2015 Planner Update

Now that we’re settling into the new year I thought it would be the right time for a planner update.  I’m excited to share my current planner setup with you!


I am still using two planners and just like last year one is an Erin Condren Life Planner and the other is a leather binder style agenda.  I get a lot of questions about why I need two planners and what I use both for.  I will clarify this in the detail of each below.  I don’t think everyone needs multiple planners for optimal time management.  Planners are a very personal thing and there is certainly no one-size-fits-all option, since time management techniques must be tailored to suit an individual’s needs to be effective.  I personally enjoy learning about other people’s use of planners because I am genuinely interested in seeing what other people do and I also gain inspiration for my own methods.  In this post, I am simply sharing what works for me in the hopes that it might inspire or be interesting to some of you.

Erin Condren Life Planner


I have waxed poetic about all things Erin Condren Designs for well over a year now, ever since I purchased my very first Life Planner in the fall of 2013.  I love the enhancements they’ve added over the past year, especially the interchangeable covers, which is a fun way to customize your planner (plus they’re reusable from year to year).  I use my Erin Condren Life Planner to manage my posting schedule and related tasks.  This hasn’t changed much from my use of it last year.  Once I find a system that works for me, I naturally want to stick to it and feel motivated to use it consistently.  I know it’s time to change up my system when I stop wanting to use it.  This planner continues to serve my needs well.  Let’s take a look inside:


I use the monthly spreads to schedule my posts and keep track of when I post what where.  As excited as I was about the new repositionable labels that Erin Condren Designs launched with the most current version, I discovered that they only really move around well in humid climates, so I went back to making my own using Avery 5418 labels.  I color coordinate these, allocating two colors, one for blog posts and one for videos, to each of my three main posting categories: organizedlikejen, thebusybeebuzz, and myhousewifelife.  Color coding helps me to visually organize my content and related tasks.  I use a color code scheme in my weekly spread, as well, where I break down the steps I need to take to put up my posts and videos.  I use orange for organizedlikejen, blue for thebusybeebuzz, green for myhousewifelife, and maroon for general tasks.  I make little check boxes since checking things off is helpful to me in my time management process.  I put parentheses around tasks I did not complete that I want to address the next day.  I use the margin note section for general goals and the bottom lined space for specific emails or as brainstorming space.


There are a couple of accessories I like to use with my Erin Condren Life Planner.  My current favorite pens are the Triplus Fineliner Pens by Staedtler that come in a pack of twenty.  I love the variety of the colors which are vibrant without causing bleedthrough.  The case they come in can be propped up easel style, which is a neat feature as well.  They are easy to hold and write smoothly.  Another accessory I like to use in my Life Planner are cute handmade paper clips.  I use one on the current monthly spread for easy access, since I keep the included snap-in ruler on the current weekly spread.  This way I can easily flip to the month.  My favorite shops on Etsy to buy these cuties are KawaiiPaperie and HowCute4You.


While I don’t travel with my Erin Condren Life Planner all of the time, I do like to bring it to Utah with me when I visit our family vacation home since I go for such long stretches of time and usually like to keep up with my posting.  I was super excited when Erin Condren Designs launched their new line of Carry-All Clutches.  This neoprene pouch comfortably fits both my 18-month Life Planner and Staedtler pens and keeps my planner safe on the go.  I love that I was able to personalize it as well!

Receive $10 off your first ErinCondren.com purchase by signing up here!

