A Word About Affiliate Links…

Some of you may have seen the video & blog post I put up last night called Little Luxuries featuring the first in a 3-part Holiday Gift Guide on OLJ as part of my annual Holiday Prep Series.  Since then there’s been a bit of grumbling in the comment section of the video about my new affiliate links and all of the coupon codes I have to share right now.  I thought I would take a moment to clear up any misconceptions about my use of affiliate links and coupon codes in the hopes that it helps some of you understand why I am now using such things.

As most of you know, I am a YouTube partner, which means that I have the ability to monetize my videos with ads (using Google AdSense) and I receive compensation when those ads on my videos are watched or clicked on.  Anybody can become a YouTube partner simply by following the steps to monetize videos on YouTube.  All of my YouTube channels are monetized and I started to receive compensation through Google AdSense for those ads in the summer of 2012.  I also joined the Sigma Affiliate program in August 2012.  This was not something I pursued; rather they reached out to me and I thought it seemed like a good fit since I love Sigma makeup brushes so much.  I figured the commission would help cover the costs of all of the giveaways I like to run throughout the year and it is a great way to get advance notice on special deals, coupon codes, and upcoming product launches.  I have very much enjoyed being a Sigma Affiliate thus far for all of these reasons.

I launched OrganizedJen.com around this time last year and refrained from putting any ads on it at all until almost a whole year later.  I did this, because I wanted to settle into blogging and make sure I wanted to stick with it before monetization.  If you have a look around at your favorite blogs, I’d bet at least 90% of them have ads and use affiliate links.  This is how people can make an income from all of the effort that goes into blogging.  This has never personally bothered me about the blogs I enjoy following and it is a bit surprising that some people seem so offended that I am now beginning to monetize my blog.

Here’s the thing, guys, I never share things just because I might make a buck off it.  The whole getting paid for being a YouTuber and a blogger deal is really just an added bonus for me.  Ultimately, I would still post just what I do now even without compensation.  I do what I do, because I truly enjoy it.  I love sharing with you!  It’s as simple as that.  When I was putting together my Holiday Gift Guide video & post that went up last night I did not once think about possible compensation.  I truly picked out items I personally like as gift ideas.  In fact, I only became a Reward Style affiliate (which a majority of all of the affiliate links on that post are through) just yesterday, well after I had made my gift list and purchased the products.  I actually purchased all of the items I showed in the video myself, with the exception of the purple set of Mae Movement bracelets, which were a gift from the company founders who happen to like my videos.  Zazzle reached out to me a few weeks ago to see if I had an interest in becoming an affiliate.  I have purchased and loved their customizable postage stamps for years, but never really looked at their other offerings.  They sent me a $50 gift card to buy whatever I like from their site with no strings attached, and I spent more than that picking out those awesome customizable phone cases that I have been using and genuinely loving ever since.  I decided to become a Zazzle associate, because, just like Sigma, I love the products they have to offer and am hoping my status will give me some perks like the coupon code I shared for the holiday season.

As for the comments about me not offering the items I shared in my gift guide as giveaway prizes, that is not true.  I actually have a rather large giveaway planned for OLJ which will be announced later next week.  I decided to give away many of the items I shared in the gift guide as part of Vlogaways on MHWL, in which I give away two prizes every day for twelve days in a row in conjunction with Vlogidays.  The first giveaway starts today!

I hope you don’t think I am being “defensive” in putting up this post.  I am just trying to explain my actions and decisions so that you might better understand where I am coming from.  I have always tried to be extremely transparent about these sorts of things.  It’s very important to me that you know I am only sharing things I truly, genuinely love myself, and not just because I might happen to make some money if you love them, too, and use my links.  Monetizing my blog is not some attempt to go “commercial” or rob you of your hard earned money.  I don’t think it’s a crime to try to earn a living off of my YouTuber and blogging efforts, especially if I stay true to myself, and am honest and transparent with you.

As for the gift guide I posted last night, I was surprised that so many of the items I picked out were usable with my new Reward Style affiliate link and I thought it was a nice bonus.  I wouldn’t have altered the list if I couldn’t have used those links.  Like I said, I actually put together the whole thing well before I even had the ability to use those affiliate links.  The Zazzle and Sigma coupon codes were extended to me through my affiliate status.  The coupon codes for Mae Movement, LycheeKiss, & Mesa Dreams were extended by the shop owners simply because I asked if they wanted to participate after I decided I was going to share their products.  I do not receive any commission from those sales.  Whenever I reach out like that I am very clear that my opinions are never influenced by discounts offered or free products and that I will share products even if the companies chose not to extend a discount.  I’ve only been in communication with a handful of retailers like this so far, but in my experience, most all of them are more than happy to extend a discount I can share with you.

I hope this explanation helps to clarify my position on monetization, compensation, and affiliate statuses.  I also hope you know that I am not in this for the money.  I wouldn’t be doing any of this if I didn’t genuinely enjoy sharing.  Getting paid to do what I love is very nice, but ultimately my purpose is to share my genuine thoughts, opinions, and experiences with you and money will not change that.

I want to thank all of you for your support as both blog readers and YouTube viewers.  It is your words of kindness, encouragement, and enthusiasm for what I do that makes this experience worth the time and effort for me.  Those things are priceless.



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  1. Personally this has never bothered me with you or any other youtuber for that matter, you spend all of your OWN time creating this content and putting yourself out there, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to receive or make money in return!

  2. Jen,
    I can tell this is something you’ve always tried to be transparent about, and it upsets me that you have to explain yourself once again. Personally I welcome any and all codes you can share with us. By being an affiliate, you help us to be able to purchase things you rave about at a discounted rate much of the time! How is there anything negative in that?
    Thank you again for being so generous with your sharing. I know it can be frustrating when people post things with little regard for the person reads those comments, you! I look forward to your blogs, vlogs, guides and even your affiliate links!

  3. It’s silly that you have to explain yourself about these things. People really need to calm down. Nobody is ever asked to spend any money, and anything you choose to give away is just a bonus to us. I’m sorry you have to deal with this Jen! You rock, don’t let the crazy people take you down!

  4. Jen, I would like to thank you for sharing so much of your life with us, your shopping ideas, your hauls, Vlogidays-which I’m loving right now! Just keep doing you and don’t listen to the haters!

  5. Thank you for sharing. It is a shame that people get so upset about these things. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to watch it. I personally love watching your videos & reading your blog with my daughter. We appreciate the time you take to make the videos & write the blogs. No matter how hard you try there is always going to be the “Negative Nancy’s” who have nothing better to do than be a pain in the tuckus. People do not realize how costly it is to do what you are doing. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  6. I am so sorry to hear that you had such feedback! It is very disheartening, but those who follow you and enjoy your videos probably know that you are genuine with your suggestions. We know you love Origins, Lush, Buxom, Sigma, and Lychee Kiss all from watching your videos! Just let the negativity roll off your shoulders, Jen! Stay true to who you are as always!

