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My girl is two months old and growing and changing by leaps and bounds every day!  Today I am sharing a monthly update on CC, including a growth progress photo collage (just like my bump updates throughout my pregnancy).  I also talk about what’s going on in my new Mama lifestyle.

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CC 2 month update march 2016

Just in case you missed my delivery post, here are CC’s birth stats: Born December 28, 2015 // 6 lb 6 oz // 20″

CC’s Current Stats:

❊ Age – Two Months (9 weeks and 4 days to be exact)

❊ Weight & Height – 11 lb 7 oz and 24.2″

❊ Eat – CC has managed to maintain a healthy weight and growth progress despite our continued breastfeeding issues thanks to this Mama’s perseverance.  She’s in about the 50th percentile for weight and 98th (!) for height.  Those stats make my heart sing, especially since her second month was a challenge in the breastfeeding and digesting department.  I go into more depth on our journey in my update video (below), but the short version of the story is that at just over 5 weeks old, CC went through a big growth spurt and afterwards started exhibiting increasing difficulty with breastfeeding (not staying latched, extreme discomfort, arching, twisting, & crying) and digestive issues (painful gas that kept her nap-free and cranky all day long with poor quality night time sleep, as well).

After running the gamut of possible issues and seeing her doctor, an ENT specialist, and my lactation consultant, we narrowed it down to silent reflux and have since taken actions to help her with that issue.  Keeping her upright for 30 minutes after each feeding, sleeping on an incline, and a prescription of Zantac have all contributed to making a huge difference in her general comfort both when awake and asleep.  I’m not all that keen on giving her medicine every day, but it really has made a difference for the better.  I hope to be able to wean her off it once her digestive system matures to a point where reflux is no longer an issue.  In the meantime, I try to do all that I can to ensure she is as happy and as healthy as possible.  CC is much happier at the breast now and feeds about 8-9x a day.

❊ Sleep – Since we figured out the reflux issue, CC’s quality and quantity of sleep has greatly improved.  There were a couple of weeks there where she was barely napping and waking a lot during the night due to her discomfort.  I’m happy to report that over the past week she’s started to move into a more typical two month old sleep pattern.  She does one 4-6 hour clip followed by two 2-3 hour sleeps at night (usually between 10:30 PM and 10:30 AM).  She’s also now taking about 3-4 naps per day, usually with one big 1.5-2 hour nap in the morning, a cat nap midday, and either two shorter afternoon naps or one longer one.  I started putting her down to nap in her room instead of wherever I am in the house over the past week and she’s taken to that well.  She still naps in her Snugapuppy as she’s most comfortable sleeping at an angle, but I hope to move her into her crib (which I am going to rig up at an angle) soon.

❊ Recent Milestones – Month two was kind of tough on my girl and we didn’t have a lot of opportunities to work on playing and tummy time since she was so uncomfortable and in need of constant Mama time.  When I wasn’t comfort nursing her she was typically strapped to me in our Baby K’Tan (love this!).  We’ve certainly bonded with all of this skin-to-skin time!  Now that she’s feeling better we’ve started working on playtime between naps.  Her floor time is a bit abbreviated because of the reflux and her need to stay upright for so long after each feeding, but it’s coming along.  She definitely does not enjoy tummy time, though, and it’s been a bit of a challenge to get that in everyday.  We’ve had a little success using the Boppy pillow recently.

❊ Special Moments – That first night she finally slept peacefully after we figured out the reflux diagnosis brought me so much joy.  Seeing her sleep well and be able to get good rest makes this Mama Bear so, so happy!  Other happy occasions included meeting some of the extended family on both sides, the birth of her cousin Theo (Don’s sister’s second child), and meeting him for the first time.  Love how my girl greets Mama with a smile after she wakes up.  She’s starting to make cute baby coos during playtime now that we’ve got her feeling more comfortable.

❊ Favorites Things – I decided to start sharing a monthly Mommy Favorites post instead of including those items here.  Stay tuned!