Mulberry Pocket Book


I have been a fan of binder style planners for years.  I purchased my very first one, a red Day Runner, when I was in high school.  I remember the thrill of picking out my very first real leather Filofax planner as a college student living and working in London one summer.  For the past few years I have used a Filofax A5 Finchley as my personal planner of choice.  I decided last summer to go a different route and sized down to a pocket planner,because I wanted something more portable.  This is a rather large jump in the planner world!  After experimenting with pocket size Kikki.K for a few months, I decided I was committed enough to splurge on this gorgeous Mulberry Pocket Book late last summer.  I have become a huge Mulberry fan ever since I wandered into their shop in San Francisco and purchased the gorgeous Alexa bag in 2012.  Mulberry uses the most beautiful leather I have ever seen and I love their simple and clean design aesthetic.  I believe the price of their items accurately reflects the quality.  That being said, I do not think you have to spend that kind of money to get a beautiful leather pocket agenda.  How much anyone spends on anything is a personal choice.  I will say that I am extremely happy with my agenda and am glad that I bought it.


I use my pocket agenda as my primary planner where I keep track of my personal calendar and my daily to-do lists.  I am a list maker by nature and have found over the years that making a list for the next day at night before I go to bed helps me keep my worry-wart brain at ease.  I definitely find that I sleep better with this practice!  I don’t find it necessary to strictly adhere to my lists and schedules.  I simply use them as tools to help me feel calm and present in my daily experience.  This method might not work for everyone, but it certainly has changed my life for the better.

Since I jumped to the pocket size, I have been using DIYfish planner inserts.  I can’t begin to express how much I admire this wonderful woman’s ingenious Life Mapping System.  It is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen in the planner world!  You can buy many variations of the system on Etsy, which are all downloadable files that you print and cut yourself (I hope to post a tutorial on this soon).  I actually use two different versions of the system, since I prefer the pull-out horizontal monthly spread of the v3s5 option and the daily calendar from the v2.2 option.  Thanks to the binder style planner it is easy to pick and choose to customize my planner the way I like it.

As you can see, I like to color code my personal planner as well, with personal tasks in light blue, travel in dark blue, family things in orange, Don specific things in light green, things we do as a couple in purple, our dog Winnie in pink, and special occasions in red.  I use the time stamped right hand column of the daily pages for scheduled appointments and outings and the left hand column for my to-do list.  I use any extra space for sticky notes where I like to write small lists or reminders that are easy to transfer from page to page or take with me.

One thing to note about the Mulberry pocket agenda is that the rings are quite small and cannot accommodate a lot of inserts.  I keep one month of daily pages in my planner at a time, with two of the previous weeks and the next two weeks ahead.  Every Sunday I take out a week and add in another.  I think I could easily fit an entire year’s weekly calendar in the planner, but since I prefer the daily pages, I keep rotating out my pages.  I put all past pages into my pocket Kikki.K as an archive.

OJ_OLJ_01-20-2015_10The DIYfish v2.2 calendar also comes with two weekly planning page options, one which sticks out a bit so you can see any important tasks or appointments on the side while working on your daily pages.  The other is the normal pocket page size.  I love having a weekly planning option like this for Sunday brainstorming sessions.  I have experimented with both options over the past eight months or so.

Lately I’ve been using the regular size weekly pages since I don’t like to overstuff my planner.  As much as I love the convenience of the pull out horizontal monthly calendar spreads, they are too bulky to keep the whole year in my planner at a time. I am thinking of just using the month-on-two-page calendar so I can comfortably fit the whole year.  If I do so I will most likely go back to using the weekly pages with the bit that sticks out on the side for ease of advance planning.  I love how flexible this system is!


As for accessories, I have a few tried and true favorites to share.  I recently purchased this laminator so that I could make my own dividers, dashboards, and rulers for my planner.  What fun!  I’m not an expert yet by any means, but I do love my confetti dividers (I purchased the cute double sided paper from Paper Source).  Once I get better at the technique perhaps I can post a tutorial.  In addition to my fun dividers, I made an unpunched dashboard so I could keep a selection of my favorite sticky notes tucked into the front pocket of my planner without the bulk of the entire note pads.  I love the Girl of All Work Sticky Tabs, which are perfectly sized for small notes and reminders in the pocket planner.  The confetti stickies were from the Target Dollar Spot last fall and are unfortunately no longer available.