    The only things I was going to comment on is missing your stocking stuffer videos! I love those and you have the best ideas! I hope you re consider and do a stocking video(s) PLEASE! =)

  7. For Jen – you can read it and keep this for yourself or you can publish it, either way, I wanted you to read it

    Who cares if you are being defensive. You have every right to be when people are constantly criticizing you for every little thing you do. I commented to you last year that you needed to start monetizing your blog and branding yourself. Why not? There are very very and might I say very few people who blog who don’t monetize in some way. Why wouldn’t you be allowed to do so as well? Why can’t you make some money if you wanted too?

    Most of us love all you do, are interested in what you have to share and appreciate all the work you put into stuff. I’m just starting back blogging and it takes a whole lot of time. I’m making money, I don’t care who knows. this is how I see it – If I have 20 bucks in my pocket and someone else has 10 dollars – they begrudge me because I have 10 dollars more. This is what it all boils down too. If I gave away my money to someone else, they would rip it out of my hands and make fun of me because I can’t afford to spend money on fancy things and all my stuff is yard sale. So, for me, you are the opposite. I’m not jealous, sure there are things I’d love to have but I lack that emotion unless of course it is someone with long flowy hair that I covet until I find out it is extensions. haha

    Just be you. Share with us, do it for us, the ones who luv yah unconditionally.

    1. Candi,
      Right on! These people make me soooooo mad! Their mad because she makes money off her work when they would expect the same thing if it was them putting in the hours!!!!! I agree 100% it’s jealousy. I think they feel because she has a comfortable lifestyle that may be better than theirs or maybe they’re mad because they think she doesn’t have to contribute to the lifestyle, they don’t want her to get any more money! Well let me tell you as a housewife myself we contribute….a lot. My husband day is done when he gets off of work and on his days of he’s OFF. As the mother of two small kids and the caretaker of the home I’m NEVER off and my day is NEVER done. If one of my kids needs something at 3am, I’m the one who gets up with them. I’m sure it’s the same for Jen. No she doesn’t have kids but she has the beautiful Winnie. And so what if she has a cleaning service once a week…do you see how big that house is? Then there is the laundry, shopping, home maintenance schedule, and landscaping to worry about! All of that on top of her YouTube and blog stuff.

      To Jen – You work your butt off and all of us who aren’t jealous and I suspect even those of us who are jealous see that. Keep up the good work. I’m glad you can help support your family from your links and I personally will support you whenever I can ( which sadly won’t be much since we have one small income). Have a wonderful holiday.


      1. I agree… I am a subscriber of a lot of youtubers that receive stuff from companies and I hardly if ever hear them give back to us as giveaways. As Jen has explainers numerous times before, this is her job.. Whether it’s part time or full time, shouldn’t she get compensated? Work is work.

  8. Jen I NEVER comment on any of your videos and I’ve been following you for quite some time. I really just felt the need to say “YOU DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF TO ANYONE ON THE INTERNET”. I appreciate all of the work you put into your videos. If some people don’t like that you are an affiliate then that is there problem. You are a very generous person and that is very evident in your videos. Some people mask jealousy with criticism. Don’t let it bother. Just keep doing what you do.

  9. I see no reason why you shouldn’t make money off of all your hard work. I am a blogger too and now have ads on my blogs and I do sponsored posts for companies that fit my genre. I see no reason why I shouldn’t. It takes a lot of time and work to do what we do and just like any other job we should be compensated. I love all your YouTube videos and I hope you continue to make them.

  10. Jen, you absolutely deserve to be compensated, even though you love what your doing its your time, and that is valuable! I have watched from the beginning and totally love what you do! Its amazing! Please turn off your comments, its horrible what some people say, it truly bothers me! You are an amazing person!

  11. Anyone who watches your videos should know you aren’t in it for monetary gain; you tend to use it for giveaways to give back to your viewers/readers anyway. You are extremely generous; more so than many on Youtube. I see nothing wrong with getting something back for all the time and effort you put in to your videos, regardless of whether you use it for yourself or not. I personally am one who really enjoys your videos and appreciate the time and effort you DO put in to it all. Keep up the great work, Jen. There are so many of us that genuinely enjoy and appreciate all you do! 🙂

  12. I really wish the folks that are so negative would just not watch the videos. I don’t see the point! Jen you’re doing great. I love watching your videos. I completely understand using affiliates. I use them also. Please don’t get discouraged by the haters. A lot of us enjoy your work.

    1. Totally agree. It seems some people like to get annoyed watching, wind themselves up with whatever nasty emotion they are feeling and then post negative and rude comments for sport. It makes them feel better, they feel it gives them power.

      It seems there are just a few core haters out there that spew their negativity on every video… But Jen, be confident that most of us love you, love watching you and understand your life 100%.

      Take care sweetheart xxx

  13. Honestly, I think you’re one of the few YTers/bloggers that really do share the things you love regardless of affiliations and sponsorships. I think you always come across as genuine when you let us know about products or companies that you’re loving (most of whom are small businesses which is great!). I’ve been watching your videos for a long time and any time you become affiliated with a brand it’s usually after you’ve mentioned them multiple times first, so it only makes sense they would reach out & it’s great that you can extend us great coupon codes and giveaways as a result 🙂

  14. You are my FAVORITE YouTuber out of all my subscriptions (I am a bit of a YT nut so I have a TON of subscriptions). You are my favorite because you are honest and professional. Additionally you are INSANELY generous (both with your time and your giveaways)! And no one should EXPECT a giveaway.

    Please just know you are TRULY appreciated by this viewer and I’m sure 99% of all your followers!

  15. Jen-
    No matter WHAT you do, someone is ALWAYS going to have something negative to say. You do SO many wonderful things for your viewers. I am sure the same people who always gripe and complain are the first to sign up for your giveaways! “Haters Gonna Hate”! Just stay fabulous! <3 We love you!

  16. I have followed you for 2 years now and just love the work that you do. I appreciate your honesty and how forthcoming you are. It’s just so sad that people have to attack and be so negative and question everything you do. You are a great inspiration to many people and I know you have helped me to be a much more organized person. Thank you!