❊ Mommy’s Experience – It’s been a tough month in all honesty.  Not knowing what was bothering my sweet girl for a couple of weeks really had me worried.  I definitely went through some tough moments of feeling overwhelmed due to my uncertainty, but I always pulled through and bounced back quickly.  She’s made a lot of progress especially in the last week which makes me so happy.  I hated to see her suffer and I’m so glad we’ve found remedies that are having a positive effect.  Physically, I’ve been doing great and barely remember I even had major surgery just two months ago.  I’m able to carry her all day, lifting, squatting, and bopping around (my girl loves to *dance* with Mama) without issue.  My nipples are finally starting to heal after figuring out I had thrush and treating it with an anti-fungal course as well as going on the candida diet.  Things are looking up!  Through it all, I’ve managed to stay positive and upbeat and for that I am truly grateful.

Check out this video if you’d like to hear more:

I hope you enjoyed CC’s second monthly update.  Let me know if there are any other points you’d like me to cover in these posts.  As always, I’d love to hear about your experiences if you care to share.
Thank you so much for all of your support and well wishes! ❤️


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50 thoughts on “Baby Update | Charlotte At Two Months”

  1. That different kind of love you spoke of …it is a love like no other. Every mom feels it. My elderly mom said to me once: “That love you feel for your children…that is what I feel for you.” Great video Jen.

  2. We went through reflux with our older daughter and had to do the same things with her that you’re doing with CC. It’s hard when you don’t know what is making your little one uncomfortable! Our daughter’s reflux really started to ease up when she was able to sit up and move around on her own. Mama, you have a very pretty little girl!

    1. I’ve heard others say the same & it gives me hope that CC will feel even better in just a few months & hopefully not need medication long term. And thanks! I think she’s gorgeous of course but I’m her Mama… It makes me beam with pride when others say so, too 🙂

      1. She sure is a cutie pie. You look amazing as well Jen. So happy for you & Don. It’s amazing how much I feel connected with you. Now even more since you are a mommy. 😊

  3. Oh Jen, please don’t apologize. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Loving that baby and building your family. The love that a mother has for her child is hard to articulate, but even to this day, I would lay down my life for any of my boys. They may be grown, but they are still my little boys to me. To answer your question about what we did before cellphones, well my favorite thing was to sit and feed them and then talking and playing then rocking my babies to sleep, especially with the first one when I had much more time!! :-)….I would have soft music on, and sing to them and rock them. It was my favorite time to dream about them and plan and just discover the whole thing about the motherhood that was such a new and awesome experience. I could lay on my bed talking and staring at my baby for hours. I was very lucky to have such a good baby with no feeding problems. I didn’t breast-feed so I can’t compare our experiences, but my first-born had to be hospitalized at 3 months with bronchopneumonia and he also had congenital esotropia with his first surgery at 6 months of age. We all go through times with our kids and it is ok to cry, ask for help and talk with who ever you trust. I’m sure that Don is a rock for you and CC and just continue enjoying this time and don’t be in a rush to the next steps. Bless you and your family. Sorry this is so long!

    1. I know what you mean about being able to stare at your babies for hours! Such Angels. TFS your experience 🙂

  4. Great video! I am so glad that CC is feeling better and that she is sleeping better. It is also good for you. You are taking such good care of your girl that I am sure that anything that comes up you will be able to handle. So glad that she is doing good!

  5. Lovely video Jen, CC is so sweet. I understand how you feel, my first baby suffered from colic terribly and would only sleep for about 1/2 hour at a time for the first three or so months and the sleep deprivation for both of us was tough, I remember the only thing that would help her was rocking her back and forth in the pram over a bump in the carpet ( where it met the tiles etc ) and going for a drive over a slightly bumpy road, and that would help expel all the gas that was upsetting her tummy. I lost count of all the 2 am drives in the car lol but it was the only way to settle her to sleep for a while, but I am sure you have tried many things and every sweet baby is different. there is so much information available now with the internet etc which is great , but sometimes I think there is too much information and that in itself can be overwhelming, just trust your own instincts as a mummy and you will be fine!!
    Sorry for my rambling, I just realized how long my comment was lol (I think i need to go to bed) Take care 🙂

    1. TFS your story. My girl loves it when I dance around with her. She finds the movement soothing as well. We eventually figure these things out, right? 🙂

  6. I commented this on your video but I wanted to make sure you saw this because these bottles were the ONLY thing my son would take.