I also made a clear snap-in page marker by tracing my Kikki.K pocket ruler onto a clear transparency page and punching holes in it.  I added a little washi tape to the top for visibility and hooked on a cute planner charm from another of my favorite Etsy shops, shellybelly4evr.  Right now I have the Frozen inspired one on my ruler and the Mary Poppins Spoonful of Sugar attached to my planner pouch (more on this below).

Additionally, my love affair with OliClips continues.  OliClips are strong magnetic paper clips that lie relatively flat.  I use the small ones in my pocket agenda to clip past daily pages together.  I use the large one to clip past pages in my Moleskine journal.  These are very difficult to find in shops anymore (I originally purchased mine years ago from The Container Store).  I was able to find the ones I currently have on this website.

One last accessory that isn’t pictured here but I show in my coordinating video (below) are the sweet dashboards by MrsBrimbles.  The prints are made from her hand painted designs!  Her shop is definitely worth a visit.


If you’ve been following my blog or YouTube channel for awhile now you know how I feel about pouches!  Of course, I have a pouch for my pocket planner.  I keep both of my planners open on my desk when I am in my office at home.  When I am bringing it up and down the stairs, however, I keep my Mulberry Pocket Book with my Moleskine journal in a flat style Kate Spade pouch (sadly no longer available) that I’ve had for years.  When I want to pop my planner into my purse I use one of the Orla Kiely for Target pouches that comes in a set of three (available in stores only at the moment).  I like to protect my Mulberry from damage whenever I can and popping it into a little pouch like this is the perfect solution.

If you’d like a more in-depth look into my planners and accessories, check out the video below:

It’s giveaway time!  I am so happy to be able to give back the referral credits I receive from ErinCondren.com to you!  The 2015 Planner Update Giveaway will run until Monday, January 26, 2015 at 6 PM CT.  The giveaway is open internationally. All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.  TEN winners will receive a $100 gift card to ErinCondren.com as well as the calendar clutch pictured below:


 You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below (check out this blog post for more information on entering Rafflecopter giveaways).  I’ll announce the winners on THIS blog post and contact them directly through email, as always. Good luck!


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I hope you enjoyed this look at my current planner setup and what’s working for me now.  I’d love to hear about your time management methods and what kind of calendar or planner you use if you care to share!
Happy Planning!


* Post contains affiliate and referral links. The Erin Condren planner shown was sent to me for consideration.  I used my referral credits to purchase the giveaway prizes.  All other items shown were purchased by me.  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *


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  1. Jen! You inspired me (a long time ago) to order my first life planner from Erin Condren! I don’t know why I waited so long, but I’m excited to get it. It should arrive next week! I wish I would’ve known, but I missed out on the $10 off. Thank you for inspiring me to be organized! 🙂

  2. Thank you for this lovely post & video! I use a binder style planner much like a Filofax, but from Typo. It was actually one of your older videos that inspired me to get it.
    On another note – I hope you enjoy ALT, it’s my dream / long-term goal to attend.

  3. Hi Jen,
    I have been watching your videos for 2 years now and really enjoy them! Just keep doing what you do! I wish, I could order such a planner for myself, but here in Serbia, we don’t have anything like that. Ordering EC planner is just to expensive with all the shipping and other costs. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thank you for another great video and post.

  4. I’m so glad that so many people still use paper planners in this world of phones and iPads. I loved getting to see how you set up your planners! You’re precious! 🙂

  5. I use a filofax and was gifted another planner but with only two lines per day and I am struggling to figure out what to use it for. I thought maybe for my blog planning or food, but I’m not sure. I think it’s necessary for you to have two planners since you do work on posting a lot of content online with youtube and blogs 🙂 Love how organized you are, I love watching all your videos and reading your posts, they just inspire me so much! Thank you 🙂

  6. Hi Jen – Loved this video. I suspect your travel and planner videos are my favorite. You mentioned the two planners before and I did not get it but now it’s crystal clear. Makes perfect sense. I see how you used that EC and it’s you, definitely. This year I am trying Inkwell and Midori. I don’t think they are you though. I think you found the right ones for you. That little one goes well with the new bag. (LOVE) Also I wanted to say that I don’t know when this change occurred but your production value on your videos has really improved. Something is different. I can’t pinpoint it but things look and sound really good not that there was any issue before. I think this was one of your goals so I have noticed. Have fun. I didn’t expect to see you much until you returned so this is nice. It all makes so much more sense now.

