to continue to share with us in whatever capacity you feel comfortable. I enjoy your videos and you have inspired me to have a more organized home. Thank you for all that you do. You are appreciated! -Sonja

  90. thank you for sharing what is best for you and your family… you have my support and wise you continues success and happiness!

  91. I saw that one person wrote they discovered you from the Disney Vlogs! I just want to add the first time I discovered you, I was searching for pandora bracelet ideas, and you came up showing your cute charms! My favourite is still the charm with the little winter mittens!!

  92. You are a wonderful human being, Jennifer. I have learned so much from you. I love your outlook on life, and your humane,kind attitude. I am glad to know that you have figured out a way to still share for people like me who have so much respect for you and yet feel safe to share. I have a sixteen year old, but I still enjoy your baby related videos. I also love your organization, cooking, travel videos. In fact I enjoy almost everything you post. Thank you for sharing.

  93. Lovely family picture.
    You need to do what works for you and your family. Your life has changed in a wonderful way. If this means pulling back on aspects of your content, so be it.
    The main thing is to enjoy what you are doing, enjoy being a wife and mum.
    I look forward to your blogs and vlogs.
    Good luck!

  94. Hello Jen, I am glad you are continuing to share your organization tips, holiday planning and process videos again. I always enjoy them and you have great taste. Thanks for sharing.

  95. So happy you are sticking with us in a new back to basics format, would really miss not seeing videos from you, really hope you are able to still continue the tradition of Christmas gift ideas and stocking stuffers, I really love those, and this year will be so magical for you all, will you start a tradition of collecting Christmas ornaments for Charlotte ? that would be exciting to see as well 🙂
    Do what you need to do, to protect that precious little family of yours, those who love you and respect you will be here no matter what.

  96. Going back to basics…is EXACTLY what I loved so I am thrilled. Your organizing videos is why I followed you in the first place and the content that has changed with your life (i.e cc) did not suit me and I felt that you felt uncomfortable about oversharing her details. So the Old Jen pre-CC videos is a great idea and will separate your personal life with content on lifestyle such as organizing, hauls, cooking videos etc awesome…cannot wait..let the organizing begin!

  97. Hi Jen – I applaud your decisions & your honesty in sharing your thoughts with us! That is one of the characteristics I have always liked about you – your honesty. I enjoy your content and am so glad you will be blogging here. Lately, I find it is not always convenient for me to watch youtube, so I look forward to reading a blog. Treasure this time spent with your sweet, adorable baby, they grow up too fast! 🙂

  98. Hey Jen,

    i’m so happy that you continue to share on Snapchat!
    I think back to basics is a great way for youtube! I can absolutely understand to blog the comments! I don’t know why the people and the world turned so rude in the last Years…. Sad but true…..

    I’m so looking forward to your Organization Videos and the CookNooks. I first found you 4 Years ago that was the time when we were building our house. Your inspired me in so much situations in my personal life and in my homebuilding and nesting life!

    I can totally say that you took part in what “new grown woman” i became!

    I just wanted to thank you for that!

    You deserve the best from life and so treasure every Moment with your great family!

    Love, Nadja

  99. Sounds great to me Jen! I love your blog posts <3 You may consider getting someone to moderate your YouTube comments, depending on the number of comments you get on average, you can hire someone from anywhere in the world to do it – Akin to an Etsy sticker shop I purchase from who has this college kid in Denmark monitor her IG and Etsy convos. Just a thought. As always, thanks for sharing with us! I've been reading OLJ and PNL for years and I'm glad you plan on sticking around 🙂

  100. Thank you for the update. Unfortunately the actions of some do have a negative impact on everyone else.

    I was very happy to hear about some of your plans for posting. I have always loved your organizational videos as well as your party planning, holiday prep, and cook nooks. I think everyone would still love to see your seasonal decorating even if you do the same sort of things. After all, I believe most of us do. I love checking in with you to see your beautiful holiday decorations, and I always enjoyed the tours, regardless if they are similar or totally new. The follow you around videos have always been some of my favourite, and I hope one day you may be in a place where you will feel comfortable to again include those type of videos in your schedule. Turning comments off on the you tube videos is a good idea. Taking away the voice of the negative people will hopefully make your posting life much more enjoyable.

    Good luck with whatever plan you decide to go with, I for one will continue to support you, and I am sure many others will as well. You and Don are wonderful parents and your decision will be the right one for your family. I wish you and your family a wonderful remainder of your summer.

  101. You are awesome & so is your family!! I will continue to support you. I have been a huge “fan” of yours going back to your first packing video. Admired you then, still do now!!!

  102. Thank you for going back to basics … that is what led me to your videos/blogs in the first place and I very much enjoy those over baby/mama videos/updates (although I do admit I love to see your follow-me around videos too).

  103. This is awesome Jen. I have always loved your content and happy to hear that you will be going back to basis. I love seeing your family but totally understand why you would not want to share those things; I agree that family is the most important thing and you should share what you feel comfortable with. I will continue to support you. Love

  104. I am so happy you are not going away! Thanks so much for sharing so much of your life but I am excited to hear you are going “Back to Basics.” I like most of the other videos but I LOVE your hauls, cook nooks, favorites and organizational videos. FYI-I was late to the YouTube community, you were my first subscription!

  105. Thank you for sharing Jen.I am happy for you that you have come to peace with your goals on social media for this time in your life. Continued thanks for the time you take to share with us. Prayers for you and your beautiful family!

  106. You should always do what feels right to YOU! If anyone has a problem with that then, well, that’s their problem. No one is entitled to your life except you.
    Thank you for sharing your life the way you have up until now and I’m looking forward to your lifestyle and planner content!

  107. I think it sounds like a great plan. Looking forward to the lifestyle content and blog. Keeping enjoying your new life as a mommy.

  108. Glad to hear you are going “back to basics”. I love the home organization, pop sugar, day planners and such. I have a question though – Were you once living up north somewhere like British Columbia in a two-story with a little front porch, doing organizing, packing, type videos? I used to watch a vlogger named Jen and lost track of her. My favorite video was the Vera Bradley 17 inch, but loved all her luggage and packing videos. By chance was that you and you moved south into a bigger house?

    1. I did a video on a Vera Bradley rolling tote, but I’ve always lived in the same house since posting my YouTube videos. My channel has changed names, though! Maybe you’re thinking of someone elsE?

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