    “My son had reflux too. His was horrible and we ended up in the ER a few times due to choking on the stuff that comes up in his sleep. He has outgrown it (YAY!) around 8 months is when it got better. He also refused the bottles until I tried MAM. Try those if you haven’t already. I’ve heard lots of reflux babies love them :)”

    It’s incredible to see those monthly photos. I love looking back at my sons and seeing the changes. CC is so adorable. She truly looks like a princess!

  7. Hi Jen,
    I was squirming in my seat when I first saw her in your video. She is precious and beyond beautiful! It makes me so happy to see such a loving mother. She is blessed to have you as her mother. You are truly a good person…. And I can feel your goodness and warmth through your videos.
    Can you mention your thoughts on vaccinations? I know it’s personal but if you don’t mind I would love to hear it. I have three girls and some did fine and others developed severe allergies to my milk after two month vaccinations. It was scary and heartbreaking. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. People tend to have strong feelings about vaccinations one way or the other these days. Don & I trust our pediatrician and have followed her advice regarding which shots to give when. We feel the risks are too great not to vaccinate our child, but respect that others may not feel the same. I am sorry to hear about your experiences. ((HUGS))

  8. Oh Jen, she’s beautiful! I loved getting to see your sweet baby girl at the beginning of your update. When you talk about her, I can’t help but smile for your happiness. 🙂

    I’m so glad you seem to have gotten things straightened out with her reflux. I didn’t deal with reflux but did have to make so many changes to my diet while breastfeeding. I think we took two months of so to get it straightened out, too. Worse, his latch was a disaster during that time, too. So much pain for me, but we get through it for them. Things get easier! We never got anywhere with bottles with my little guy. I gave up and eventually made myself comfortable with nursing in public. I’ll admit I was big on nursing in the car outside of a store, but you’ll get the hang of things if you tackle it. Be discreet and no one will even know. I never had one negative comment or look, and in fact did have women not even realize I was feeding him.

    How does she deal with car rides? I remember that being an adventure for us. Do you sit with her? If I wasn’t beside my little guy, we didn’t get very far. I really felt like a home prisoner for a while there! Thankful for an awesome hubby here, too. He certainly did his share of the grocery shopping and errands back then!

    1. TFS your experiences. CC likes the car so long as it’s in motion. We haven’t gone out a lot or very far yet (just for appts) but I’ve been able to drive her places myself without a problem. She gets frustrated at the stop lights tho!

  9. Wonderful video! CC is so adorable! I have 3 children and I am sure you have herd this before but cherish every moment they grow up so fast!

  10. Jen your joy is just so evident and it brings tears to my eyes knowing how content and happy you are. You’re adapting so well and are a natural momma! CC is so so lucky to have you and I’m sure Don is even more proud and thankful to have you as the mother of his darling girl. I wish you continued joy with your new family. <3

  11. Hi Jen,

    Congrats on your beautiful baby girl, she’s really precious.
    I don’t know how’s the weather right now where you live, and I’m from Brazil, but what moms do here to help heal the nipples is to get 15min of sun in the morning, if you have a room in your home that you can do it in private. Vitamin D helps with the healing process a lot.
    It’s just a suggestion really, I’m not a mom but all my friends went through the same thing in the beggining, even my mom had the same issue when I was a baby and they all said it really helps.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Sadly we don’t get a lot of sun here this time of year, but I’m finally feeling better so that’s a good thing 😊

  12. Sitting here 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant, love hearing your updates and am so excited to experience my baby boy very soon. good luck with everything Charlotte is beautiful =)

  13. Hi Jen! Thanks for shearing all this – I was wondering if could also share weather or not you have been using books to research about the issues or even just for advice and what sort of books your recommend – thanks

    1. I haven’t had much time to read so I’ve been relying on my phone for online research since I can do that easily while nursing.