    1. I recently bought a microphone for my camera and I feel like it’s made a world of difference. I’m glad you enjoy the change!

      1. Ahhh….cool. It was also the make up video. Some cool effects in there. I am not sure if this is helpful but photojojo (cute and happy online photo store) has these reflectors and a mobile lighting kit. Not sure if that will help with you travel videos. I don’t know much about lighting etc. But, maybe.

  7. I am a college student and a newlywed to my wonderful husband. He is a military man, so adjusting to this lifestyle has been a challenge. You have really made staying organized and overall a better student and military wife. Thank you for introducing to the life of organization and the love for stationary. So much appreciation for all that you do.
    Much love

  8. Hi Jen! Thank you for the blog post. I’ve to admit I just foud your youtube channel about a month ago precisely because your previous planner video. I just have one question, the widget on this page is not loading. Do you have an other way to access the page for the give away?

    1. Sometimes it can get overloaded. The contest runs for a week. I suggest checking back later or tomorrow. If that doesn’t work you might need to close out and relaunch your browser or try a different browser. Hope this helps!

  9. Great video, Jen!

    And thanks so much for making your giveaway available to your international fans. There are so many of us out here but because of shipping costs/difficulties, we are often left out of such festivities and it’s always a bummer. So nice of you to include us. And now all I can say is *fingers crossed*

    Have a nice week. 🙂


  10. I love watching you’re planner videos! Thanks for the inspiration. I have been eyeing the EC planners for months. They are so beautiful. I have a binder style Day-Timer right now. I have even become such an addict of planners that I made my own pages. So fun! Great idea using pouches.

  11. Thank you for your video and the chance to win those lovely sets! I used my I phone planner for a couple of years, but like you, I came back to paper. Love i so much more! I’m still experimenting with what works for me and your videos are so help full.

  12. Thank you Jen for all the wonderful and detailed video and post about your 2015 planner. I appreciate all the details because I have limited opportunities to shop so I tend to have to rely on the web for shopping and your detailing helps me make up my mind when thinking about what works for me.

  13. I used to have a filofax back in College, and then went to electronic on my phone, but I wasn’t really happy with it. Watching yours and some other youtubers videos, I decided to start back with a planner. I went with a Moleskine one. I would have love a Erin Condren but a little bit pricey for my budget. Maybe someday! All in all I have been loving using my planner so far.
    Now I need to get a whole bunch of stickers and post-it notes to decorate it!

  14. I always enjoy your videos, Jen! I’m so happy you are changing up what you do and still tweaking your organization. I can never stick to one thing so it is nice to see what everyone else is doing. Gotta love Erin Condren too, so cute…I love mine. What do you journal about? Just daily thoughts or something in particular?

    1. I keep two journals – one is a daily gratitude journal I list 5 things I’m grateful for that day and the other is just for personal ramblings. I don’t necessarily write in that one every day.

  15. I discovered Filofax last summer through Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly and got kind of addicted to watching planner videos. That’s how I discovered you on Youtube actually! I have an inexpensive faux Filo right now but hope to upgrade to a real Filofax or Kate Spade agenda this year.

  16. I am trying to find a fun to do list system. I think like a nice one divided into morning, noon, night. I use a blue sky monthly calendar and that seems to suit my needs well. I need better daily time management. I think erin condren may have something fun for to do lists. I’ll see one day! Thanks for your planner input.

