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I waited patiently to buy our baby her newborn wardrobe as I wanted to see what items we received as gifts first.  I also wanted to have the ability to return things that I’m not sure if she’ll need, so purchasing closer to her due date to facilitate easy returns if necessary made sense to me.  I did quite a bit of shopping for Baby Girl over the Black Friday weekend and saved big on the sales.  It was definitely worth the wait!  I thought I’d share a look at my finds with you.

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baby clothing haul newborn girl carter's december 2015

My first stop was Carter’s, which friends and family alike swear by for relatively inexpensive basics.  I’ve heard only praise for their sleepers, which I was particularly interested in picking up a few of since we received several gown style baby pajamas as gifts.  I also bought basic white bodysuits, socks, and a few coordinated outfits.  I split the sizes of my purchases between newborn and 3 months, since I have no idea how big Baby Girl will be once she arrives and I wanted to have all of my bases covered at least for her first few weeks in the world.  I saved 60% on the entire lot thanks to the amazing sales of Black Friday!

Cotton Zip-Up Sleep & Play | Terry Zip-Up Sleep & Play | Fleece Zip-Up Sleep & Play | Hooded Sherpa Bunting | 5-Pack Short-Sleeve Bodysuits | 4-Pack Long-Sleeve Bodysuits 3-Pack Chenille Booties | 6-Pack Mary Jane Socks | 3-Piece Hooded Cardigan Set | 5-Pack Short-Sleeve Body Suits | Essential 2-Pack Pants | Snow Fleece Hoodie

baby clothing haul newborn girl baby gap december 2015

I’ve had my eye on Baby Gap‘s First Favorites line for newborns ever since I found out I was pregnant.  User reviews are filled with praise across the board!  I’ve popped into the store a couple of times throughout my pregnancy to pick up some maternity items and always took time to admire the baby items.  It was hard to resists buying things at the time, but I’m so happy I waited, because not only am I now safely within their return policy period (just in case), but I managed to save 50% off my entire purchase.  Those are some pretty big savings, especially considering the price point of the Gap line.  Once again, I split my purchases between newborn and 3 month sizes.

Favorite Footed One-Piece (2-Pack) | Favorite Footed Bear One-Piece | Favorite Long-Sleeve Bodysuit (3-Pack) | Favorite Leggings (2-Pack) | Favorite Reversible Bear Hoodie | Favorite Scalloped Socks (2-Pack) | Favorite Pink Knot Hat (2-Pack) | Favorite Printed Bib (2-Pack) | Bear Hat & Mitten Set | Fuzzy Boots | Logo Polka-Dot Zip Hoodie One-Piece | Bunny Sweater One-Piece | Spare Pair Packable Set

I share a closer look at these items and my thoughts on each in this video:

I hope you enjoyed this look at my first Baby Girl clothing haul!  I’m so happy I waited and was able to score such great deals with these sales.  We’re now more than set between this lot and what we received as gifts.  I’m so enjoying washing and folding Baby’s new things.  It’s such a sweet time of anticipation!  I’d love to know what great Black Friday deals you saved on if you care to share.


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36 thoughts on “Baby Clothing Haul | Newborn Girl”

  1. How fun! I am pregnant with number four and it is just as exciting this time around!! You are a very smart shopper 🙂 We have been given so much that we never used! Keeping it simple is the way to go. I would recommend a few more bibs just in case she is a spitter 🙂

    1. Thanks! We received a pack of 10 terry cloth ones as a gift so I think that’s a good starting supply until the drooling stage 😉

  2. Hi Jen!
    I saw your snap the other day about the 4Moms tub. We have that also and love it! In the beginning when our baby girl was teeny tiny, it was difficult to bathe her because she would squirm all around. This nifty little sponge from Babies r Us “turtle bath sponge cushion” was a lifesaver! I highly recommend using it with the tub. We used it up until about 6 months 🙂

  3. I love everything you bought- so cute and practical. One thing you didn’t show were sleeper bags that zip up for night time. I loved the little sleeper bags because you are changing diapers often in the middle of the night when they are newborn, and the bags are just easier than having to put their little feet and legs in the sleeper legs while in dim light.

    Enjoy washing and putting all those adorable clothes away!

  4. My husband and I bought a membership to SAMs Club so that we could buy diapers and wipes by the case. Even if your daughter has an allergic reaction, you could still donate them to a women’s shelter.
    The things that you bought were cute.

  5. On the subject of nails… A mom I knew recommended to me that I bite my daughters nails off in the beginning. I know it sounds yucky but I was so afraid of cuttin her tiny fingers and I didn’t want her scratching herself that I was willing to try it. It really worked for me! I was totally able to feel where the nail ended and the finger started. Just a suggestion if you too find yourself too nervous to cut those teeny tiny nails. 🙂

    1. I had heard this too, and initially I thought it was super weird ha! We have the ZoLi nail file and Safety 1st clippers. The ZoLi did nothing for the fused newborn nails and we’ve only recently used the clippers as I’ve heard too many horror stories. Well what do you know.. biting his nails worked best for us! Strange yes, but he’s never had a scratch or a clipped finger!

  6. Hi Jennifer, I noticed you did not purchase any infant sleeping gowns(or Kimono gowns) for the first weeks. They make diaper changes through the night so much easier on the infant and the mother. They are also wonderful because one size will fit the newborn through 3 mos.
    Such sweetness watching your excitement in nesting!

