Baby Planner | Spring 2016

I was introduced to the wonderfully colorful world of Erin Condren a few years ago and I’ve kept a Life Planner to help plan my posts, videos, and related tasks since January 2014.  Over the past year it has become my one and only planner where I organize not only my online content but also my daily goings on.  I prefer the vertical format for easy day to day planning.  When I became pregnant with Charlotte I knew I wanted to keep a planner for her as well.  As someone who is particularly fond of documenting life’s happenings in writing, I decided a Life Planner would be the perfect tool to help me track Charlotte’s growth, development, and milestones both big and small.

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charlotte baby planner 2016

I opted for the gold coil Life Planner for a bit of pizzazz and ordered a lace interchangeable cover which I had personalized with Charlotte’s name.  A beautiful planner for a beautiful girl!  Charlotte was born on December 28, which just happened to work out perfectly to start documenting her days with a 2016 calendar.

charlotte baby planner monthly spread 2016

The monthly spread is perfect for an at a glance overview of Charlotte’s milestones and special moments.  I use planner stickers that I purchase on Etsy to highlight certain dates.  I sum up Charlotte’s milestones in a list on the sidebar.

charlotte baby planner weekly spread 2016

I use the weekly spread for “the daily report,” as I like to call it.  Custom stickers from Paper Loving Mommy on Etsy mark off each section.  I track Charlotte’s feeds and sleep to note any developing patterns.  As a new mama it helps me navigate this unknown territory as I figure out what’s best for my daughter.  I document anything noteworthy from the day in the lined space at the bottom of the spread, such as Charlotte’s moods, any new tricks she’s showing off, outings we take together, people we see, etc.  I use the sidebar on the left to sum up our week each Sunday and always make sure to fill in the thankful thought section.

baby planner polaroid zip 2016

I love using my Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer with Charlotte’s planner.  I take lots of pictures of her every day with my phone and thought it would be fun to include a daily snap in her planner.  There’s nothing quite like a photo a day to see how much she grows and changes!  One sheet of the Polaroid ZINK photo paper is perfectly sized for two photos that fit neatly inside one of the sections on the Life Planner vertical weekly spread.  Every other day I use the Polaroid Zip mobile app on my phone to design a two-photo collage print out, cut the photos into two, and stick them to the page using the self-adhesive backing on the photo paper.  It’s quick and easy to do and is the perfect finishing touch to my documentation of Charlotte’s first year.

charlotte baby planner tray 2016

I make a daily practice out of filling out Charlotte’s planner.  I use an acrylic tray to corral the planner, a notebook (to document longer stories), and the Polaroid Zip on my bedside table.  Every night before I go to sleep I fill out the day in the weekly spread using information I keep track of during the day with the BabyConnect app.  The whole process takes less than five minutes.  On Sunday, I’ll write out my thoughts from the week on the side bar and fill in anything noteworthy on the monthly spread.  It’s a quick and easy practice that helps me track patterns and document moments both big and small from my daily experience of my daughter.

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I haven’t been able to find the time to start working on Charlotte’s baby book yet, but I know once I do I’ll have all of the information and memories I need to make a beautiful keepsake for our family.  The planner in itself is its own little time capsule of this sweet time in my life as a new mama.  Having the daily photos makes it all the more special.  I’m sure how I keep track of Charlotte’s growth will change with time, but I hope to keep up the daily photo documentation practice over the years.

I’d love to hear if you use a planner or something similar to document life with your little one.
Happy Planning! 🙂


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40 thoughts on “Baby Planner | Spring 2016”

  1. I have all the photos and memorabilia for my daughter’s baby book, I just need to put it together. Maybe I can do it this summer… Love how you’re using a planner to keep track of CC’s first year. I wish I’d thought of it.

  2. I enjoy your posts very much and now mostly see you on Snapchat which is lots of fun too. Best wishes for your and your family in all you endeavor to do.

  3. Such a beautiful and thoughtful way to keep track of Charlotte’s first year! There has been a few times now I wish I would have had my baby (9 months) after you 😉 I definitely think you will find this helpful throughout the year, especially when introducing new foods when starting solids!

  4. I really like the way you’re keeping a special record of her first year. My son is 13 now, so his baby books are old school Creative Memories 12X12 albums, but instead of just putting pictures in, I added entire pages of journaling. It can be so much fun to look back and revel in the details, like the funny words your little ones can come up with like his “gachines” for machines or “beaver” for fever. Blessings to you and your little one!