  17. I really cannot think of one blogger who does not have affiliate links or ads on their site. I think people just like to pick on you. They see you as a nice person and therefore an easy target. No need to explain yourself! Maybe if those people busied themselves with ventures that brought them more financial peace they would be less apt to complain about everything. Negative people dwell on nonsense. Ignore and rise above. 🙂 And are these people being tied down somewhere forced to watch your videos and read your blog? If so we should really be concerned for their well being! If not, well I guess we should still be concerned for their well being, seems sort of nonsensical to watch and read someone you don’t like/find interesting/appreciative of their content, doesn’t it?

  18. If you can make money for all your hard work, why wouldn’t you? People go to work outside the home and expect a paycheck for their efforts. It’s the same principal. Luckily enough you love what you do and get paid to do it! Now that is the dream!!!!! Love you for sharing everything with us! :))

  19. Dear Jen, Most of us love your videos! I am 51 years old and when I watch you I think of myself when I was your age! I don’t care how much money your Family makes, has or spends! That is the American dream and anyone who wants to make money can go out and make it! These people seem to thrive on being bullies! Makes me think of the school playground. I love hearing your baby voice, I like when you say my boy or he’s a cute boy. I love your dog and dog sounds because I love people, dogs, and life. It’s rude and plain ridiculous when ugly comments are made! You just be yourself and don’t let idiotic people change you! Thank you for the codes and savings. I really enjoy your videos! Keep smiling 😉

  20. Jen, I feel that this post has been the most honest post you have done in a while. Honest in a way that you spoke your mind and you are saying things that we already know but you always adressed to this subject in a more diplomatic way (which is not bad at all). I dont know why people feel the need to show hate through the comments on facebook especialy since you have always been so honest and generous. You do not need to appologise for your lifestyle, the way you wish to spend or not spend your money, and how you make money. There are a lot of people that make money through bloging and youtube and i do not see any hate comments in their blogs. I watch a lot of videos on yt and i started to feel that some people are repeating the same things, your content is always interesting and even though somethings are repeated, i would never get bored watching your videos or read your posts. I am a person that doesnt like to suck up to friends, and try to be honest with them so please dont think i am sucking up by writing this post. Through the years i ve seen that you made a lot of progress from your first videos, and to be honest at first I found some of your content a bit too much or lacking “something” but you have come a long way and imporved and I am glad I m still following you to watch this progress. never change who you are and never let others tell you that you need to change. Remember that as in real life, so in the cyberspace, there will always be haters and people that are jealous.

  21. Thanks for all you do! I enjoy all of your channels and appreciate all of the wonderful ideas that you come up with. So, Thank you!

  22. ” . . . If you have a look around at your favorite blogs, I’d bet at least 90% of them have ads and use affiliate links . . . ” Yup – they do. Stay strong Jen – and actually, this has served as a tutorial for me, if I ever decide to do do what you do!

  23. Dear Sweet Jen ….. Let me first begin by saying “Thank You” for posting this. This morning as I was reading some of the negative comments that folks posted on your gift guide video I was really surprised. Those people obviously must not be long term followers or they would know that most of the products that you shared (LUSH, Teavanna, etc) are products that you yourself have used and enjoyed for years. I personally love that you share the products that you actually use and love. I felt sad for you and for how you seem to be a very sweet and sincere person and yet some nasty folks just always have to be so mean. I thought that, I know if it were me, I would be blasting those people, which is probably not the right way to go. Your grace in handling these negative comments is very admirable and charming. I am happy to see that you did comment in regards to the things that were said. Secondly …. the comments about you not offering FREE GIFTS!!!! Personally I find that pretty tacky in my opinion. Oh, let me be rude to you and then expect you to give me free stuff!!!!! Hello??? Yuck on that type of behavior.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I personally enjoy and appreciate all the work that you put into your YouTube channel. It’s your JOB!!! Please never let the negative folks hurt your feelings. I am pretty sure you have that all under control, but I just felt inclined to tell you anyway because there are more of us that really enjoy and appreciate you. Just remember that no matter what you do some people are going to complain about it. Jesus himself had a bunch of haters …. and well, look how all that turned out ….. LOL!!!! Mother Teresa herself probably had folks bashing her as well. Not comparing you to them, but just making a point. No matter how WONDERFUL someone is or can be, there is still going to be people out there that will judge and be negative.

    Keep up the good work girl. Your doing a great job. I’m actually inspired_mom on Twitter follow you there as well. Enjoy the rest of your day and now I am off to make Gingerbread for my kiddos.

  24. Jen, it truly is sad to see people being so hateful and negative. I understand not agreeing, or having a different point of view, but it seems like lately the negativity is out of hand. I enjoy your videos, hauls, projects, whatever you do so much. It is very evident that you do it because you enjoy it. I think much of the negativity stems from jealousy. It bothers some people to see someone doing well or having things that they may not otherwise have. I have learned about so many products watching your videos. There are many things I cannot afford but I still enjoy watching and knowing what is out there. Just the other day I got my daughter the wet brush after you mentioned it and it is by far the best brush we ever got for her. It’s little things like that and so much more that make your channels interesting. Apart from that, your bubbly personality really is contagious.

    I usually am not one to say what you should or should not do, but if I were you, I would really consider moderating your comments and blocking any hateful people. Delete those comments right away and don’t spend any time reading them, it’s not worth it.

    At the end of each day, we all have to live with ourselves and what we’ve done and said. You have many, many faithful followers who really like you and your channels and that is why we watch. I never spend time watching something I don’t like, what’s the point?

    Thanks for your post, vey well said. Please continue to share, I love your videos.

    1. Totally agree. There is a core of haters that all gang up (generally from a certain forum) and post their nasty comments on YouTube. I believe Jen should 100% block and report them. Google are determined to clean up the comments and Trolling on YouTube and therefore encourage the video owner to report and block. These people are nasty and unnecessarily rude.

  25. Hi Jen! Thanks so much for sharing all you do. I see no reason for you not to monetize YOUR blog, YOUR videos, and any other content YOU create to share with us. I’ve stopped reading comments as you advised, I just enjoy your videos! Thank you again! Rose

  26. You really should not feel obligated to do giveaways, just because you buy something. You have always been such a generous person and it makes me feel bad to know that people start demanding presents now….

  27. I feel like it’s hard to be truly objective when money is involved. If you truly love these items, why use affiliate links at all?

    1. I picked the products first, then added the affiliate links where available second. Why not use affiliate links where I can so long as I’m genuinely picking products I want to share regardless of compensation?

  28. Jen, I don’t get why people would get upset with you making money or being gifted from all the hard work you do with YouTube and other social media. If you are passionate about it and put effort in it you should get paid. You put time, effort, money, and knowledge into it and should be compensated. It is icing on the cake that you enjoy it as well. I think the people who are speaking in a negative tone have their own agenda or just jealous it is not them. To those people I say get yourself into social media and create your own job and reap any rewards you sow. So continue to enjoy what you do Jen as we all enjoy the content you put out. I would like to see you with a million subscribers. Good luck in all your endeavors.