  17. Jen, so I can’t believe this is the first time that I am visiting your blog! I have been following you on YouTube for almost a year, and well, I guess I just never payed attention that you had a blog. (I mean I probably knew I just didn’t put two and two together:))
    Well, I finally got my EC, not without much debate, after watching all of your comparing videos. Thank you for posting all of the different kind of planners and really just giving is an opportunity to look at them side by side.
    After watching this latest video, I think my suspensions of needing a personal size planner to bring along with me as my ‘journal’ and ‘brainstorming’ book has been confirmed. Now back to those videos to find just that:). Looking forward to future videos!

  18. I love that mulberry pocket planner! Reminds me of the filofax malden. Thank you for the opportunity to win! I love EC!

  19. Perfect timing Jen! What is it about a new year that ignites an organizing frenzy lol?! It clicked so hard for me when you said (in another vid before i think, as well as this one) try it out and see what works for you … if it makes you want to use it, then its working. If your avoiding using it, then its time for something else! The clouds parted and suddenly birds and light, why have i been trying to make myself fit the planner instead of vice versa?! I have started strong on many a “planning project” then faded off of it at some point and revert to lists on post its. And you are sooo right, sometimes it takes more than 1 planner to get the job done. This year i started with a color coded month at a glance style calendar for my children, meals, and family planning and kept the more detailed and personal goals, to do’s, check lists etc in my planner and ‘for the first time in foreeevveerr’ (in my best Anna and Elsa voice lol) i am excited and able to budget my time and plan my weeks effectively. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the time and energy you have put into reviewing and sharing planner styles systems etc. The way you explain and break them down just made sense to me and it’s very appreciated. This video was great! Lighting was great! Those PEN’s! (pens are definitely my kryptonite) Can’t wait for the making your own planner supplies video. Good Luck to all who enter! Jen you are an invaluable tool in my quest to bring order to my chaos lol Thank You again!

    1. Sounds like you’re on the right track – love the making the planner work for you instead of vice versa bit. Also, LOVE Frozen 😀

  20. Thank you so much for sharing. I fell in love with Filofax when you posted your first Filofax video years ago and have been a planner addict ever since! Your planners are my favorite to see, thanks again for sharing <3

  21. Jen I just love your blog! Its fantastic.I too use an Erin C planner, I love it. But I’ve never ordered the “extra’s”, shipping to Canada is so expensive.

    Sending love from Canada, have a wonderful day!

  22. Thanks for the blog post and video. I think I like the pouch from target ( and I didn’t know about them). Also, you can buy oliclips from etsy. Have a good day.

  23. Thanks, Jen, for sharing! I decided this year to have a tiny notebook in my purse with health, Leisure (groups I belong to and do things for) and phone/address as sort of a Reference Binder. Then I made a staples ring planner for monthly, to do lists and shopping lists. It still seems too big to carry around, even though it is A5 size. I also made a 9×12 Home Binder where I can keep Budget, Christmas archive, Home lists, routines, travel lists, Christmas food, Thanksgiving recipes and food, etc. It helps to know others keep more than one planner or binder, too!!!
    P.S. I bought my friends Turbie Twists for Christmas because I love mine so much after seeing your blog!

  24. I enjoy your videos. Love the planner videos. Love Erin Condren products! Thanks for the generous giveaways!

  25. Hi Jen,

    Thank you for the wonderful post! Always so detailed yet so fun to read! I really hope I win one of the awesome prizes to get myself a planner! It makes me worry and so stressful when I don’t have things down on paper. You inspire me to be organize, but being organize is expensive. I’m using my dollarstore planner at the moment, but am grateful I can at least try to apply your tips to my planner. Thanks!

  26. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I’ve recently been bitten by the planner bug and I’m currently set up in a squared Moleskine, but I’ve been following EC Instagram users like crazy, but I don’t think I can pull the trigger on buying one myself without seeing one in person. This giveaway would be an awesome opportunity. Off to dig into your archives and reviews!