  5. What a lovely idea. This will be something to cherish and share In years to come 😍😍 this is definitely an idea I would like to try.

  6. Really love this creative idea. I would prefer this baby book over the other however I feel if you did the baby book as well you would enhance it even more. You’re so crafty. Charlotte will love and cherish it. LOVE is written all over it. Thanks for sharing you’re an amazing mom.
    <3 🙂

  7. This post is incredibly adorable! I cannot wait to have child to begin something like this.
    Thank you for always sharing!

  8. Dear Jen,

    I wanted to thank you for helping get organized and get my self together. I’ve been watching your channels & following your blog for what seems most of my late teens,now in my mid twenties. I still love that you remain unchanged by a successful channel and remain so humble. Your parents should be proud. I’m so sure CC will enjoy all the amazing things that you are able to do. I loved watching your pregnancy updates. My little sister Teresa is pregnant now. You made pregnancy look easy, man did i learn watching her remain with morning sickness for the last 6 months. I have an Erin Condren Life Planner-Vertical Rose Gold Edition,It was a Christmas Gift from my brother-in-law Jeff. He knew i watch your channels & look at your blog from time to time. It’s the reason he bought it for me. My sister Candace tricked me into telling which planner i wanted and why. It has changed my life and helped kill my serve social anxiety by at least 87%. So I thank you for that. My finances are getting better to. But I sadly have to admit I’ve become an office supply & stationary fanatic…you’ve also converted my older sister Sarah. My mother jokes about there needing to be a Betty Ford for addicts like Sarah & I. But my life is genuinely better because of your advice, that I’ve followed for years. Lost over a hundred plus pounds and love the treadmill. Do you have any work out clothing or gear websites you could recommend to me ?? Seriously,Thank You <3 !!I think your incredibly erogenous,kind & sweet to do lovely thing's like this. THANK YOU 😀 !! I'm hoping to win so i can buy my little sister Teresa an Erin Condren Planner. She's so envious of mine. Being that she is 6 months pregnant i'm going to try to get her this for her son Theodore. I'm thinking the hourly for feeding and diaper changes. But i'm not sure. i don't if it would cover all the time slots,she might need. I'm still going to try to save up and buy her one anyway. We have PCOS,so this will be her only miracle. i would love your opinion on which planner to get her,due to the fact you're a recent new mom.I haven't found prince charming yet…so i do not have a baby. thank you for your never ending kindness. Please never stop making your videos & tell Winnie our dog Sadie is a huge fan. Teresa's dog Bailey is apparently, very taken with Winnie. It's cute. He barks when my sister plays your videos on our t.v. and Winnie appears. So she truly has a huge fan club here in Michigan. As does Charlotte,she's adorable !! I want to buy little girl clothes,so bad. I will soon have three nephews, one in heaven. Two here that i can watch grow up & buy clothes for. You've made me want an infant niece,so bad i can taste it. My other niece is a junior in college & engaged. But trying to convince my sister's to let me dress their son's in pink or lavender isn't really working. Like for Easter, I tried dressing my nephew Jackson Scott in a pink dress shirt & an green/blue pastel argyle sweater…didn't go so well with his mom. However, his dad said he looked adorable for the holiday. And real men wear pink, i personally think the fedora sealed the deal for that look. i would have tagged you in an Instagram posts you could have seen the cuteness, but my sister & brother-in-law have requested we do not post photo's of him on social media for safety reasons. So i do understand your protective nature towards your family and especially when concerning your little girl. I just played that video over an 3 days ago for my pregnant sister and she her partner Travis said he didn't get it. But it opened a huge decision among us girls about safety & social media age we live in. My brother-in-law completely agree with you. I personally believe that some things are to sacred for Instagram,Snap chat,Twitter or Facebook. Currently on #TeamJen. My large family is taking sides,when it comes to my nephew that will be born in August being on any social media. My sister is on your side and feels the need to be protective towards her first unborn child as her partner Travis thinks otherwise that it is ridiculous. Could you give me some words of wisdom to stop the bickering between my baby sister and her boyfriend on the topic ?? How did you & don come to common ground or was he always in complete agreement with you ?! I know years of wisdom is always something to be respected & listened to. I'd appreciate it. Thanks,ann

  9. I don’t have any children but this has given me so much inspiration for when i do 😍
    As always amazing post & video
    Much love <33

  10. I have read your blog your along time & I doubt if I’ve ever left a comment, but I must this time. This is such a great idea!!! You are such a thoughtful person & whatever you do, you do right & with such meaning & detail. You are such a wonderful mother & I am truly so happy for you!!! 💗💗💗

  11. I’m going to share this post with my step sis who is expecting.

    I really like the idea of the baby planner, it is like a daily baby book. The weekly pictures are such a good idea.