  29. Here I am again, so darned frustrated by the jealous, small-minded people out there picking on you. And you know what? They are picking on YOU. Almost every blog I read, if not *every* blog I read, has ads, is monetized. And why shouldn’t they?
    Guess what! I’ve ordered several things you recommended, 99% of the time BEFORE you publish a link or an ad or a coupon, so you’ve never benefited one thin dime from the money I spent! I don’t usually click through the ads on a blog – I go directly to the website. But just to annoy all those people, I hope I can buy TONS through your ads and I hope you make TONS’O’MONEY off me, just ’cause you can. This is America, people! Lighten up!

  30. Good for you (and all bloggers and YouTubers) that are able to make buck off the internet with non-salacious material!

    People don’t realize the amount of time, effort, and energy that goes into creating the humblest of content for the internet and I have to give you big credit for the care you take in crafting and presenting your material over your three channels and three blogs!!

    You have always been upfront about your relationships. Alison is right, no matter what you do, someone is going to have something negative to say. Some of it is jealousy. Don’t let them get to you. Seriously.

    It’s early, but my New Year’s wish for you is that you make enough money off your content in 2014 so that you, Don, and Winnie can take a year-long, first-class, round the world vacation in 2015. 🙂

  31. These affliate codes have never bothered me, in fact I would expect it. I don’t know why people would grumble about this or get greedy with giveaways..I have always thought you to be a genuine caring and giving person. All if not most youtubers have some kind of affiliate and I have taken advantage of these codes. After all, youtubing is really a job! You keep doing what you do girl!

  32. Hi Jen! I usually do not comment but just had to come on here and say a huge THANK YOU! I just made a huge dent in my christmas shopping due to your recommendations. I truly do appreciate all you do for your fans. From your blogs, to videos, to giveaways. Your true fans know you are not trying to be defensive but just trying to clear the air. It still baffles me that people sit on you tube all day and comment such negativity. I stopped reading the comments on you tube a long time ago. Please know we love you and what you do—don’t ever stop! You have even inspired me to consider starting my own makeup blog (i used to make you tube videos but had to stop due to what you are dealing with now) Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

  33. Thank you for clearing this… last night when I watched your “Little Luxuries” video, afterward I did think that you have gone commercializing the products in your videos like other you tubers. But I kept my feeling with me because I believe it you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    It is nothing new to me that this happens now that you are so popular on You Tube .. I personally fell disappointed because I have been your subscriber on all your channels for quite some times, i watch them because I love your organization tips, daily vlogs, monthly miscellaneous sharing products and Winnie girl!! I was thinking if they reach out offer their products to you to talk about it in your videos that may be bias not honest reviews like you always do before all this happened. (believe me, I did followed your links to many purchases that I read and watched your videos, and I love them all. Thank you! )

    Happy Holidays To You And Yours Family!

    Sorry for my writing,english isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

  34. You deserve any compensation that you make, Jen. You’re the only YouTuber that I know who is so generous to giving back to the community with your giveaways.

    Please continue to share your work 🙂

  35. I must admit I agree with what the others have said here and what you have written is honest and true.
    Your vlogs are entertaining and I can appreciate how much work goes into them, so if you can make some money to offset the expenses, more power to you.

  36. I’ve been following your videos for quite some time now, and I just want you to know that most people that know ANYTHING about your videos can recognize the products you mentioned as being products that you genuinely enjoy. It seems pretty apparent that you only accept affiliate status with companies whose products you already were enjoying or are so awesome you can’t help but want to be a part of. It is unfortunate that jealousy rears its head in a very ugly way in some people, but there’s absolutely nothing you can do about that. You have made the life choices that allow you to live the way you do, and its wonderful that you share your life with so many others. I hope you continue to share as you have, and do not let the few “grinches” who like to cause trouble change any of your plans. Thanks for your videos/ blog posts!

  37. Jen, what you do is your job, and anyone who works receives payment, so why should people begrudge you being paid for the work you do. Above all else, you give much of your income to others in the form giveaways. If you are in the fortunate position to do what you do, and you enjoy it then go for it. I love your contribution to my life e.g. My highlights are getting home from work and sitting back with a cuppa and losing my hectic and stressful day in a brief visit with you. Congratulations on all you have achieved .

  38. My takeaway from this is that there are simply some people who are gonna find any way they can to take issue with anything- it’s how THEY see the world. I thank my lucky stars that this is not how I view the world. The videos are free to watch for goodness sakes. On a positive note- Real Simple has amazing daily email subscriptions with ideas, tips and tricks- this holiday season they have already had some really terrific ones.

  39. I commented last night that haters will be just that and unfortunately at this time of year there are way too many trolls looking to make trouble. The thing I love about your vlogs Jen is your honesty and integrity. 99% of the products and companies you showed were old favourites that I have watched you use and enjoy in other videos. By bringing us discount codes. no matter how you get them, means I can save a buck or two at a very expensive time of year. Now what sensible person would protest about that? Keep up the good work, you are way more loved then trolled! TLC from OZ

  40. I don’t have affliate links on my blog, but I would like to in the future. Right now, I just don’t have the time to do the research with two sons that play sports. So, I don’t begrudge anyone making money from affiliate links. Why not? Besides, if anyone watches your videos on a consistent basis, we would tell in a heartbeat if any of the products are something that you would use. For example, a fashion blogger that I used to like did a post of Ocean Spray cranberry juice. Definitely doing it for the money. It’s a fashion blog not a lifestyle blog.

    Celebrities do it solely for the money instead of things that they really like. Do people really think that Beyonce uses drugstore dye on her hair? I bet that Halle Berry doesn’t use Revlon make-up. How about Kate Hudson and Ann Taylor? Kate has a distinct bohemian style. I don’t see her wearing an Ann Taylor pencil skirt and button down blouse with a pair of pumps.

    Do what you do because you are saving me from researching this myself. And, if people don’t like using the links, then don’t use them. Go to the site directly.

  41. I think its awesome you are able to make money from all the hard work you put into you tube. I love your holiday gift giving guides, especially the stocking stuffer guide for the men in your life! It helped me tons last year!

  42. Hey Jen,

    I appreciate you writing this, I think sometimes people don’t realize how much effort, time, and even money (buying lighting, camera equipment, being a content creator takes, and although you love doing what you are doing, and did it all before you were even making money off of it, there is nothing wrong with making money in the process. In my opinion, as long as you are being honest with the things that you are an affiliate for and are only sharing things that you really love and want to share (not just doing it for the money) then good for you!. Thanks for being transparent!

