Baby Update | Charlotte at 6 Months

Six months just flew by!  It’s hard to believe my little girl is already half a year old.  It feels like just yesterday I was snuggling up with her in the hospital after she was born.  She seems so grown up already, especially when she’s drinking water from her own cup or eating from her own spoon.  Today I am sharing a monthly update on CC, including a growth progress photo collage from the past six months. I also talk about what’s going on in my new Mama lifestyle.

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CC 6 month update june 2016

Just in case you missed my delivery post, here are CC’s birth stats: Born December 28, 2015 // 6 lb 6 oz // 20″

CC’s Current Stats:

❊ Age – Six Months (29 weeks now)

❊ Weight & Height – 16 lb 6 oz and 27.3″ (still in the 95th+ percentile for height!)

❊ Eat – We finally started solids!  I waited until just after CC turned 6 months old for two reasons: 1) the end of June was very busy for us between travel and family plans and I wanted to start when we were back in our normal routine at home and, more importantly, 2) I wanted to be sure CC could sit well on her own in her high chair, which to me indicated she was ready to process food and enjoy the act of eating.  She took to it instantly!  I started her on single vegetable thin purees and we’re now working on more pudding-like consistency mixtures. I’ve made all of her food so far, but I’m not opposed to buying some store bought in the future, especially when I want to start introducing dissolvable solids.  She’s been a fan of everything I’ve offered her to date, which she gladly gobbles up, spoon in (left!) hand.  We’re enjoying the food adventure together and I look forward to introducing her to more tastes and textures with time.

I still breastfeed her 5-6 times a day (depending on whether she sleeps through the night or not, which varies) and don’t have any plans to alter that aspect of her nutrition.  I’m with the camp that believes “food before one is just for fun” and that breastmilk should continue to be CC’s primary source of nutrition.  I do plan on following her lead with breastfeeding, however, and will let her wean on her own terms and timeline.  If that happens to be before her first birthday, that’s alright by me, too.  Now that she’s more active I’m really focusing on the cuddly snuggling aspect of nursing her and making it a special connection point for us throughout the day.

❊ Sleep – Once again, sleep has been all over the map.  Traveling and staying in a different environment with our family was a much different vibe than we’re used to at home, which definitely threw a wrench in CC’s naps.  Then we returned home to a long holiday weekend of parties and family gatherings for the fourth of July.  This was quickly followed by her entering the stormy period of a developmental Wonder Week (I stand by that book – it has been spot on so far!).  On top of it all, CC’s two bottom front teeth have starting popping through.  Her sleep routine has suffered a bit, but I am pleasantly surprised that she has taken this all in stride and for the most part remains her sweet, happy self.

Every couple of weeks she’ll sleep 12 hours overnight and I’ll get excited, but then it’s always back to the usual 8-9 hours with an early morning (4-6 AM) feed and then another couple of hours of sleep.  She takes three naps most days still, but the last one of the day is usually either very short or she dozes off during her late afternoon feed.  Her other two naps still don’t follow a consistent pattern.  Sometimes they’re 30 minutes long and sometimes they’re more like an hour and a half.  She still manages to average about 14 hours of sleep a day total.  I’m hoping naps and overnight sleep will improve soon especially with the addition of solids and a slower digestion process.

❊ Recent Milestones – Other than starting solids, CC now has two front teeth!  I noticed while we were in Long Island at the end of June for a family reunion that she was drooling more than usual and gumming like crazy.  After about ten days of this I finally saw one of her bottom teeth just below the gum line.  It took about another five days to finally poke through.  Tooth #2 is just now popping through as well.  Teething hasn’t been as terrible as I was warned about.  She’s definitely more prone to irritability for the couple of days when a new tooth starts to poke through the gums, but she manages it well.  I knew to expect disrupted sleep and crankiness so those things are not a surprise.  Overall she doesn’t seem much bothered by it and is happy to gum on teething toys.  I’ve given her Infant Tylenol a couple of times when I felt like no other soothing methods were working and she needed to rest.

CC 6 month photos 2016

❊ Special Moments – Meeting Don’s extended family at the family reunion and going to the beach together.  Swimming for the first time, first at the rental house pool and now at home during our twice weekly swim classes.  Spending time with my brother’s family who came up to visit for the Fourth of July weekend.  Squealing with delight at feeding herself with a spoon.  “Flying” with Daddy and playing “horsie” on Mama’s knee.  All of the baby giggles.

❊ Daddy’s Experience (in Don’s words) – Interacting with Charlotte has absolutely become the best part of my day.  One day last week I was at a work event late and wasn’t able to get home before her bed time and it felt like there was a giant hole missing from what a day is supposed to be like.  Her smiles and laughs and giggles are so adorable and heart-warming I almost can’t stand it.  Her excitement in discovering new things like solid foods and just touching new objects is beautiful and contagious.  At the risk of stating the obvious, Jen and I feel incredibly lucky to have Charlotte in our lives.

❊ Mama’s Experience – Every day I have to pinch myself that I’m so lucky to be this little lady’s mama.  She is beyond precious.  I love seeing her sunshiny personality shine through more and more as she grows stronger and more confident.  It’s still hard to believe that I’m finally a mama, even 6 months in!  It is, without a doubt, the best thing that’s ever happened to me.  I never could have imagined feeling this much love.  It gives me a kind of confidence I never dreamt possible.  I feel at peace with myself and my place in the world for the first time in my life.  I wake up so excited every day to see CC’s sweet face smiling up at me and anticipate our daily adventures together.  I love discovering the world anew through her eyes.  Every day is so special now.

