5 Minute Makeup Challenge

I was tagged by Kristina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly to do the 5 Minute Makeup Challenge.  Challenge accepted!


I have to be honest, I really didn’t think I’d get much farther than my foundation and was pleasantly surprised by my results, which were pretty complete, albeit rushed.  If you’d like to see my attempt, watch this:

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This was a really fun challenge and I’d love to see your version if you care to share.  Leave a link to your video in the comments so I can check it out!


* The Sigma brushes used in the video were sent to me for consideration.  All other items shown were purchased by me. All opinions are my own. *


13 thoughts on “5 Minute Makeup Challenge”

  1. What a fun video! I’m impressed! You were able to use a lot of products in 5 mins – way to go! Thanks for doing this video 🙂

  2. Fntastic video,very lovely challenge!
    And I found the result really perfect with so little time you had, and you re so super cute!

  3. Very impressive work Jen! Not only did you manage to look polished and ready to go after 5 minutes, you talked us through nearly every single product and tool you used in the process! Brava!
    Was SO excited to see you take on Kristina’s challenge! I have been loving her channel and her blog… PSS is now must-watch for me (along with you of course, TIffanyD, EssieButton, AmeliaLiana and SacconeJolys)… OK yikes… might be time for a digi detox!

  4. Fun video! I think you look the same as you always do.I had no idea you usually wear eyeliner. The 5 min thing works for you, why bother with a 30 min routine? Maybe you’d need 6 or minutes since you were throwing things around, haha. I thought i’d time my makeup this morning, it took me 4:40 to do foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter, brow gel, 3 colours of eyeshadow, eyelashes curled, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss and put all the products away.

  5. Loved seeing you do this challenge, you did better than me! It takes me 5 minutes just to sort out my foundation – I use mineral foundation so I need to buff it in for at least 5 minutes for an even coverage! The BareMinerals skin perfecting veil is brilliant isn’t it? I have the original mineral veil and couldn’t finish my face without it!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  6. Good Morning Jen, I have had to return to post another comment as I have to share a moment with you 38 years in the making. My husband has become used to my morning allocation of Organized Like Jen reading and viewing and my side-bar commentary about how parallel a path our lives have taken as though I am watching my own past. replay itself. But THIS morning as I described how similar our marriages even are (still madly in love at 38 years) in that he is a Disorganized Husband to my organized self, he volunteered TOMORROW to let me ORGANIZE HIS LARGE DRESSER with me as his guide. Doing the HAPPY DANCE here in the Heart of Ohio!!!! A lovely week ahead wished for you! Elizabeth

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