  14. Sounds like you’re well on your way to developing a secure attachment with CC. That gift is so precious. Well done.

  15. A truly beautiful babe and mom as well! You are doing a splendid job and it shows. There really is no sacrifice that is too big when it comes to our children. Also, I agree totally with you, it certainly does not feel like a sacrifice when you know you are giving what your child needs. All a part of being Mom right? Continue to take good care of each other, as I am sure you will.

  16. Hi Jen, it’s lovely to see you and thanks for allowing us all to see Charlotte. For us that have followed your pregnancy from the beginning, it’s just delightful to see her in person. I had boys that I solely breastfed without much experience and listening to your stories I remember the challenges I faced with them both. The reflux is common and distressing for both mother and baby. I didn’t have much success encouraging either of my boys that a teat was a great alternative to me!! They knew what was the best option and so really it just meant I was linked to them entirely for at least the first 6 months. I accepted this and was lucky I could give them what they clearly felt happiest with. This felt like the truest meaning of giving of oneself totally to another. Sometime in the early days I didn’t know where I ended and began we were in those times as one. It ends so quickly, no one should fret for a single moment about all the time spent nurturing this little being into strength with the unparalleled goodness of their mothers milk. I do admire your grit in persevering, and in being determined you have given your baby the most wonderful and perfect start to life. Cows milk cannot come close to mimicking what magic is passed through breast milk. my boys are both tall and healthy and both have a deal of great empathy and I do believe it’s because they were responded to whenever they needed comfort in the form of breast feeding. It’s a joy to see someone else discovering this too. Much love. Kate xxx

  17. Oh Jen, how I wish you had a video with CC’s reflux experience when my second child was a newborn! You are right, you cannot spoil a newborn. My second baby had terrible silent reflux and ended up on prilosec. I, too, could hear the reflux. It was so painful to watch. He started on Zantac but that really only was Bandaid to calm the acid. You and Don are so well informed and I love that you share it all with us! What a blessed girl CC is to have such loving parents!

  18. Hi Jen, I’m new on your blog. Introducing myself I don’t want to be too long so I will only say that I started watching your youtube vidoes around year ago. I was searching videos on caring/grooming shih tzu, as my family is a happy owner of one. But soon after it appeared that we both are pregnant at the same time. My son was born one day after your doughter:)) For many reasons I really enjoy watching your videos and blog. That last video was very special in my opinion, thank you for seeing you so openly speaking on your issues. Just few weeks ago you looked quite tired for me. Today I see why and I’m concerned about you. It’s strange for me how you become close to me, but I started to be worried, really. I really understand you when you are showing you ambivalent emotions that you have now. But you are very good person Jen and see you are trying to do best always (in many senses:) I’m sorry for my perhaps too much strict comment but I suppose from your vidoes that you could feel somewhere guilty of those issues with feeding and for me putting yourself on that strict diet is a kind of punishing yourself only. I’m not sure if it is good for you both girls. Perhaps you should ask a doctor for advise first before any diet in order to not to do harm specially to yourself, your child will take all the best from you though. You said that be on that diet is very hard for you. I think you experience enough hard time now – I mean watching your most loved one is suffering so much and being not able te ease her pain too much is just tragedy. However, you should treat yourself with attention and empathy too, just as you do for you child. First 6-7 month are very important for your future wellbeing. Rest everytime you have opportunity, eat what you like – to some point of course:)
    I must run to my precious now!

    1. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate your concern. Please don’t worry about me, though, I’m really doing great 😊

      1. So you are really tough girl, Jen. I would be devastated, I’m affraid. My son cried once so much after two day visit of our family in fourth week of his life, which obviously couse a little chaos in his daily routine, my stress also etc. – I think that was the reason. But it’s hard to describe what I felt then (especially in english:), since then I’m coming back to that experience with fear that it might happen again.
        You’re doing really great job with Charlotte. I can see how devoted to her you are. And really like your “Internet activity”, for sure will be watching you in future.
        Take care, Barb.