Check out this video if you’d like to hear more:

I hope you enjoyed CC’s six month update.  This will be my last video update I think until her 1st birthday.  I haven’t yet decided if I will continue posting a monthly update here.  If not I’ll try to check in at the 9 month mark.
Thank you so much for all of your support and well wishes!


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23 thoughts on “Baby Update | Charlotte at 6 Months”

  1. CC is growing by leaps and bounds….and is so very beautiful,her smile alone makes me smile as well….your little family (including Winnie) are so much fun to keep up with….thank you so much for sharing and take good care of yourself and the ones you love,like you do already…..:)

  2. She is so, so beautiful! Truly one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen! I completely understand and respect your need to pull back, but I’ll really miss these updates. I absolutely love them! Big hugs to all of you!

  3. Perhaps it’s because I’m a new mama myself (22 weeks old), but I’m living for this mama content. It’s kind of neat to see what lies ahead for us. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing, that’s understandable, but just know there are members of your audience that DO enjoy this type of content. Can’t wait for mommy monthly favorites!

  4. She is so adorable and you’re right, she is beaming in all of her pictures….even strangers see it. May you continue to be blessed.

  5. What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing; it’s so nice to see you and yours full of joy and savoring every minute with Charlotte.

  6. So very, very sweet! Loved hearing from all you and your reflections on the gift of parenthood.
    I also wanted to share that I had the most amazing teaching position. I absolutely loved my job! And then… I became a mother. There is nothing else that compares to this! I just resigned and couldn’t be happier with our decision. We will have to live simply but I couldn’t imagine it any other way! So, I completely understand your choice to step back a bit from your job and how it has nothing to do with a lack of love for it- it’s just that your minutes and days are so full with your sweet little one there is nothing else you’d rather be doing!

  7. I really enjoyed your update. I love that you include Daddy’s point of view. Charlotte is so sweet! I also allow my children to take the lead on weaning from breastfeeding. This makes for a smooth transition for us.

  8. I have to say I love these updates. My baby boy, Leo, was born Jan 28th so he is one month younger than CC. I live in WA while my entire family is in Tx. I don’t have any mommy friends up here (they either have way older kids or none at all) so I always look forward to these posts. I will miss them dearly! I always love your recs and your mommy insights!

  9. I know it is probably too soon to think about…but how are you thinking now about cc first birthday. With her birthday being so close to Christmas and that your family usually travels to Utah. Will cc birthday affect this trip. Or have you given thought to celebrating it at a later time with big family and friends. My child is only a few days behind cc and as much as I do not want to think about her being one yet. I know it is something I have to think about with holidays and people traveling on their time off and such.

    1. It has crossed my mind but I haven’t started planning yet. It depends on the family travel plans really. I’d like as much of CC’s family as possible to be here for her first birthday bash. The timing is tricky with the holiday season!

  10. Im glad you’ve decided to continue to share;as it feels right. CC looks like shes hitting her stride: Some solids, almost sitting up and enjoying herself. Also I had a gaping mouth–I grew out of it once Id had braces… but thats way down the line! Enjoy your little star! xo Catherine

  11. Beautiful innocents is what I see when I look at her. I am so happy for you Jen to get to experience motherhood. You are a natural. I see so much joy in all of your faces. We get so excited when we see your posts. Thank you for sharing. Big hugs from your Kansas friends.

  12. Im not a mama yet but i DO enjoy your all your posts and snapchat with CC and the adorable Winnie 🙂 keep posting xoxo

  13. Hi Jen,

    I have followed you for years now and I have enjoyed your content and all the changes you have been through. I too have a little one, and he is just 2 months older than Charlotte. I can’t tell you how comforting it was to see someone I had watched for years be experiencing the same life changing event as myself at the same time. So this mommy content is great to me!!! You wear motherhood so beautifully and it inspires me greatly. I am a 27 year old African-American gal and believe me when I tell you…you are an absolute DOLL in my book. Your new and old videos helped me so much during the small bout of depression I had after having my son Daniel because it was so motivating to see you being a busy bee! I got my butt out of bed and became a busy bee also!!! LOL. It saddens me to see such negativity on your last video. Please know that I care, many care, and no matter what –we want you to be happy and comfortable in all you do.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. I don’t normally comment on these things but my god she is a pretty little girl. I especially love her little face in the pic with Don.

  15. What a lovely smile CC has, she is so happy and I am sure that it down to you and Don plus Winnie, giving her all the love and support she needs. You are both naturals and this comes across in all the photos and videos.
    Thank you for all the updates, it is a pleasure to see your CC grow and to find out how you and Don are enjoying the experience.
    Take care of yourselves and post what you are comfortable and happy with.

  16. I am beyond impressed that CC is feeding herself with a spoon. My one year old still isn’t super great with a spoon, so that’s really amazing to me. And I just have to say, CC is so beautiful. She almost reminds me of someone out of a painting–her eyes are that beautiful. Glad to see you both enjoying parenthood so much! Have a lovely summer!

  17. She is gorgeous and such a happy girl! Love the every month pictures. I have a photoshoot every three months for my baby boy. They change so much in a very short time.
    Have a wonderful summer with your beautiful. T

  18. Hi Jen
    I have a 3 month old boy, my prince Jacob I’m searching for a baby food maker I want to make his food can you recommend me one, CC looks a very happy healthy and beautiful girl

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