  27. Hi Jen!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your vlogs and organizational ideas. I’ve carried a walking drug store for years, although it’s more like a big box! LOL!! Your videos have helped me pare that down, yet still have what I need in my EDC (everyday carry) bag. I also really enjoy the links that you post so that it’s not a goose hunt to find things which you like.

    Have a terrific New Year! I look forward to hearing more fun ideas!


  28. I have used planners/calendars/journals all my life. Thanks to you, I found Filofax and May Designs and love them both! Haven’t tried Erin Condren…yet. Thank you for the videos and blogs providing great ideas for us planner lovers!

  29. As always my Dear one, you are so generous! I am always inspired at how organized you are. You inspired me to start using a planner a year ago. I still use an inexpensive one from Staples, but I hope to one day own an Erin Condren, they so beautiful. This year we are paying off medical bills, and getting much needed Front room furniture

  30. Hi Jen, I love your planners.
    Personally, I use a pocket diary of the same kind as yours where I noted the appointments, birthdays and work schedules. In addition, this year I have a spiral notebook A4 I ressense on the same page that I have to do in the week (with boxes for the appointments of the whole family, time for children that I babysit, things to do and more routine, shopping, paperwork, etc.) I find that having everything in view on a page is more productive for me.
    Watching your videos helped me better organized.

    Thank you and goodbye 😉

  31. Hi Jen,
    I’ve been a fan of your posts/videos for a while now. Love you and Don, Winnie too! Cutest family. I just bought a planner after watching all your videos, so thanks for the information and inspiration. My girls 13 and 15 also are using planners now. I bought 2 different types and using both to see what works for me. Thanks again.

  32. Hi Jen

    Another fab planner video…these are my faves! It’s so interesting to see how other people use planners. Thanks for showing the DIY Fish inserts too…I’ve heard about them but have never seen them. Off to look at some more cute stuff on Etsy too…been looking for a cute planner charm for a while now!

    Happy planning!

  33. I have been waiting for this for ages…worth the wait! I would love this giveaway too. Jen please know not every one is weirded out by 2 planners, seriously I have 4, as well as loads of other notebooks of all sizes, I just can’t resist buying them, then decide what to use them for later!!!

  34. Wow, such an amazing vlog! I have stumbled across erin condren through instagram and have fell in love with all her products, just unsure of the cost. Love the in depth content and descriptions in your videos. I haven’t used a planner since high school, & believe it would be beneficial to get back into the groove again to track my health & daily activities…. fingers crossed for the wonderful giveaway you have going. Thanks a bunch. 🙂

  35. I stumbled across your video’s quit some time ago and I’ve been inspired and in LOVE with the things you do! Thanks for taking the time to share I got so many ideas!!! I can’t wait for you to show how you do the labels! Thanks Again!!! 🙂

  36. Thanks for sharing what is working for you for now. You are right our needs change and what once worked for us sometimes has to change because it doesn’t work for our current life needs. I had hoped to purchase a ECLP to start off the new year but unfortunately it just wasn’t in the budget. I purchased an inexpensive Walmart planner ($10.00) and decorated it a little. I used my laminator and made a ruler and dashboard. Added some stickers and my name to the cover to make it personal. So far it is working well. However I wish the weekly spread was set up in columns. I think the columns would work better for me. I also use different colored pens for different things such as work-school, work-church, appointments, birthdays/anniversaries. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy watching your planner videos, they are always well organized and very informative.

  37. Hi Jen!
    Thank you so much for the giveaway! It couldn’t have came at a better time, I recently started planning for this new year and I found that your videos are EXTREMELY helpful. It can be very difficult deciding what kind of planner is best for me and how to use it in different ways but when I need help I just watch one of your videos (:
    Thank you for helping me with all your planning tips! (:

  38. I like that you can make this trend your own. I have been going back and forth about getting my own EC planner and seeing pay like this and the comparing videos makes it a little easier to explain to my hubby why it would be $50. I think when you love something you will use it much more.

