Baby Update | Charlotte at 4 Months

Four months old and technically out of the newborn stage!  Charlotte is really starting to settle into her infant features.  She’s learning new tricks every day now as well.  I can’t believe how fast she’s growing!  Today I am sharing a monthly update on CC, including a growth progress photo collage.  I also talk about what’s going on in my new Mama lifestyle.

cc 4 month update april 2016

Just in case you missed my delivery post, here are CC’s birth stats: Born December 28, 2015 // 6 lb 6 oz // 20″

CC’s Current Stats:

❊ Age – Four Months (18 weeks and 2 days to be exact)

❊ Weight & Height – 14 lb 6 oz and 25.9″ (95th percentile for height!) – CC is currently in between sizes with clothing.  She’s long waisted and grows out of one piece clothing quickly.  She’s in size 6-9 months for sleepers and rompers and just barely hanging onto size 3-6 months for bodysuits.  I’ve found that out of all the brands we’ve tried, Carter’s runs the smallest and she tends to grow out of those clothes first.  For instance, even though she’s grown out of size 3-6 month bodysuits from Carter’s she can still wear that same size from BabyGap and by Circo (Target).  She fits in size 3-6 month pants perfectly.  I suspect she’ll be in 6 month clothing across the board by the end of the month.  I’ve even purchased some 9 month sleepers to have on hand just to be prepared.  It’s surprising how fast little ones can grow, sometimes literally overnight!

❊ Eat – CC nurses like a champ.  Breastfeeding is a whole different story now that we’re thrush-free.  She’s still a slow eater and prefers to take her time at the breast.  It’s our time and I relish those sweet moments together.  She’s taken to “chatting” with me after her daytime feeds.  Her little coos and squeals are too cute!  She’ll typically nurse for 20 minutes on average seven times a day.

❊ Sleep – CC’s nighttime rest continues to be consistent and complete.  Once she started sleeping for an 8 hour stretch each night (at about 14 weeks old) I moved her bedtime up bit by bit.  It’s settled at 7:30 PM for the time being.  We have a solid bedtime routine in place, as well.  I take CC upstairs at 6:30 PM for her bath, followed by lotions and jammies, then her last feed of the day which she typically lingers on until drowsy (about half an hour).  I read her two short stories, sing two songs in the glider (Wishes and When You Wish Upon A Star), place her in her crib and then sing her last song (A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes) while I swaddle her and stroke her hair and gently rub her tummy.  She’s usually in bed between 7:20 and 7:30 and it takes her anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to fall asleep.  She’s taken to babbling a bit before she falls asleep, which I’m guessing is how she unwinds from the day.  So far, this routine is really working for her regardless of the quality of her daytime rest.  She sleeps about 8-9 hours, wakes up to feed sometime between 4 and 5 AM, then goes back to sleep for anywhere from 2-3 hours, usually waking up for the day between 7 and 8 AM.

The naps are starting to improve!  CC is still taking a cat nap of 30-40 minutes most mornings and late afternoons, but over the past week or so she started extending her midday nap to 1-2 hours.  She now takes three naps a day.  The last nap of the day is the hardest to get her down for consistently, but I always try!  Our nap time routine is very simple and short: I change her diaper, we close the blinds together and turn on her sound machine, and then I lay her down in her crib and swaddle her while I sing (A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes).  She usually falls asleep within 5 minutes but it can take up to 20 from time to time.  She’s has only just started to extend her waking time from 1 1/2 hours.  I think by the end of the month she’ll be up to 2 hours awake between naps.

❊ Recent Milestones – Every day feels like a milestone to this new mama!  I swear she wakes up with new tricks every day.  She is progressing at lightening speed compared to the first two months.  She’s extremely observant about her surroundings and quite sensitive to new sights and sounds.  That lower lip pout to warn me when she’s about to start crying is too precious!  I can usually save her from tears using soothing tones, words of reassurance, and lots of smiles. She smiles so big whenever she sees me after a nap or even just a few minutes spent looking at something else.  That smile lights up my soul!

CC plays happily in her activity center and is so much better at spending time on the floor now that her reflux is mostly resolved (I weaned her off the homeopathic remedy I shared about last month a couple of weeks ago and have been slowly lowering her crib mattress incline as she no longer seems to need it).  She’s slowly getting more tolerant of tummy time although she still only lasts in it for a few minutes at a time at best.  She’s pushing up with her arms a lot more.  Her neck strength and head control are awesome!  We started physical therapy this past month to address her torticollis.  Even though our sessions so far have been hit or miss depending on how tired she is (it’s hard to schedule things with a baby) I’m learning new ways to play with and encourage CC to use her full range of motion, which we implement every day.  We’re seeing lots of progress already only three weeks in!  She’s finally able to bring her legs up and touch her toes, which I find absolutely adorable.