  7. Great Job Jen!

    Loved all your beautiful choices, as it’s obvious that your love for your child shines through. 🙂

    Some thoughts for you…..

    A) LLBean makes a fabulous outdoor Snow Bunting. Your child will be dressed in her outdoor coat & you slip this over as extra protection. Great protection for my son with the cold winters in NY . Plus, if you don’t like it later, LLBean has a lifetime return policy. Trust me, it’s great!
    B) I noticed LLBean also sold a similar fleece coat as your white one w ears.
    C) have lots of onesies in the beginning & always have her ears covered outdoors. Ear infections from infant to toddlers are common.

    So thrilled for your family!!!!!

    May The Blessed Infant Savior provide his continued love & grace upon all……

    You are a treasure & joy.


  8. Baby clothes are so cute. My little girl is now 6 weeks and has grown out of newborn clothes. She was 7.8lbs at birth. Sleepers are great in the beginning, I go through 2 or 3 per day so it’s great to have a good supply. Best of luck Jen x

  9. Do you have any “waffle weave” style receiving blankets? This material stretches so you can get a tighter swaddle (which make baby feel more like she’s still in the womb). This was a life saver for us when we wanted to sleep. Congratulations!! I really hope you will share organization tips as a mom. (toys, bottles, clothing rotation with swapping out sizes so often) I really enjoy all of your content. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Lovely baby girl haul! You are spot on! My baby boy just turned 4 months old and we have lived in Carter’s sleepers, white long sleeve onesies, and baby Gap first favorites! Your sweet girl will be cozy and look darling! Ralph Lauren has some pieces that we have enjoyed for “dressing up”. We call them our glorified sleepers, because the polo jazzes it up a bit while still being comfortable. I am so excited for you, Jen!

  11. I would suggest bringing 1-2 onsies as well in your hospital bag. Love all the cute little girl items, as a mom of 2 sons and 5 nephews.

  12. Hi Jen!! Everything you got was perfect for the 1st few months. Love the bear ears on all the coats!! I used the Halo Sleepsacks at night for my daughter. Perfect with a cotton sleeper and no worries the blanket with cover her face or fall off and her be cold. Also my baby’s feet still got cold even with the onsie type sleeper so I put socks on also 😉. ❤️ You Jen. Best Wishes for you and baby

  13. Wow! You really did your homework 🙂 I found that my child lived in sleepers and onesies the first few months. They were so easy and there are so many cute ones out there.
    I am one of the very few people that really did not love the newborn gowns. I found that when I would pick up my son, they would slide up his body and he would have no coverage. Yes, this was easy for diaper changes but hard while holding and feeding/burping him in the middle of the night. But everyone else loves them so I will be interested to see how you feel.
    Blessings on you, your husband, Winnie, and Baby Girl!

  14. Congratulations I love your baby clothing hall she is going to look adorable. I noticed you got wonderful advice I don’t have much to add but figure I’ll store these tips and tricks away for sometime down the road . Right know I’m just a dog mom. A couple things I saw the other day was a machine that looks like a baby keurig. You put powder on top and water on the side then bottles are ready at the push of a botton. I think it’s pretty neat and surprised me with all the stuff they come out with. Congratulations again and best wishes for you and your family in the new year

  15. Nice haul. Chose some of the above items for myself, as well. o/t will you be doing a “What’s in my hospital bag” video in the future?

  16. So much cuteness! I love Carters and Baby Gap, I really wish we had them in Norway. I always head to Gap when I’m abroad though, because they seriously have the best baby socks in the world!

    Good luck on your last few weeks!

  17. Jen, I have just loved watching your videos and seeing your excitement about your little bundle of joy to come. My daughter is just about 3 months old and it is more amazing then you ever expect or think it might be.

    And Carters is like my new Target! Everything is cute and snugly and just so fun to buy.

    Congrats and hope your last weeks/month goes well.

  18. Hi Jen! I absolutely love your videos on YouTube and your blog. So just an FYI that I did not know until recently is that onesies are designed with a purpose. If you look at your onesies you will see that at the shoulders they seem to overlap. The reason for that is if the baby has a diaper blow out you don’t want to pull a poopy onesie over their head right? Instead you roll down the onesie over the shoulders and pull off that way. Thus keeping the poop and nasty at the bottom instead of dragging it through their hair. The shoulder area with those overlapping flap looking designs make it roomy enough to pull down!
    Pretty neat huh?
    I wish you all the best and hope you have a great and easy delivery. You are amazing.

  19. Hi Jen!

    I would suggest using a regular nail file on baby girls nails. Its very easy to do, especially while nursing. Our hospital cautioned against biting nails because you can introduce germs from your mouth into a tiny cut on your little one’s finger. 🙂

  20. The BEST socks out there are from Robeez. They have a little indent woven into the sock shape that holds onto the ankle and keeps the sock from falling off. I SWORE by these with my first and will be buying more with my next (hopefully it will be a girl and I will need new ones, but the ones my son wore held up perfectly fine if we get a boy!)These were soooo worth the extra price since newborns and small infants rarely keep shoes on anyway and I hate the thought of cold little toes out here in the Midwest!

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