2013 Beauty All Stars

I know it’s a bit late, but I still wanted to share my 2013 Beauty All Stars, which is now officially an annual tradition of mine to post on TBBB (apparently the third year makes it a tradition IMO).  I share my absolute favorite beauty products from 2013 in the video below, including makeup, nail loves, and hair care:


Face Makeup:



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Eye & Lip Makeup




Lip, Nail, & Hair Products



While I was editing my video, I realized I left out a couple of beauty categories, including fragrance and skincare.  Here are my top picks under those categories from 2013:


I would love to hear what some of your absolute beauty favorites from 2013 were.  Please leave a comment if you care to share!  Here’s to a beautiful 2014 🙂


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23 thoughts on “2013 Beauty All Stars”

  1. Really thorough and informative, thank you Jen! Great to have everything listed in one place. I am definitely going to try out a few of products you have mentioned and see if they work for me too. As for some of my favs:

    -Weleda Skin Food. Love this stuff. It is not only great if I have any dry patches but also works amazingly on any nasty red boil or blemish, a bit of this stuff on over night, by morning all the redness has disappeared. Even hubs uses it!
    -Burts Bees Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub. Does a great job but isn’t harsh and leaves my skin feeling so soft.
    -Clinique CC cream. For once in my life the little red blemishes have disappeared!
    -Leighton Denny crystal nail file. Since using this my nails have become a lot stronger.


    1. Geez, thanks for posting … I’m going to look into the Weleda Skin Food, I haven’t heard of it! Online?? I’ll check it out!


  2. I’m just belatedly getting into makeup and beauty products. My favorites this year have been Soap & Glory’s Hand Food since it’s already been such a cold & dry winter up here in the Twin Cities area, Aveeno’s Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser and my Naked Basics palette.

  3. Awesome video! Loved it! Yet again you’ve provided us with some products that may be fun to try. I personally get a little stumped as to which brush is appropriate to use. Thank you for spending the time to explain & your links are a HUGE help! I’ve been using & very much enjoying the L’Occitane hand lotion/balm. Love, love it. I live in a very dry part of Canada & this product has saved my hands!! Our local Sephora is discontinuing this particular line 🙁 …. But I can still buy in online. Truth be told it may be a dangerous site for me, there are Body Products, Face Products, Feet Products, Hair Products, you can see where I’m going here right 😉 Anyway – I did a happy dance when I discovered I can buy online. Oh, and hair products Jen, I too have fine delicate hair that I need to be extra gentle with, I’ve been enjoying the L’Oreal Professional Line (Salon Product – But not crazy pricey) anyway it’s just pretty darn good, give it a go.

    Loved seeing you happy self today! Thanks for posting,
    Shaunie Behr 🙂

  4. I love to see what products you been loving! I also love the wet brush (they sell the wet brush pop up version on their website) perfect for your walking Pharmacy. And for the product I’ve been loving are Diorskin Forever compact , MAC Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation and HourGlass No 28 Primer. And like always thanks for posting 🙂

  5. Hi Jen! Loved this video. Thank you for mentioning the L’Oreal balm – I’m going to pick it up when I head out to do errands in just a little while. A couple of my favorite lip products lately have been pretty basic: Carmex & Vaseline. My lips have been really dry this winter, & those two products have been really helpful in combating the roughness. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I hope you like it as much as I do. I find it pretty moisturizing for a tinted lip product and with really nice color payoff!

  6. Great video! I also wanted to say thank you for always doing a coordinating blog post to go with these types of videos as it’s so great to know that I can come here and see the products that you love listed out for me, instead of me having to go and rewatch the video several times to write down the products! Thanks Jen!!

  7. I need to have my daughter watch this, she is in LOVE with her makeup. We bought her a SmashBox for Christmas and she just about dropped when she opened it. It was cute….a big deal to her. She would def. enjoy your video, she does amazing makeup on herself. She gets compliments all the time. Of course as a mom I don’t let her go over board, that’s a no, no lol. Great video and AWESOME products of course. 🙂


  8. Your makeup always looks flawless to me, especially your eyes. Would you consider doing a video/tutorial on how you apply your makeup? I’d love to see it and hopefully learn something. I’m terrible at putting on eye makeup!

    1. I used to share my “current look” videos on TBBB where I showed myself applying my makeup, but I stopped because I felt like there are so many beauty gurus on YouTube who do a much better job with those sorts of videos. I personally love to watch makeupbytiffanyd and amarixe for makeup tips.

  9. Hi Jen!
    Have you tried the Jouer matte moisture tint? I would love it if you did a review. I am on the fence about this. I’m looking for an honest opinion about it. I know I can always count on you for that. Have you tried any Hourglsss foundations? Another I’ve been looking at.
    BTW, I am loving the coordinating blog posts. I love that I can just click on links and go to what I am looking for 🙂

    Would you consider doing a worth the hype vid? I’ve seen so many of your videos, honestly I don’t know if you have or haven’t done one of these, but it would be great if you did. I continually come back to your channel because you aren’t a “beauty guru”. I don’t ever feel like you’re trying to sell me anything. You just honestly share a product(s) that you’re excited about. Not to say that all gurus do that (sell), you know what I mean. I just know I can always get an honest opinion from you.

    1. Worth the hype as in YouTube beauty community trends? Do other people post these kinds of videos? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one. As for the Jouer & Hourglass face products, I haven’t tried them, but I am a bit curious. It’s just so hard to justify buying foundation when I like the one I’m currently using, you know?

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