  43. People who comment with those negative things have no idea what they’re talking about. It’s as if a buzzer goes off in their head…”SPONSORED SPONSORED SPONSERED!” Please don’t let them discourage you! If my favorite brand told me I could get paid for talking about what I already loved, it would be a no-brainer!

    To discourage future negativity, I would put a link to this post in the description of any future videos involving affiliates to nip it in the bud. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  44. I’ve been watching you and following you for quite some time, and have always loved watching you.

    I absolutely, 100% support the monetization of your blog, YT channel, etc. This is your business, and you have every right to utilize the various ways of earning extra money through this business.

    I have never once felt as though I had to purchase something simply because you do or because you “advertise” it (I put that in quotes because your videos have never come across as ad-like). (However, I wish you would join in something with Lush…I love them thanks to you!!) Keep doing what you do!!

  45. Hi Jen, Just wanted to say that YOU are an inspiration to me and so many others. i am 20 years old and not once have I thought you are trying to just make money from what you do. I have watched your vlogs for over a year now and safe to say, you make my day so much brighter! Keep doing what you do. Don’t let negative/ jealous people bring you down. Take Care. We all love you!

  46. Jen, I can say so much about all of this…but all you need to know is… DO YOU! You go and you do!!! You are worthy of everything you can get out of all your hard work! You’ve made it so far from your first videos! Followed you for ages now. Well done and there is NO doubt that you will achieve more success… in anything you set your mind to! Well done! “GO JENNIFER!!!” (As Don would say!)

  47. It really breaks my heart that people would be offended. You offer so much information, ideas, and fun!! I ABSOLUTELY see nothing wrong with getting paid for what you do, it is HARD work. If funny how people forget how much you give back to your viewers and fans. Tons of giveaways, which I am pretty sure is way more than you get paid.

    Thank you for sharing with us and I have learned so much and I truly have become a better shopping and organizer! Thank you…Thank you!!

    BIG HUGS to you! 🙂

  48. Jen, I started following you this Spring and the work that you put into the videos and blogs posts are unbelievable!! You shouldn’t have to explain yourself to the YouTube universe. If they have issues, then they shouldn’t follow you!! I have looked at some of the comments on the videos a time or two and they disgust me. You are awesome!! You certainly don’t have to explain yourself or defend yourself. Love the gift ideas and I think it’s great that you do all of these giveaways! You even said in the video that several of the companies reached out to you!! I think it’s great that you can make some money doing what you love, so keep up the great work and I look forward to more awesome videos!!

  49. At my age I feel I have the right to say what I want to say and to speak the truth, so here goes!! Women who don’t support other women should be ashamed of themselves! All women have it hard enough in this world just being a woman and trying to make a life and career for themselves! To bash another woman, and one who has not done anything wrong is despicable! I don’t understand how any person could complain about anything you do whether it’s Youtube, blog or your personal life! No one has the right whatsoever! I’ve watched you from the beginning and I adore you, your boy, your dog and your lovely family as well as in-laws! Even your friends are cool! You have inspired me to get organized, get fit, love my family more, enjoy life and appreciate everything! I get all this for free and there is never anything to complain about! If we had to subscribe for a fee to all of your web channels, blog, etc. I’d be the first to subscribe and renew a lifetime subscription! If you had a reality show, my whole family would be watching it! We all love you dearly and you have truly made a great space in all of your loyal viewers hearts. I am amazed at how much time goes into videos and blogs! It’s a serious effort and more work than some 9 to 5 jobs outside the home!! You are a very well rounded young woman and I am sure your mother is proud of you and your family and friends must feel so blessed to have you in their lives! Jen, people with problems are always going to be jealous of you because you have what they wish they had in their life and their hubby or family might not be as wonderful as yours. They will always lie and say they are not jealous because they truly don’t understand what jealousy is! A pastor told me years ago to never be ashamed of your wealth because it is a blessing from God and everything from Him is good and needs no explanation! You don’t owe anyone anything and certainly not your viewers. It’s your life and our joy comes from everything you share with us! Pray for the haters and negative people because they really need help and some people just don’t know how to be happy. Thanks for being you and staying so sweet, inside and out! Enjoy what you make from Youtube, your blog, links, whatever, you deserve it…AND MORE girlfriend!

  50. You rock Jen! Keep doing what you do. You have helped me so much! I wouldn’t know about most of the products that you share if I didn’t watch you on YouTube. You are so inspirational! No worries 🙂 Thank you for YOU 🙂

  51. Seriously people complained! You spent your money to get the products to show them, got the coupon codes for their benefit and basically work like a dog to keep this site going – I know I have one myself – and then they complain that you get paid. It’s not as if your not upfront about who you are affiliated etc with. Would they complain if they worked hours and hours on a store and got paid or would they expect to get paid for a job. Because whether you intended or not this has developed I to a job. The same as mine has done and it takes sooooo many hours to do all this stuff. Jeez in so shocked by people’s attitudes and frankly you are too polite – I’d be tempted to tell to get lost then! Please don’t feel you have to justify yourself this attitude is a reflection of them not you and I am sure, if you are like me, that you would have been excited to have all these codes for your viewers and that’s the response you get. Very hurtful and I’m very sorry for you cos you are a lovely honourable lady. Just look and listen to your husband because at the end of the day he is the one who knows you best. Hugs from across the pond Amanda ps I think you are so clever to have got these affiliates and I want to do that as I have no shame in earning money from this business but I’m not quite sure how to go about it. I am also selling product too but I would like to connect with some of the companies that I am affectively endorsing.

    1. Honestly, all of the affiliate relationships I’ve established thus far have been because those companies have approached me. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing them yourself, tho! The worst thing that can happen is that it doesn’t work out, but then at least you’ll have tried! Good luck 🙂

      1. Thanks Hun, btw I just posted a comment ( so rare I am so naughty about posting comments and yet like you that’s actually what makes it worth for me and it kinda just rolled like a snowball into a business – hopefully still to get bigger and not melt ! Lol!) anyway I posted to say that the family business is in the nails industry so if you would like some links to the pro nail mag sites then let me know 🙂

  52. Well said, but as others have stated I do not feel you should have to explain yourself either!! It does not bother me in the least. I enjoy ALL of your videos and look forward to watching them regardless of the ad/affiliate situation.
    Keep up the wonderful content Jen!!