CC is now able to reach for and grasp objects with intention and bring them to her mouth.  She especially enjoys touching and gumming on fabrics.  I love how she strokes my shirt when she’s nursing and clutches it whenever I’m carrying or baby wearing her.  I introduced a lovey, or “transitional object,” this past month after noting her love of soft cuddly things.  Some may argue it’s too early to introduce a lovey, but I trust my mama instinct and I think CC is the kind of baby that will benefit greatly from a familiar loved object even at this early stage.  She has developed a very strong mama bond and struggles with separation, even when we’re going for short rides in the car.  A transitional object can really help encourage independence in some children.  I introduced the lovey (which we call Bunsy) a few weeks ago and she took to it right away.  CC and Bunsy spend all of their waking time together (she’s still too young to sleep with it).  It’s made a huge difference in car trips and stroller rides.  She loves stroking, clutching, and gumming on Bunsy.  It’s too soon to say for sure, but I think we may have a winner with Bunsy!

cc four months 2016Showing off some of her new tricks and sense of humor

❊ Special Moments – All of them!  I mean it, every single moment I share with this little girl feels like an amazingly precious gift.  She has really come into her personality this past month.  She is sensitive, caring, sweet, and curious.  I love the way her eyes sparkle when she smiles.  I love how she squeals with delight when something tickles her fancy.  I love how she opens her mouth in a wide toothless grin and crinkles her eyes when I nibble on her cheeks or fly her “up, up, up!”  I love how she chats with me in the morning after breakfast and sings along when I’m putting on her post-bath lotion at night.  I love how she enjoys exploring the world with me on our daily walks with Winnie and short trips to exotic new places like Target and Trader Joe’s.  There’s nothing quite like reliving the wonder of life through your child’s eyes.  I can’t wait for many more adventures experienced together.

❊ Mama’s Experience – If you couldn’t already tell, I am completely smitten with this girl.  She is the absolute light of my life.  I have never felt so full of love before and I’ve been fortunate to have had a pretty full cup up to now.  CC is my sweet angel.  The challenges we faced in the first two months only made our bond stronger and I am so thankful I persevered with breastfeeding and learning to trust my mama instinct.  It’s true when people say that you really do know what’s best for your child (even if sometimes you feel as if you know nothing at all!).  It can be hard to do at times, especially when you’re worried and overwhelmed and you’re getting different advice, input, and feedback from all directions.  Go with your gut; you know your child and their needs better than anyone else.  Advice, tips, and tricks from other mamas is wonderful and helpful at times, but ultimately I have found the best path for me and my family is to trust my instincts.  Happy baby = happy mama = happy family ❤︎

Check out this video if you’d like to hear more:

I hope you enjoyed CC’s four month update.  Let me know if there are any other points you’d like me to cover in these posts.  As always, I’d love to hear about your experiences if you care to share.
Thank you so much for all of your support and well wishes! ❤️


* This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are genuinely my own. *


32 thoughts on “Baby Update | Charlotte at 4 Months”

  1. Jen – I just love how you are embracing these early days with your little one! Babies grow so fast. Enjoy every single moment! There are so many adventures yet to come. You are doing great!

    – Victoria

  2. Jen, I love reading your updates and thank you very much from my heart. I like seeing CC grow and how you grow as a mom. I know you are embracing this wonderful time and wish you many many happy years to come with CC, Don and Winnie!

  3. Hi Jen! This update was so lovely and it’s fun to see how she changes from month to month! I notice you don’t mention Don in these updates – I think it’d be fun to include how his relationship is progressing with CC 🙂

  4. Hi Jen! As always, thanks for sharing. CC seems to be doing great and I can tell she is unbelievably loved! Have you/did you read any parenting/pregnancy books? If so, could you share which ones? Also, my sisters name is Chloe Corinne, and we call her CC as well…great nickname 🙂

  5. What a pretty little one! So glad things have all worked out with your breastfeeding and she and you are both looking so well. Keep it up Mama! xo

  6. I love your way with words, you’re a wonderful writer and an inspiration & I know you & Don are fantastic parents!!

  7. It’s so fun to read the corresponding blog posts to the videos. I am due with my first child – a little boy – any day now and would love to hear more about the system you implemented tracking progress:
    – do you write down daily or weekly what has happened (in a notebook or digital?)
    – how do you keep or organise keepsakes?
    – what do you do with all the pics you take? (Digital photoalbum?)
    – are you preparing anything else for her to have keepsakewise vs what you will keep (baby keepsake box and mommy keepsake box?)

    Thimgs like that. I haven’t found much online on how to organise all these memories and daily experiences.

    I’d also love to hear about your favorite online reading sites regarding motherhood and parenting (just like you mentioned you read about having two identical lovies).

    Looking forward to the next update.