  19. Jen! You’re doing great. The days are long but the years are short. I feel like that is parenthood. I also struggled getting my guy to take a bottle. I had to go back to work so he didn’t really have a choice. What ended up working for me was some Cherry flavored gas drops on the nipple and Tommy tippee bottles. You are doing wonderful and it really does get easier. 1st around 4 months and then again around 6-7 months. Then by CC’s first birthday she’ll be a fun, active, little toddler! 🙂

  20. Thanks so much for your posts Jen, I am currently pregnant with my first baby and I have loved following your videos about pregnancy and your experiences as a new mother. I have found your honesty very refreshing and helpful to me!

    I wanted to share a tip about colic that has been suggested to me as useful for when my baby arrives – it involves altering the way you change a diaper from a legs up method (which is the way they teach in the UK and I am assuming in the US too?) to a side roll. There is a video on Youtube by a chiropractor explaining the benefits ( I can’t tell you for certain that it works, I just wanted to share it with you as it’s something I will try when my baby arrives in May.

  21. Thanks so much for taking time to share CC’s update… she is just beyond precious and clearly the two of you are thriving… I’m sure the whole “pack” is too!
    My first little guy suffered similar reflux issues, he was past it all by about six months old. Wishing you all the best, can’t wait for next month’s report!
    P.S. SO loved your favs last month… Had to order the Emma Bridgewater “Daddy” mug for my hubs for Father’s Day (so of course also had to get the “Mummy” mug for him to give to kids to give to me on Mother’s Day!)

    1. I don’t know why the link didn’t post properly, but just search “baby clothing snap extenders” and you will see what I’m talking about. You may already have some 🙂

    1. I decided against giving her any more medication & instead used probiotics & diluted GSE (topically) to treat successfully. She never had visible thrush in her mouth. Only the diaper rash.

  22. Jen,

    This was such a sweet video! She’s so beautiful and happy that you are overcoming the hurdles so well. Would be open to sharing your current diet while nursing?

    1. I’m basically only eating a few things right now in the hopes to kick thrush to the curb & make sure I don’t consume anything that might aggravate CC’s tummy, but it doesn’t seem that my diet is making a big difference in either way 4 weeks in. At least it makes deciding what to have for dinner easy! I usually have chicken or beef with quinoa & zucchini.

      1. I’d love it if you’d share your full diet right now. I, too, am trying the Candida diet. What are you doing for breakfast and lunch? What resources are you using (I’ve found LOTS of different things on the internet..) Any other must haves, besides the pure stevia? Thanks for sharing!

        1. I’ve been eating eggs for breakfast for the past month or so although I just reincorporated oatmeal this week with good results (there are varying opinions on whether oatmeal is ok on the candida diet..I’m slowly reincorporating foods one per week for now). For lunch I usually have avocado on brown rice cakes (again, varying opinions about brown rice, you need to find what works for you). I generally also have live probiotic yogurt as a mid morning snack. Another must have for me are pumpkin seeds. They’ve been my snack of choice in the afternoon.

  23. Jen, Both of my children had reflux and GERD. I have used all the same measures and had great success. Zantac was great for my youngest – my oldest had Axid for her meds. I also had trouble breast feeding and ended up having to bottle feed since they were not gaining weight properly. Keep smiling and know that we are praying for you and the little one both.

  24. Jennifer, you and Don are doing a great job with CC and don’t worry about TMI we are all friends here. My niece had trouble with her youngest (5mo now) with reflux and raising the head of his crib with books seems to helps, and he HATES tummy time!! Hugs to you, don, winnie and cc! Michelle

  25. I know what you mean about the stomach issues with babies and feeding time. For about 2 weeks after Natalie was born she would spit up her bottle of formula and cry and wasn’t really gaining any weight for almost a week, which isn’t good. After a ton of Dr visits the Dr reminded us we should burp her in the middle of a bottle when they’re newborns and keep her upright after a bottle for at least 10 minutes. Within 2 days she was better and one week later she gained a few pounds and continues to get chunky now! I never remember hearing I had to do that, nor does my husband so its something that I wish Drs would tell parents to be more often.

    Congrats on the little one and thanks for the interesting posts.

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