  53. I’m sorry you’ve had to explain yourself yet again. I love all of the content you create and I can only imagine how much time and energy it requires to create it, for that I believe you do deserve to be compensated. I don’t think people realize that YouTube is a form of entertainment. You can chose what book to read or what movie to watch just like you an chose which YouTube video to watch. There are plenty of yutbuers that I don’t enjoy…..so I don’t watch them, pretty easy! Anyways, actors and musicians are paid millions so people can enjoy their material. Your affiliations don’t even come close to this. And heck these links and codes are meant to help us research gifts and save us money! That sounds like a good deal to me. I hope this incident has not gotten to you too much. I’m obsessed with all of your channels so I hope the positive continues to outweigh the negative so you will be around for a long time.

  54. I don’t buy into what other youtube vloggers and bloggers suggest simply because I’m sure they’re only doing it to get commission. In fact, it’s pretty obvious 99% of the time, lol. You don’t seem so money hungry (at all, actually) and are always transparent about what you get for free, affiliate linking, etc, etc. I trust your judgement over all the other girls who do this as work.

  55. Jen,
    I just want to say TFS and also thank you for the positive energy that you consistently share with us no matter what negativity is thrown your way. I appreciate the time and effort you put into sharing with us and learning more about your craft to give us the optimal viewing experience. It is a blessing to be able to wake up each day and do something you are passionate about and that brings you joy and if you make a salary from that no matter how large or small good for you. It is a shame that you have to explain yourself because of the ignorance and immaturity of others but as always you added a professional and positive spin to your response. Although I don’t personally know you I feel that you are a warm and loving person and as long as your focus is always on love then you will bring more of that emotion into you life. I hope that the supportive, encouraging and loving words from your viewers gives you the fuel you need to keep living your dream!

  56. Jen,
    Just wanted to say I really appreciate all your hard work that went into the video. Your videos (all channels) are inspiring and I enjoy them a great deal. I was able to get 3 people checked of my shopping list thanks to your awesome ideas! On a side note, I’m super impressed with how you learned that new editing software! Your videos are all so streamlined and a pleasure to watch 🙂
    Thanks for the links and ideas, you’re the best!

  57. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing with us Jen!! I think your videos are FANTASTIC I enjoy watching all of them and I am always happy for the coupon codes and other great opportunities you share with us 🙂 Keep up the good work! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family!xx

  58. Jennifer, I just love everything you do and think you are so generous to share your life with us! I hope this doesn’t sound too “stalkerish”, but I count on seeing you everyday! (Even if it’s just re-watching older vids.) I have had some rough times the last few months, and your sweet voice and smiling face have helped get me through. I think it is perfectly acceptable to monetize both your blog and your YouTube. As a life-long member of the “People Pleaser Club”, I can understand why you felt the need to explain yourself and I do appreciate what you said. As someone who is trying to NOT care as much about what strangers thought and/or said, I’m saying to ignore the haters. Hating on you is their sole agenda and it’s really quite sad. Please just ignore them and keep sharing your life (what YOU CHOOSE to share of it) with those of us who love you……There are lots of us!!
    Blessings, http://www.inthepurplezone.blogspot.com

  59. It is your blog. You are not forcing anyone to buy anything or buy anything via affiliated links. I don’t see why you have to explain yourself. And asking you to giveaway stuffs from your gift guide? Getting greedy, aren’t they? Next you will be asked to post your ssn and credit card info online. It annoys me that people take your generosity for granted.

  60. I have followed your blog, FB status updates, and have been a subscriber to all your YT channels (and Don’s) for a very long time. You have inspired me to try new things, become more organized, and create a craft area in my house (a mini-version of your craft room) that I adore! I have never read or watched anything that you’ve published that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. You are a very special person, Jen, and I’m so sorry that you’ve had to endure such chronic negativity and bashing of your character. I know that it has affected you in the past, and that truly breaks my heart. I don’t know that I will ever understand why people get so much joy out of being so mean for no reason at all; it has become a sport for them. I am sure you have noticed that it seems to be the same people over and over that deliberately try to get a rise out of you and your fans. They show up multiple times in the comment section of every video, and the happier you appear in the videos, the more aggressive and hateful they become. I am hesitant to even look in the comment section anymore for fear of what I’ll read. I have often thought that one of these days you’ll have your fill and disappear from the internet, something you truly love and enjoy, all together. And, none of us could blame you. I just wanted to take this opportunity outside of YT to let you know how much I appreciate you. Keep your head up, girl… and, keep doing what you’re doing. There are so many more of us in your corner than not.

  61. I swear, all the grumbling in your comments section is just pathetic. The nerve of some people to actually demand giveaways!!! You’ve always been honest and transparent so I don’t understand all the stupid comments on your videos sometimes. All the passive-aggressive or obvious trolling comments offer absolutely nothing constructive, no matter how many times several people try to convince otherwise.

  62. Hi Jen
    I hope you make millions !
    The whole point here is, if they don’t like what you have to say, or what you are doing, or even feel that you are making a few pennies here and there, then why are they even here to start with ! Be GONE !
    You have a choice, to be here, or leave … LEAVE.

    This is Jen’s channel, why would she have to explain herself to anyone, she doesn’t. She’s not asking you for anything, she’s not asking you for money, she is talking about products, she’s not telling you, or making you buy anything from anyone. This is your owe free will … Yes, you have freedom of speech, go ahead, knock yourself out, since we know you have nothing better to do but talk about others. Go to Church, and talk to someone there about your problems.


  63. It is sad that you feel you even need to explain yourself.! You do a wonderful job on all your blogs/youtube videos, that takes so much of your own day. You deserve any reward for your hard work. Keep doing what you do and ignore the small minded people out there. Don’t even waste your time explaining these trivial things, the majority of us understand and don’t think anything of it. “Don’t let people dim your light, simply because it’s shining in their eyes” 🙂

  64. People are such whiners! You are working and you are supplying a product and you are getting compensated. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Your content is always well produced, your blog is gorgeous to look at and is well maintained, you have excellent videos with excellent lighting and you are well spoken. You have an enjoyable and desirable product and therefore, I’m really GLAD you make money doing it!

  65. I can’t believe people would actually complain about what you do. Instead they should recognize what you’re offering to them. Regardless I think you do a great job as a YouTuber and blogger. I enjoy very much watching your videos and reading this blog. You have actually inspired me to want to start my own blog. Thank you for your generosity, time and effort you put into this for people like me that enjoy it. Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re great at it. 🙂

  66. Jen,

    I don’t typically comment on blog posts or videos, but felt pretty strongly about this. I have seen a lot of people online that explain themselves when a ‘controversy’ hits (and I am using controversy rather loosely in this case!), and it is usually a huge failure. This post is the first one that I think was successful. I could easily imaging you saying all of this on your vlog, and having watched so many of your videos, I know that you are genuinely a NICE person, so it comes across that way. It wasn’t until I started watching your vlogs that I realized how much time and effort you put into this endeavor, so of course you should be profiting where you can. Thank you for all you do!