    Love, sue

    1. Congrats! Preparing for your first baby is such a sweet time. I’m going to share about the planner I use to track CC’s development & daily happenings next week. I plan to use that to fill out her baby book scrapbook, which I hope to start working on this summer. I keep a box with things for the scrapbook in my office & a keepsake box for larger items to save in her closet. I typically share online resources I’m loving in my monthly mommy favorites.

  8. THANK YOU for sharing these precious days with us!

    Reflecting back on when my niece was tiny, one of the smartest things we did was buy multiples of her chosen “lovey”, a teddy bear. So when washing was needed, or one wore out from too much love, we knew that there was another for her to have. (As I remember, we bought 6 or so.)

    I saw her recently when she visited from college, and she still has her bear in her dorm room!

  9. Jen you’re an amazing mom!!!! CC is a beautiful baby!!!!!!
    My grand daughter Alexia was born Jan 1, 2016. Im so in love with her. I had 3 sons so having a little girl to spoil is fun!
    Where did you get the Lovie? Alexia is going through all the same things and I would love to check it out and see if it’s right for her. Thank you

  10. Fabulous update Jen! Glad CC is thriving. You mentioned CC’s separation anxiety-how often is she without you? I’m wondering because it seems like she is young to have separation anxiety since she probably needs to be with you most of the day to breast feed, right? In what instances is she exhibiting separation anxiety? Is she comfortable with Don or is she a momma’s girl? Has she met most of your family members? Try and have her socialize as much as possible so she can become comfortable with other people, especially her daddy so you can have a well deserved break sometimes!

    1. She went through a tough phase between 2-3 months with the reflux that made her need the comfort of mama & nursing more. Luckily she’s grown out of the reflux now and is much more content to hang out with her loved ones. She’s still very much a mama’s girl but that makes sense since I’m her only source of nutrition right now. She loves time with her daddy and grandparents, too.

      1. My daughter had separation anxiety from day one with me. She did not like anyone else to touch her or even talk to her sometimes. She is 21 years old now and is still a momma’s girl. I wouldn’t change a thing but it did make it difficult to get anything else done for sure! I say, so what! There are certainly worse things than your baby wanting her momma all the time. She is beautiful Jen, just precious.

  11. I too had a leisurely nurser. I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything! I was so glad I listened to my instincts and gave her all the time she needed. Sounds like you are navigating this parenthood journey well.

  12. Hello there Jen! Are you planning to do a meet and greet with you and CC? I want to meet your little princess, and you too of course!

      1. Ok, I understand, maybe when she is older. I will have to get snapchat because I would LOVE to see some footage of your sweetheart

  13. Are you planning to have another kid soon? Sure CC would love a little brother or sister? How do you and Don feel about expanding?

  14. Hi! I’m new to your channel and blog, and just started watching/reading when you announced you were pregnant because I was newly pregnant at the time! I now have a 5 week old (my second son), and have enjoyed reading your updates to remind myself of what is coming in our not too distant future! I’m curious how/when you started putting CC down drowsy but awake? Did she cry at all? With my first son, we had to do some serious “Ferberizing” when he was 5 months to get him to fall asleep on his own. I’d love to hear how it worked for you at such a young age as I’m desperate for my little one not to have to go that long before he learns to sleep well! Thanks!

    1. I started putting her down drowsy but awake when I transitioned her to napping in her crib around 8-9 weeks old. That’s also when I started keeping a short but consistent nap routine (change diaper, pull down shades, swaddle, sing song). If CC cries I always go to her (I usually give her a couple of minutes if she’s just fussing, but always go straight in if she is really crying). I’m not familiar with “Ferberizing” so I can’t speak to that. I’ve found that being consistent with the nap routine, keeping an eye on the clock between naps to make sure she’s not over or under tired, and knowing the difference between her “come get me” cry and just fussing has been key in helping her learn how to fall asleep on her own.

      1. Thanks for your reply! I so admire the way you appear to go with your intuition when it comes to babies. I second guess myself constantly, even the second time around! Dr. Ferber is the one who coined the term “cry it out” (Ferberizing) I think. His method involves a lot of tears from everyone and can be controversial. It worked for us, but it wasn’t pleasant and I’m really trying to figure out a way to avoid it this time around.

  15. It’s so nice reading your updates! I’ve been a long time watcher/reader and I love get snip-its of your sweet family. Charlotte is so precious!

  16. Hi Jen. As a mom of four I am a huge fan of them having a lovey. Each one of my children have a specific lovey animal and the one suggestion I would ever give is to maybe get an extra bunsy to have on hand. We had friends whose child lost their puppy and after many hours and an overpaid eBay purchase made they procured another one lol. The fun of parenthood lol.

    1. We have 2 currently in rotation & in going to assemble 2 more to rotate in just to be safe now that I know she’s really bonded with it

      1. Great job Mom! We have four of each of our animals lol! Ironically each ones animal that we gave them at birth is subsequently their favorite real animal.

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