    (Off topic, but I just wanted to say that I bought a PAW’S Creations water stand early last month. I had been admiring Winnie’s for so long I decided to get one for my shih tzu. He took to it easy!
    Also off topic but I was wondering if you put apple cider vinegar on Winnie’s food? If you don’t, I really recommend looking into it. My shih tzu has a sensitive stomach and it really helps keep it in check. I also think he thinks it has improved his food’s flavor. Haha.)

    1. I haven’t heard of that before but I’m not surprised. ACV has done wonders for my own digestion over the past few years!

  12. MOMMY GOALS!! <3 thanks for paving the way to a well planned and pretty neat life 😉

    Hope to start using these planners myself!!!

  13. Love the idea of using a planner. I did keep track of everything for the first months, but not in such a neat way. I tracked: eat, sleep and diapers! To make sure she was hydrated and having good digestion. This is how I knew she was having a growth spur or sick.

  14. Seeing as i am just getting into planning again (boy it feels like a ling time since my grade school Filofax days!) But it’s very inspiring to see yours thanks so much🌸

  15. You convinced me to get the zip last year and boy it was the best splurge ever! I love it too for the exact reason you do and I have shared your video on various FB groups a million times! lol I think people probably get sick of me posting it but you explain it perfectly! Thank you for being YOU!

  16. This is a lovely idea ! But also a lot of keep up to do Ahah 🙂

    I was thinking, once CC is older, instead of “sleep”, “eat”, “CC’s photos” you could use one row for a daily picture of yourself, one row for a daily picture of Don and one row for a daily picture of CC (since there are 3 sections each day) Or maybe if or when you have more kids, one row for each and one row for both you and Don 🙂

    This way yo can keep tracking everyone progress and imagine how awesome that would be years down the road when you are able to stare at daily picture of the whole familly ? ^^ Its would be like journaling (that you love) but journaling through pictures (and less time consuming I am imagining)

    I know I would love to do that if I had kids

  17. Your baby planner is gorgeous and how fab to keep a picture of every day. I have so many pictures on my laptop of my little one that they are so disorganised. It looks so effective! Really want to do this going into my little one’s third year…that’s a scary thought! Thanks for sharing and I can remember trying to keep track of everything in the first year and it was hard work. This seems so quick but also so enjoyable for us planner enthusiasts and lovers of notebooks and the like! I also love the Polaroid Zip…not sure where I have been but I missed that…going to check one of those out. Thanks so much for sharing Jen, I’m not sure where you find the time but we appreciate it! Enjoy that gorgeous little girl!xx

  18. Thank you so much for this post. I was one of the people asking for it 🙂 Waiting for the arrival of my first baby (I am due any day so I had to say “no kids” in the giveaway) I totally know now how to do the planner and am glad I have one back-up I had purchased and not yet used for this year. I am still hesitant on ripping out January to now but I think I will do that and will also order the Polaroid Zip Printer. What a neat idea. Thank you so much for sharing. It came at the perfect time for me.

  19. I can’t imagine how cool it will be for CC to look through this planner and see not only her own growth but your dedication to her. She’s one lucky princess-angel-face <3

    As always, thanks for the huge generosity!

  20. Jen –
    I want you to know that I used your idea to document my daughter’s graduation from graduate school. She received a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts last week in Los Angeles. I documented every single day we were in L.A. with a photo graph and it’s going in my EC planner with photo I took with my PolaroidZip. You are such an inspiration! You really are and I enjoy all of your videos. You have touched so many lives. Oh….and I asked my husband to purchase that LouisVuitton key chain purse to toss in my gym bag so I can leave my purse at home. He nearly gagged on the price, but is giving in!!!

  21. This is such a cute idea. I just recently found out I’m expecting, and this is definitely something I think I’ll try out. I especially love the daily photo. So nice to have that record of your baby!

  22. Just wondering what you started tracking once you were finished with the sleep and feeding schedules? 🙂 love this idea!!

    1. I keep a daily journal now, still tracking sleep, but also favorite foods, mood, little stories, and milestones

  23. I’m curious if you kept up with this after Charlotte turned one? I am currently waiting on baby 1 to show up and have my life planner arriving for her shortly. If you did keep up on it how did you adjust with each year?

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