  67. Maybe I am just dense because I don’t really think about people making money off the things they recommend or not. It would be kind of low to recommend products you hate just to make money (not Jen, just in general) but I don’t run out and buy things solely on a YouTube recommendation. I watch videos and will only go out and buy things if I need them anyway or if it is something that will be useful for my lifestyle. Thank you for the post though because I know there are a lot of young people out there who are more easily swayed to purchase things based on thinking that the people they enjoy watching use those items too. I have always thought Jen to be one of the more honest and open YouTubers out there. 🙂

  68. Jen- Haters are gonna hate! Plain and simple…you shouldn’t have to worry about what others think. Just keep doing you and be true to yourself. Make that money girl!!! 🙂

  69. I’ve never taken things badly about the products you endorse. You’ve made it very clear about Sigma repeatedly, and ads on websites are common now. If an ad bothers me somewhere (like politically hateful things or out and out lies) then I avoid the site. Of course, I haven’t had that problem with your site, which I really, really appreciate. I also appreciate hearing what you like, even if I choose to go in another direction (for example, you’ve mentioned that you like Buxom’s Dolly, and I’m going to try Starr instead because Dolly looked too dark for me on Sephora’s website. If I ever get to a Sephora at a mall instead, I’ll be sure to check it out in person!)

  70. A lot of money can end up being spent on blogging/vlogging, hosting, web design, conferences, etc… As a blogger I use ads and affiliate links to make up for this cost and to hopefully someday help support my family a little bit.

    I always disclose and like yourself still just recommend products I would recommend anyway. I hope people will start to understand why we use affiliate links.

  71. I’ve been reading all the things people say on here for a long time now and I’ve never responded. I feel as though it’s not worth anyone’s time nor energy to respond to such childish, asinine,ridiculous comments. This time I feel differently….Who in Gods name has the time to think about these things and no less take the time to type it!!!!!! These people are crazy!!!! You don’t owe anyone an explanation on anything!!!!! The nerve of these people!!!!! They should all be committed!!!!!! Jen you have way to much patience. Don is right, just ignore everything these weirdos say!!! Don’t take it to heart at all because I’m sure that everyone else…including me are like WTF!!!! Under what rock did they crawl out of!!! I didn’t even want to comment on here so not to fuel the fire. I wanted to send a personal email just for you to see but couldn’t find a way to do it. I know it’s not you but really you should tell them to “F” off. They obviously have no life because if they did they wouldn’t spend their precious time watching videos of someone they clearly are jealous of and take the time to type a response!!!!! My time is way to precious to me to use it doing that. Any normal person…if they didn’t like something would just move on and find something they enjoy!!!!!It’s not worth your breathe nor time to indulge in this crap. Your a much better person then they are and don’t need to explain yourself at all.
    I’m going to be in Chicago on May 6th and 7th. Then on to Indiana for my sons wedding. Never been to Chicago so hubby and I thought we would stay there for a couple of days. If you have the time or are going to be in the area would you like to meet for a cup of tea/coffee or even better…icecream!!!! You can send me an email. Keep your chin up Girl!!!! What goes around will come around at some point in their lives!!!

  72. No need to explain Jen. They should thank you for sharing and mind their business, not criticize what YOU do with YOUR channels. You’re great and I thank you for sharing your world!

  73. Jen,

    I think you do such a wonderful job with both your YouTube channels and your blog (one of my daily reads), and I honestly believe you deserve to earn an income from all your hard work!

    Keep doing what your doing, and continue to love what you do because I (and so many others) genuinely love and enjoy reading and viewing your content 😀

  74. You should not have to explain yourself. I know you have your blogging channel, which I like to watch, but that does not mean that we as the audience have the right to know every decision you make. There’s know need to explain why you did what you did as long as you know why you did it that’s all that matters. I used to question my mom a lot as a little kid and when it was about the decisions she made she would always tell me she knew why she had made those decisions and there’s was no need to explain herself to others. If other people didn’t like what she said or what she did, though. It was easy for others to say I would have done this or she’s very selfish because it’s always easier for people to criticize someone when they’re not in their shoes.
    As far as the gifts go,I think we are lucky that your generous enough to host giveaways. You don’t have to but you do because your thankful. People should not be asking for more gifts. Now remember, just because your a vlogger does not mean you have to explain every decision you make no matter how many people complain. I want to let you know that I enjoy watching all your channels and I’m especially a fan of organized like Jen. Thank you for all the videos you have made. Watching your videos have inspired me to stay better organized. They have also inspired me to go out there and try new things I never thought possible. When you talked about your anxiety I was surprised because you were sharing your life to hundreds of viewers. Despite some negative comments you continued with vlogging and expanded your channels. So i thought to myself, if she can do that, then I can push myself and not be so shy. You have know idea how many doors have opened for me since then it’s amazing.

  75. Jen, keep doing what you’re doing…there are people out there that appreciate what you do and understand that making some money off what you do best isn’t a bad thing at all. Hey, we all have bills to pay right?! Then there are those who just hate on others and complain about anything and everything! So no need to explain..keep up the good work =)

  76. It’s a shame that you have to take the time to explain yourself. I think it’s a great way to make some extra money, and it’s a lot of work, and you deserve compensation. We are lucky that we can enjoy your videos, as well as others for free! I love your videos, and learn a lot about products I would never even had tried, and now proudly own and enjoy daily 🙂 I thank you for that! Please, please, PLEASE ignore those that don’t deserve any air at all 🙂

    Have a fab time in NYC, and I can’t wait to see your new Mulberry!


  77. Wow…. sometimes I am amazed at people.

    You have always been very upfront and honest about any affiliations, so people need to just get over that one. They are just looking for something to complain about.

    And anyone complaining that the sharing of gift ideas didn’t immediately include a give away? Who could possibly think they are justified in complaining about such a thing?!?!?! Most people that are watching these types of videos really are just interested in what ideas you might present that might give them ideas they had not thought of. It sounds like some people are just trolls watching and thinking they “deserve” some kind of gift for lifting a finger to click on the link to a video. I don’t imagine they have many true friends if this is the way they treat people around them. It is really very sad.

  78. Hi Jen! You do not/should not explain yourself to haters. “Haters are gonna hate!” The people complaining are simply jealous or insecure. You are very brave and courageous to share the small piece of your life you share on your blog and YouTube. Please don’t let negativity keep you from doing what you enjoy. These haters do not truly know your life. They will get over themselves. Just do you and be happy about it!