    1. I’ve never considered myself artistic but I do think organization is an art in a way. Thank you for this lovely compliment!

  39. Thank you for your reviews! Especially of your planning calendars! I am anxious to try an Erin Condren! Or even the DIYFish one!!! I’m inspired!! Thank you!!

  40. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I love all the tips and tricks you give us. I love my Filofax but would love to try out and Erin Condren for Grad school. There is something about those planners that pull me to them!

  41. Right now I don’t have a planner. 🙁 Which is crazy because I love planners. I created a .LOG in Notebook to keep a journal and make my lists and the like. I also use (and/or experiment with) random apps on my phone. But it’s really not the same. I used to have a Franklin Day Planner for years. Wow, I miss those days.

    I just discovered EC Life Planners and it brought back all of those feelings I had back in my Franklin Day Planner days (that’s a mouthful). So, yeah, now I am obsessed with EC planners now. I celebrate the day I finally have one!

    Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂 Love your videos. <3

  42. Love this post and your planner videos. I have a question and forgive my lack of understanding but what do you find beneficial for using the target pouch for carrying your pocket planner in your purse. The Kate Spade I totally understand since you have multiple items to carry but the singular planner in the pouch I’m not getting. Thanks so much for posting!!

    1. It’s just to protect my Mulberry from scratches or accidental spills in my bag. I spent a lot of money on it so I do my best to take care of it.

  43. I love the idea of putting your planner in a carrying case. I’ve never gotten a nice planner notebook because I know it will just get beat up in the purse, gym bag, or what ever I’m carrying that day.

    I use a Franklin Covey Classic at work with the one day per page layout (currently using seasons because I think it’s pretty). This planner basically sits on my desk 24/7 to keep up with work appointments and due dates. My personal planner is an inexpensive monthly & weekly planner that I buy every year, usually in the dollar spot at target. I use this and my phone (gmail calendar) to keep up with personal commitments and bills. For lists and To-dos I either just write it out day of or use the app called Todoist for longer term to-do’s. I like this app because it can sync between my phone and my computer so I can see it where ever I am and I can add notes or attachments to the items on the list.

    I have enjoyed your youtube channel Organized like Jen. : )

    Thanks for the great video, sorry I missed the giveaway.

      1. Mine doesn’t have them listed. Can you just confirm for me that I am NOT a winner? 🙁 I have been checking my email and didn’t see one from you. I don’t see any names in my widget, but all the others in your other posts are visible.

        1. If you did not recieve an email from me then you didn’t win. I like to run giveaways so there will be more opportunities in the future!

        1. I’m sorry – they really should be there. Maybe try refreshing the page or closing and reopening the browser? I see the list on my end. All winners were emailed by me already.

    1. I use my pocket kikki.K to house my calendar archive since I cannot fit it all in my Mulberry. I am hoping to sell the others at a charity auction soon.

  44. The color of the Mulberry is very nice. I have not tried fold out pages because they would make my pretty full pocket binder heavier. Did you receive some pocket size dividers and page markers from the same people that sent you the A5 ones? You showed the A5 ones and they were colorful.

      1. Your dividers are cute. Will you be showing some new binders and products if you received them courtesy of some of the retailers like kikki k.?

        1. My policy on PR samples or gifts from companies is this: anyone is welcome to send whatever they like to my public address, but in doing so they acknowledge and accept that I do not guarantee reviews or even mentions in exchange for products and in the event that I do post about their product I will share my honest opinion in the manner and timing I see fit. I do have some new 2015 planners I’m looking at and I might post about them in the future, but I have no definite plans at the moment.

          1. The kikki k. binders are cute but I am looking at some different binders that are produced in Europe. Surely people will want to see the ones you have if you decide to show them.

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