  79. Jen, it’s such a shame that people think you are doing the incredible amount of hard work you do for the “money.” I get paid for my work, you deserve to as well. I love your posts and am grateful for the discount codes. Many others NEVER mention that they are affiliated with some of the products they receive for review. I love how you open one month of a prescription box and review the previous months box! I look for your video’s every day and really enjoy them, I can’t wait for your next one! Love you, keep up the amazing work you do!

  80. Jen there is no need for explanations…u clearly do this for the love of it and not to make money. To share ure life and to spend the time u do on it all really shows that. It’s ure channel, do what u wish…if people don’t like it then they don’t have to watch. Hope it hasn’t got u down xx

  81. Hi Jen,

    I have been watching your videos for over a year now and I really enjoy all of your channels! You really helped and motivated me to get organized. You definitely should be receiving compensation for all the work that you do. Blogging and Vlogging are jobs and lots of people make a living this way. So why should you be the only one to have to explain why you’re getting paid?

    A lot of the other YouTubers received the same gift card from Zazzle and they have videos on that and they didn’t receive such horrible comments as you did. These are your YouTube channels and blog and you need to do what makes you happy and attracts viewers. There will always be people who will leave malicious comments but just try to ignore them because you have plenty of people who love your videos and blog posts. That being said, I don’t watch all the videos or read all the blog posts. I just watch the videos and read the blog posts that interest me. If I started watching a certain video, and I don’t like it, I just close it. That’s it. There is no need to put someone else down just to make yourself feel better, even if you don’t agree with them or their lifestyle.

    You a are a very lucky girl to not have to work for a living and just do what you enjoy and what really makes you happy!

    All the best,

    Sarah from Canada

  82. I love that your responses are always positive and classy. You are a great example of the saying, “you can’t control what others say, but you can control how you respond”. Keep up the hard work you put into your channels/blogs, because I truly appreciate them.

  83. Hi Jen,
    I have been watching your videos from about two years now( I know its been a while). You should not have to continue to explain yourself to people. You take the time, to put these great videos together, blog post, and all the social media. I look forward to see your videos when I get on to Youtube. We are a lot like, and I seem to find something new that we have in common all the time. My puppy Sammy loves Winnie. People make a large deal out of sponsorship post and things like that, which is sad.

    (MidwestBeautyxo on youtube)

  84. You put so much time and effort in your blogs/vlogs and it definitely shows. You really deserve to be compensated monetarily for that. Along with others l enjoy seeing coupon codes! Thank you Jen for doing what you do.

  85. I am catching up on all of your wonderful videos, and saw your latest one from O’Hare and mentioned this issue. I think you are an inspiration and such a wonderful educated person who happens to have a great way of presenting information. I would PAY to watch your videos, that is how much I enjoy what you share. I cannot think of how many times I went back to get ideas from your ideas either here or on youtube. From nail polish to getting info for our Disney trip, I have gained so much from watching and reading.
    As far as monetization, and affiliate, you DESERVE every penny and more! I do not think people understand how much time, effort and equipment go into making videos. I do, as I make them too, and my son is in the film making industry. What you do is basically a FREE service to us, the viewer. I want to thank you for all of your recent efforts to learn Final Cut Pro Editing system. My son uses that and it is not easy, I could go on, you are always trying to make your content better and at the same time interesting, so please know how much you are APPRECIATED!
    I am in the Chicago area and so I especially appreciate the focus on the Midwest, and Chicago events. However, no matter where you take us it is always an enjoyable and educational experience. I.E. cooling the Utah house by not using air conditioning or encouraging us all to be more fit with your running updates and marathon coverage.
    Keep doing what you are doing and know that you have a huge following because of the kind and intelligent person you are, and any income you get from all the work you do, is so very well deserved!!!
    Have a wonderful holiday and please ignore the “negative” comments, they are from people who have, I am sure, issues, and cannot understand or begin to, how to live a happy life, so you, please keep living yours without worry, you have more support and admiration from your friends/fans then I think you know!!!

  86. I guess that is the big difference between jealousy and envy. Envious people are happy for what you have, are inspired, want the same, work at it and are glad you inspired them. jealous people just want what you have without working at it and also don’t want you to have what you have anymore. As a blogger and youtuber myself, I can attest that it consumes a very large amount of time to pass down and share ideas and information to others on the internet. I am glad I monetize my videos and my blog, without it I would have had many months in the red, it helps with a few bills, not a lot, but it helps. There is nothing wrong with doing what we do, it is a form of business, we provide entertainment, advice, a service and with quality (in your case for sure), that should not be taken for granted and we ought to receive some compensation. If folks are upset about it, they need to get over it and very obviously they do not understand how these things work. There are a lot fo things I have purchased because you endorsed them, I know I did not have to do it and I certainly did not feel forced to either. I was glad at the time that you gave an honest review about something or a product and I wanted to try it too. I think you do a fantastic job, and yes, a lot of what you do and have fall into the luxury category so I can see how some people cannot relate, but there are so many other options on the web, why criticize here and continue to feel some sort of way. people are free to ignore and move on! With all the giveaways you do, I think it s a shame some folks give you a headache over their own feelings and their judgement over whether you should bring in an income, clearly they do not understand what kind of prep work and stamina it takes to do what you do. Keep on girl. We love you for who you are, period!
    Sophia, nj

  87. Hi Jen,
    I feel that you need not to explain the people what you are doing with your channels. I am watching your videos from 2 years and I enjoy them.
    Believe me Jen “this world is hard to please” at one time they criticize you that you use your husband money and at the same time they contradict you by saying that you earns bucks from channels and affiliation.

    As from Technology field I know you put some much effort into your video to make them more presentable and attractive. So you deserve something back. Don’t worry about what people say keep on doing what make you happy.

    Soin 🙂

  88. I know this is from last year, but I was watching your holiday gift guide videos and happened to read some of the comments. People can be so negative and mean it’s annoying. I love your channels, and what you’re doing makes you happy. That’s all that matters! I don’t think you need to explain yourself either. Even if you were doing it for the money to help support your family there’s nothing wrong with that. You deserve every dollar and discount for the time you spend on putting together quality videos. I watch your videos because I’m interested in the information that you share. I would have never known about Knit Crate and Pop Sugar if it wasn’t for you 🙂 oh my goodness and don’t get me started on your office/craft room…LOVE!!!! I will have an office/craft room of my own one day 🙂 Please keep the videos coming. They’re fun, inspirational, full of information and I love them! Happy Holidays!

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